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Andreww is back. they got them on the spot.

Andreww is working on a project. they started with a glitch project as a proof of concept. they had to upgrade a template and add their own routes. they were able to send data from the front page to the back end.

Andreww sends a request to a third party to search for something. It turns out the bearer token is not the right one. Andreww needed an additional type to be associated with the request.

Andreww got it to work. Now they can type in a search term, sends it off to the endpoint and brings back the data. Andreww is trying to figure out what data they want to get back. Andreww has been working on a proof of concept for a couple of hours. Next step is to figure out what data they want and then figure out how to display that data. Andreww will probably make an actual project out of it.

Andreww is going to talk about an artist that they have played on the radio show and play some music when have you and invite you to check out their website.

Andreww is working on Russ Andreww is excited about the project.

Andreww wants to Tweak something called last week on Squarespace.

Andreww wants to know more about Squarespace's e-commerce system. Andreww sends a link to an exclusive album, a Carla koppell book, a CD and a video.

They are in the studio. Andreww sends them a link to a mailing list with artists Andreww is interested in.

Andreww is looking at JB's discography. JB is a tech artist from. Andreww likes listening to their music. They are discussing music on XM. Andreww is locked in right now.

Andreww is listening to a song on the satellite. DJ Clips has a radio show on them are listening to the song.

Andreww is listening to a collection dedicated to their father, who passed away. They, NL zy will take a listen to a track off Andreww's new project.

Andreww has been working at What Happy quittin for two years. Andreww wants to change the chain and give you a jewel head and Cheney Jewels. they want to coach them.

They are talking about the front page of the website. Andreww thinks it's done through Squarespace and it's nice.

They are watching music videos. Andreww is listening to the newest project that they have been playing on the radio show.

Andreww can't remember the name of the track they played. Andreww thinks Jay cyanide was on it. Freddy black and wrasse beats is called black beats.

They are talking about Queen's new album. Andreww likes the track that they sent for. Andreww wants to get back to work on their project. they want to create a full project and maybe buy a domain name for it. Andreww hopes that everyone has a great week. Andreww is going to share their screen with Anthony Cruz.

  • baseline template
  • actual project
  • squarespace logo comprise switch
  • apple music
  • crate digging
  • hardest working artists
  • true religion
  • clean sand

We got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Always good spot.


Welcome back.

And a smile way I think.

And I know you went to see you again.

Learn to me was their son, never lead.


Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?


Welcome back.

So, alright.

Hopefully you're making some progress.

I actually so started off.

I was like, let me try a quick glitch project as a proof of concept for this thing.

I want to do and then turned out that I had to upgrade because there's an old glitch like template that I had before.

So it's like you will let me because this is like no date and there's like 15 16 now so it's like let me get two node 14, that's a nice respectable one and so it kind of broke some stuff but then I fixed it and then I was able to get it back to where it was just the working Baseline template and then I started adding my own routes got that working.

I was able to send data from the front page.



Client side, too.

The to the back end and then return a response that I got.

So I got that cool.

Then now I just so the plan was to take that whole thing.

Make a request to the end point for the to the project to the third party thing and send a long it's like a search term.

So I am searching for something, and so I am sending it to that third party to search.

Church and then bring back but then it turns out the bearer token because it has to be authenticated because they have to know what API to like who's making the call right?

And so turns out the bearer token wasn't the right one, I guess because I needed an another type that need to be associated with this thing for because it's like it's a certain version.

It's like I guess not out there yet really?

So is a certain version.

So it needs to be attached to this thing.

It was this whole thing.

Neither here nor there.

I got it to work.

So now I am able to type in a search term, sends it off to the endpoint and brings back the data, which is cool.

And so now just about calling the right data because you can get a bunch of different data.

So I need to figure out what data I want to get back.

And, so I am trying to get all of it.

I mean, Couldn't hurt.


And it's coming.

In is making the call anyway, and so yeah, so I will see, I think we will see how that works.



All right, cool.

Hopefully your as getting stuff done as productive as possible as well.

Next step is to like I said, figure out what data I want and then figure out how to display that data.

And then I will probably make an actual project out of it because right now just a proof of concept kind of thing.

And so yeah, but feels good.

I have been working on it for me like not even like a couple hours maybe because I was doing a bunch of posts radios show stuff and some other things, but we're getting there were getting there.

All right.

So one or two, uh, so this is the final break session.

And so figure it out.

Figured I would talk about an artist's who we have played on the radio show and play some music when have you and maybe you will dig it as well and maybe you know, find a new artist that you like and yeah, so who's going to talk about?

But artist by the name of Ross beats Ras be e 80s.

I am putting a link to their website.

