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They are back at the same place. Andreww has finished all the They updates and sent the email blast.

Andreww is taking a break from the radio show. Andreww is going to check out some artists they played on the radio. Andreww and their band played a lot of songs from Amerigo in 2013. They also played Yasiin Bey's mashups in 2014.

Andreww and their band will listen to some tracks from Shutterbug, Otis Redding remixes and big boy. They will also enjoy some music from. Andreww likes the artist's website. Andreww and their band played a track off of the latest release yesterday on the radio show. They watch the official trailer of the new album. They discuss the meaning of " first revolution " and Andreww's career.

Andreww wants to make sure they shared the screen with the audio. Andreww likes the trailer for the album and the latest single. Andreww is a big fan of the band camp and other releases that the band put out. Andreww recommends the Yasin gay, the return and The Big Payback.

They, and combined them into a project called the miseducation of them will check it out.

Andreww prefers to listen to music on Bandcamp rather than be taken to another website.

Andreww has left their world and is back. Miles will listen to the album. Andreww is back and wants Miles to pack their things and go to the last Road.

Andreww is collecting donations to cover the cost of sending their monthly newsletter and giving away free music.

Andreww explains how the page has changed. Andreww describes an evolution of the mash - up album, format Amerigo, producer They and their work together.

Andreww is browsing a website. It has press highlights, cpk's , press kits, and it doesn't do game audio and sound design tools. The website is run by Gary El Brujo, the son of jazz trumpeter Gary Brujo.

They like the website of Amerigo. Andreww is going to press the website.

They discuss some of the projects that Andreww has worked on.

Andreww runs Production Services, which is a company that produces podcasts and teaches people how to be a DJ. Andreww is planning to open a DJ Workshop in New York. Andreww explains to how to subscribe to artists on bandcamp. They check out tour dates, flyers and things active.

They are in Yasin gay joint. Andreww wants to check out the shop and listen to some joints.

Andreww played Anna's love song. Andreww mashed up They.

Andreww made the clock himself. Andreww will put the link to their website next to the archive video at a link. Andreww plays some songs with DJ Honda, Yasiin gay the return side to from Amerigo, To NASA and The Feeling Good from Nina Simone.

They are listening to Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone's new album. Andreww is feeling good.

Andreww has sent Jeiza a link to the website with some good stuff. Aleichem will be home soon.

Andreww is going to give them an extra hour to finish the project. Andreww will be back in another three hours to do it all over again. Andreww has finished all the post radio show stuff and is free to go and work on their van. Andreww is going to send everyone off again with new Jabez featuring a Pawnee.

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Welcome back that same old place that you like.

Well the know about changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turned around the goddamn nature.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Alright, so, welcome back to the final break session.

Go ahead and just stretch it out.

Yeah, finally, finished all the Instagram stuff and everything got that done.

Posted to Twitter, Instagram, did the email blast?

Yeah, not too bad.

Not too bad.

Not too bad at all.

All right.

So yeah, how's everyone doing?

Hopefully, you are also being productive in getting things done.

So I figured for this break.

Going to go over and artists who we played on the radio show quite a bit and big fan of their music.

And yeah, so maybe you will also be a fan of their music and check them out as well.

Alright, so the artist I am talking about goes by the name of Amerigo.

Gaza way.

And website, make sure you get some audio.

Going to check out some tracks.

The website is Amerigo.

That's Amer.

I Gom and let me just We have actually had Amerigo on the radio show as well.

So even playing him for a while.

We add the link.

Let me look up how long we have been playing Amerigo.

For I pulled, like I have all the different, all the playlists Amerigo.

Let us see what we got here.

Because I remember was the first track we ever played from Amerigo.

Let us see.

This is going to go back, way back on.

Yes, we played a lot of stuff from Amerigo.

This is just hitting 2019.

Now see how it is.

Oh, kind of remember.

We have had him on the show, like years ago.

You will still in America right now.

He lives in Croatia, belief is 2018.

Okay, so going I think one of the first treasurer played was like an outcast, remember like a most death now known as Yasiin Bey, because he does these beautiful mashups where he takes like hip-hop and a different kind of genre and like put them together and it's amazing 2014.

All right.

Let us see here.

Keep on going, still going.

Okay, so in 2014.

Oh, 2013 looks like June of 2013.

There we go.

Yeah, we will definitely listen to some of these tracks here.


Shutterbug, oh, yes, it was.

So, yes, it was an outcast remixes, Otis Redding and big boy.



All right.


Wow, 2013.

We play in that is amazing.

And hopefully, you know, you will also get to enjoy some music from Amerigo.

So, let us take a look at his website.

Amerigo., nice.

I like it, and I always like stuff that has like, a nice, big stretch, like artist sites.

That's like a big image and kind of shows artists and not only showing the artist but showing them like what they're doing.

So like you see the DJ.

I mean, he does stuff for like music and you know all it's all like music things.

And so yeah, super dope.

So I like that.

That's a nice.

Big image.

Big that.

All right, scroll down a little bit.

So the late let you know, the latest release.

All right, and we, this is what we played.

We played a track off of this yesterday on the radio show.

Some Napoleon to Legend and marigot God's way the world change official trailer.

Let us take a look and see what that looks like.

So that's cool.

They have a trailer.

So, let us give that a listen.

We represent.

Well change.

No, I am saying, ain't that what we're supposed to do.

I am not saying, I am going to rule the world who I am going to change but I can't eat it.

I will spark but brand that will change the world change.

First Revolution is when you change your mind about how you forget me, Revolution that change that takes place, will not be televised.

Well, change, I choose to reflect the times and the situations in which I like Because the choice you're traveling to be a part of the not reflect the time, the world changed.

There was always like you pulled the were brave enough to see it, only brave enough to be world.

Jamie, the Cobra clutch taking like I am going to bed looking like I broke a leg.

I went forward with no regrets of ever going for.

We next culture in the zone.

Nice, very nice.

You know what?

Just to make sure I am going to stop the screen share because I want to make sure that I shared it, sharing it with the audio because that would be bad if we went through all this and didn't have the audio.

So I just want to make sure that I did that.

And, Try that one more time.

Share system audio.

That is checked.


All right, we should be good.


All right, so all right.

I like that.


Super dope trailer for the album.

Looking forward to it.

And here's the latest single, you can check that out.

We're gonna and you can tell from Amerigo is like some soulful music, you know, he's got like his music has some like real soul to its super dope.

So you okay, can download a single and it takes you to the band camp, nice, nice.

Big fan of band camp.

And here are some other releases that the put out.

So you can see like bb and the Underground Kingz, you know, the Yasin gay, the return, which Amerigo God's weight with Yasiin Bey and Marvin, Gaye put them together, Yasin gay.

It's pretty dope.

You want to hear some from that.

So that's part side too.

And they're here's the part 1 and then The Big Payback, vol 3 and yeah.

That's that lot of projects.

This one is cool too.

So, units Wayman, so the miseducation of Lauryn Hill, right?

He took Nina, Simone and Lauryn Hill, and combined them.

And the project is called the miseducation of Unis Wayman.

It's still so you can hear some stuff from there and then a common Wonder.

So, Stevie Wonder common, real creative stuff, you know, and I think is even more like because I know there's some day lost So stuff like the Fela kuti.

Yeah lot of cool stuff.

He has like a blog also cool.

So when you click these it goes to the band camp.

So we will check that out.

But we also got blogs.

So when you click on this, what does this do?

All right.


Nice, I am nice.

Bandcamp player like to see that.

Like, to see that.



I am going to say nice a lot because it's super dope.

Yeah, put a lot of work into this.

And again, I like to be able to listen and see stuff right on the website.

I want to have to be taken to another website, you know, so, you know, no.

Matter of fact, let us listen to everything fresh.

It's here.

Miles will listen to it, right?

So, here we go.

Well, this is like a minute of it.

What expires at the point where I needed something?

No, I have left my world by the way.

Face of cultures, which mask off this Mac Club, Jim Duggan.


You — off domes a hack off.

The hustle.

Facts are simple since the last straw was cast off.


I am back likes a squash ball, past the norm like a Capricorn rap p***.

So in the pan like mac and rolled way past, go pack your things to the last Road.

Shut it down and close it like a macro.

Then I teased you with a final bring you that close.

She can taste it and feel it.

It's America when Pocoyo nice so you have the purchase.

The album the world changed.

But that was everything.

Fresh from a miracle, God's way and Napoleon to Legend, and he's got mailing list.


You can donate, what is it?

Donate go to going on your donations, help.

Cover the cost of sending our monthly newsletter and giving away free music.

Okay, here, nice.

He's got the shop.

We will go take a look at that.

And yeah, nice.

And then wait, does it go on?