So it Attached to the recording of the video so you can check it out later.

And now yes, I figured why not take a look at the website.

Listen to some tunes.

And the first time I have heard of Russ, beats.

We, he had a track that he produced for an Orlando artist by the name of Jay biz.

It was featuring AG of digging the crates as well to remember correctly.

Andre the Giant and yeah, super dope joint is leaving like a remix.

We have been playing that on the radio show for like years and so raspy it is got a new project and share my screen here.

I am just super excited.

I got this project working.

So that's cool.

All right, sure audio.

So, this is Russ, right?

Nice clean website.

I am digging.

I am saying everything's kind of like, like spaced out.

I dig it.

And so, until we have an about discography music, photos, news store, video label a lot.


And so, I guess with a scroll down and also Twitter Instagram.

I wonder if this is like a shopping cart Shopify.

Think I see this cart here, you know, let me be nosy, little business Shopify.

Let us see what we got here.

Wow, that's a lot.

Yeah, I think this could be Shopify.

There's a lot of stuff here about Like e-commerce stuff.

Why you?

I have heard of that before things like a.

Let us see and Shopify anywhere in there.

This is a lot of text here.

What is it?

Tweak something called last week.

Older mobile loaded.

There's a lot of happening here.


Okay, Squarespace.


Look like the using Squarespace.


Yeah, would you explain all those tags?


Oh, and plus as well.

Yeah, just putting it together.

The favicon is the basically, the Squarespace logo comprise switch.

All of you can switch that I can you switch that out for your own.



So yeah, so using squares fit, so I guess Squarespace has like an e-commerce thing.


All right.

So, let us see.

So pretty recent October, 20, 21, and this is what this is, the album.

We have been playing recently.

And So cool.

So this like a block or suggest a section, that's like hey you got this album.

Cools a brand-new album fully produced by Ross.

Pedes featuring Dr. E Colombian draw King handsome.


I am dotted, and so he can get exclusive Edition 0 goes to band camp.


So let me.

So if I click that, see it opens up in the same window.

I don't really open in a new window.

That'd be cool.

So we will take a listen to that later.

Unless there's music in here from, all right, and then you can buy stream.



It's like an album that link thing.


We also played this, some Ehlo cushion.


It's I believe we played on the show as well.

All right, and so the same we exclusive This is, I am not sure what that means.

This is a typo.

All right.

Okay, we have got a video here.

So let us take a look at this video is looks like it's from this album.

The last the law of the least effort.

Oh, that's what.

Oh, that must be least.

Efforts, exclusive.



So e, Lo Kush and Ross beats.

All right, cool.

Let us take a listen to it.

Here we go.

Check it out.

A lot of vinyls.


I know it's a little rascal.

He will curse God.

Carla koppell book, a CD.

Check my tour dates.

Why are you only got a minute?

You only got a minute to check that out.


Alright, cool.

So that was free will be low Kush and Russ beats.


Let us see, who else we got here.

So we got a nice picture, cool in the studio.

Nice, nice and stay in touch.

And then also Apple music, Spotify title.

I don't know if this is like enough contrast because it's kind of hard to read, so on.

I am about accessibility, but word.

All right, cool.

Sounds like a mailing list.

All right, cool.

So that was that, let us take a look at the about their boats.

All right, New York's wrasse, beats is a veteran in the game through and through from crate digging to produce in from renowned hip-hop, DJ to owning a label at worldwide.

Worldwide recordings raspy is one of the hardest working artists in hip-hop, his work in hip-hop culture cannot be overstated enough with almost two decades.

Decades worth of work to speak on including his debut, album control your own, the day, always Danish.

The Danish.

Born artist is continuing to create and have his impact felt.


You can read more about him.

Nice, who good.


Alright, so that's about discography.

Let us take a look.

Oh, and a lot of stuff, right?

So, let us see.


So, yeah, so we got this two projects.

They're cool.

All right, so it's been pretty consistent from yeah.

Almost like, every year dropping some sort of project.

We're or a single or something.


And then some by some Productions of remixes as well.

Yeah, we put in work.

So there's JB's, by the way.

So this is a, the artist I was talking about from Orlando.

Shots, ajaib, is I am saying is a tech and ya dope.


Alright so music.

Let us see if he has any band camp players or something.

Okay, you listen to it.


So that's what I like when you can, like listen to the music on the website.

So let us we heard this one.

Let us take an in the pendants day.

All right, let us take a listen to this, prestigious Andres beats.

So let us see what we got here.

Yeah, no major.

No Deal.

No, but you just the freedom of the independent artist rats.

We got another one.

I am locked in right now.

Look, let us say where is out of control lately.