Like okay, the loads more?

Blogs, okay, cool.

Keep your reading.

Keep you on the website.

I like that.

I like that nice.

Alright, so that was the blog.

Let us see.

Back all with extras.

Like when you go to it, see the page has changed.

Oh, interesting.

Okay, huh?


All right.

So now the blog post section.

Let us see.

And then about an hour ago.


If you want to read more, this takes you to the about page.

So forging an evolution of the mash-up album, format Amerigo, producer Amerigo, Gaza ways, quote-unquote conceptual, collaboration projects.

Imagine studio session between like artists of different genres and eras where they process the LA Times, Randall, Roberts described.

As drawing a different Design Within a similar framework.

The producer / DJ D constructs, Andre orchestrates samples from his respective subjects, bridging overlapping themes of the to magician magicians.

Now, he's kind of magician musicians.

Classic catalogs.


If you click read more, where's that do?

All right.


So it has like, press highlights.

Cpk's, press kits, and it doesn't do game audio and sound design tools.

That's real music for films and TV nicely.

Its wow.

So, this is an in-depth website and it's, it's not even a Like this is not what was on the first play?

Like this is more information.

That's kind of amazing.

See, I didn't know this, the son of renowned Jazz Trumpeter Gary El brujo, God's way.

Did not know that.

All right.

It's pretty dope.


All right.

Let us see here.

And then we got press highlights.

What is this?

A lot of stuff?

This is a full website like in anything you want to know about?


That was a Yasiin Bey about Amerigo Gaza way.

Like, it's here that still sounds and for all having all this stuff, CPK stuff.

Nice music for film and TV.

Talks about composing experience.

Is different clients and projects.

It's like a nice portfolio.

This is dope doesn't stuff for Apple.


You will marry goes about his business like he's doing it.

Same thing for the video game stuff.

That's dope.

Nice shots Amerigo.

Alright, so yeah, really dope website.

I am going to press this.

A lot of information.

That's dope.


He's not messing around.

He wants you to know everything.

There is to know.

Alright, so we got the releases.

Let us see here.

And now just like the front page.

All right, so we got all the releases nice.

So I guess they go.


They go to the blog post.




Let us see if you got a lot of releases.


All right.

Let us see.

What else?

DJ mixes.


A lot of stuff nice.

So you will be getting a lot of goodness from this website playlist.

Let us see here.

So these from oh, okay.

So also in the blog post, but some of the projects that he's worked on like the playlist form.


So it's not like the blog broken down into different sections.


That's the interviews.

Overview is our interview on there because this is a while ago, so I wonder on, I guess it's like This is more like write-ups and stuff.

Not necessarily like because we did it on the radio and video.

Well, there's one podcast, huh?

All right.

Let us see.

Its Production Services.

Cause if you want, you know, production from Amerigo could do that there, DJ Workshop, booking, that's cool.

So if you want a DJ or even like guess we will teach you how to like be a DJ.


Cool look like you did something educational Workshop.

So topic sampling re mixing DJing audio production music, history, marketing piracy versus copyright.

So as though, so then I will a bunch of places evens on the Google headquarters in New York.


Nice, let us see.

So music.

Oh, so this here will take you to his band camp because you what school with band camp.

You can subscribe to artists and so you pay like a monthly fee, you get like access to like their whole catalog and even like exclusives and stuff.

As you can see here access subscriber only music so you can check out some of that.

And then this also band camp.

Yep, another bandcamp page nice for our soul mates.

Records record label events.

Let us check out tour dates.

All right, cool.

Let us see.

I see these look like they're from the past, but nice cool to see like flyers and things active.


All right.

Events workshops.

See again, if you want to catch a workshop.


All right.

So these are some old.

So nothing of coming.

Wonder how it would look?

If there's something coming up.

I guess it would just be newer.

Maybe it's not a separate section.

Will probably just be newer because these are yeah, these are going down in dates.

So yeah, so I guess the newest ones will be up here the front.

All right.

Let us check out the shop.


Opens in a new window.


So I guess I am the okay, so when I got there Party kind of thing.


Cool stuff.


Nice load of more stuff.


A lot of nice designs here.

Very nice.

So I know there's more.



That's I am talking about.

That's how you do it.

He has like a lot of shirts for the album's.

They sprout like that.

Hello, productive.


All right, so cool.

What up, so, nice shop.

All right, there's so much here is awesome.

Dig it and then the about.

So we saw the about stuff.

All right, cool.

Let us listen some more joints from.

There we go.


So here we go.

I want to get you all to check out this the Yasin gay joint super dope.

Yeah, let us go this one.

We listen, a couple of tracks off of here.

All right, what's one that we played?

I think we played Anna love song.

Alright, here we go.

It's up.

So this is a miracle Gaza way where he mashed up Yasiin Bey.

Formerly known as Mos Def and Marvin Gaye.

All right, put him together.

Yassin! Gay.

Here we go.

Check it out.

This is Anna's love song.

It should be stopped.

So what made the clock myself?

There's so many different account, like, two different.

At least two different, like most deaf tracks that he Incorporated.

Because one came from the bush babies and where he was on the hook singing.

And then another one is another track.

And then he's mixing in with Marvin Gaye, like he's deconstructing it and putting it all together.

They're in its kind of amazing.

So it's super dope.

So, this is Amerigo God's away.

Once again real quick.

Let me make sure to put the link to his website so that it's next to the archive video at a link.


All right, let us go back to listen to more joints real quick.

And now, since this was the final break session when you have more time to go through joints, because we're already going.

Over, I think yeah, we're all over like six minutes, but it's so good.

So good.

All right, check this out.

This is traveling man.

Like what my favorite like most def tracks with DJ Honda.

It's a great song.

And so here we go.

Check this out.

This is Yasiin gay the return side to from Amerigo.

God's way.

All right, here we go.


Travel man, Hudson You know.

When you're in love.

You tell you, flip that.

So, if you want to, you can check it out, support.

All right, let me get the, here we go.

This one right here.

You took the Feeling Good from Nina Simone and just oh, it's so good.

It's so good.

I will definitely need to play that.

Did you do feeling good here?

Go, and it's clean.


She's got a bunch of clean joints on their sha Tsui.

America goes.

Well, here we go.

So this is taking Nina, Simone and Lauryn Hill.

And so Lauren Hill had the album, The miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

He took it and announce The Mis-Education of Eunice women, which is Nina Simone's real name.

Mmmmm, so, all right.

Here we go.

Check it out.

This is a feeling good.

So good.

So good flying high.

You know how I feel sun in the sky.

You know how I feel Breeze.

Driftin on by, you know, how I feel.

It's a new dawn.

It's a new day.

It's a new life for me.

It's a new dawn.

It's a new day.

It's a new life for me.


And I am feeling.

Now another one lost ones we played so many tracks.

So let us check that one out, and then we're going to sign off but word or do I do the Fuji law, you know, they're both for me.

Oh, oh, it's all my good stuff.



It's funny how many changes situation miscommunication lead to complications my emancipation?

Y'all take a threat to Middle points not helping and sweets and spread shot.

You're gonna have to just go and get yourself.

I already have the link so you can check it out on the website.

There you go.

Alright, and then let us go with Fuji La shutter, Fuji's your ego.

I am just a soulfulness on.

It is just amazing.

LOL, sweetie Shalom.

Aleichem gonna be home.

He's gonna do you have to pick up the project?

This is just do.

So again, big shells to Amerigo.

Gaza way and yeah, great website.

Like that's pretty much everything you can ask for from an artist like you, you get a good like Overall view of Amerigo, it is super dope.

So yeah, shouts American God's way super dope.

All right.

So let me get you all back to work.

I am going to give it like an extra hour.

You know, I am saying for this final one for you can wrap up things that you're working on.

We will be back in like another three hours to do this.

All over again with some newness.

So yeah.

Thank you all once again for hanging out.

I hope you got some stuff done.

And yeah, be back later today.

Hopefully, I will have some sort of like, like, I cabinet thing shelves, thing, put together for the inside of my van.

That's why I am going to work on now.

All the post radio show stuff is pretty much completed.

I think I am at the go back and double-check.

But yeah, so I am basically free to go and just work on my van and then do these things.

So nice, not bad, not bad.

All right.

So again give you all about like an hour.

So again, thank you all for hanging out with me.

And yeah, till next time again.

You can always subscribe on the subscribe page to upcoming of ciphers and see what we got going on.

All right, cool.

Thanks again.

Y'all and yeah, so we start screen.

I am going to send you all off again with new Jabez featuring a Pawnee be called.

Thank you.

Yeah, so next time y'all be easy, be safe.

Alright, thanks again.



All right, here we go, press play.

Thanks again y'all.