So I grabbed, the remote is serious.

It's XM had a channel to flow Ne-Yo.

A lot of shade until you hit him with that phone 5 extended each, a, a clip.

Now, you want to go live on off and matter.

Fellas, gotta win problem.

Breaking some cut.

There's only two ways.

Japanese Sunday night.

I am tuning, the satellite.

10 PM To midnight.

Already got that.


What's in this session?

Answer your question.

Go investing in the lyrics if you want.

A confession solving.

This murder first.

Second and third ain't leaving witnesses to see.

Nobody heard him out clothes.

Pleading the cycle.

Double nice.





I think that's for DJ Clips.

He has a show on Sirius Satellite is called, I don't remember.


I think that sounded like a song he mentioned.

I think a clips and R is and all spoke.

So nice, nice glass of people supporting like radio independent radios.

That's as a person that has an independent radio show.

I appreciate that.

Alright, cool.

He's got a rash OC & L's, I all right.

Okay, this is the song I was talking about.

So let us take a listen, brass beads feature, njbiz and a.g.

Called, God bless.

This is the one we have been playing on the show a lot because it has an Orlando artists on it.

So, all right, cool.

Take a listen to that right now?

Here we go.

We like to continue right now, right now collection, that was dedicated to my dad.

The first of all, my laptop Rush, the peace to my papi, cream Rose to the crop.

Most depraved now was only 16 passed away.

Donny Hathaway.

Sing us a song.


We got a last storm to stay strong for my peeps.

Still living it.

Keep the love circulating receiving and giving it its release.

This s*** like Doom up in the s*** represent presents its for all my peeps.


Yeah, you only get the minute, you only get a minute of that.

So yeah, some goodness shall sewage a Biz and I AG of digging to create screws on that as well.

And as we have been playing like the remix joint but both are dope.

I am saying.


And then let us take a listen to respeet.

So C, NL zy-- and then we will take a listen to a track off the new project as well.

So let us go and check this out real quick.

What's good job?

Working like is What Happy quittin, third semester into the rest of the school year.

For two years.

He, I am trying to break the chain and give you a jewel head and Cheney Jewels.

The only thing to pull here since everybody is on Molly's and wife in the stripper with not being super saunas, are living like the names, the culture like this occult or True Religion with Patrol, or some hotter name is not a game.

So let me coach your plays.

I went through that phase.

I am just trying to keep it a honey case, amongst teenage pregnancy and run away from dead bees with it.


All right, y'all.

A minute of that.


So you real to check out more of that address

Let us look at some photos.


Alright, some like press photos.

Some promo for promotional photos for the yellow Kush drawing.

All right.




And then that is Jay Biz.

I think, yes, that look like jabe is right there in the center.

Is he wearing lo?

Oh, yeah.

Okay is wearing Polo.

So that's most likely J B.

All right.

Nice looks good.

Nice, it digs in it.

Alright news.

All right.

So, it looks like the front page is kept little bit more up to date because this is from met with other one was like from October less cool.

So do these.


So this is like a Blog kind of situation.

So, let us see what this looks like.

All right, so interview.

All right.


Cool, nice little way.

You keep everything like up-to-date as good as you got a store.

All right.


This I know this look familiar.

Yeah, I think we played stuff off of here before.

It might be where the jabe is thing came from.

I think all right got instrumentals versions.

All right, cool.

Got some vinyl nice when you click on this.


So yeah, look like it's done through like Squarespace and stuff.


Very nice.

All right, cool.

Let us see.

What else?

All right.

So let us check out video.

Well, we saw a video already.

So we saw this one.

Nice Wheels.

We got.


Got some more rock Marciano.

Nice jabe is also the video.

Forgot did I know that?

All right.

Cool word.

All right, Chef CJ.

This again.

That's a see from digging the crate.

Screw and then recipes.

All right.

Nice, very nice.

Giving a credits to The Folk School.


Another one.


Alright, looks good.

And then label, which I guess is the worldwide recordings.

All right, so who they release music by nice.


Lot of good folks on that.

Let us see.

And it says, two more full-length project.

So I wonder if the one we're about to get into is counted in that butt.

Nice looks dope, got the email and everything clean website, dig it.

All right.

So let us take a look.

Let us take a listen to the newest project that we have been playing on the radio show.

So, we will listen to a track on for their.

I do not remember the track that we played though.

It was.

Oh, wait.

Was it new attitude?

I think Jay cyanide was on it or was another Complete J.

Sign on we're going to go with that one because I think it was that one that we played and adhering to their let us get into it.

All right.

So here we go.

Oh, the album is called it's a very thing.

So, it's Freddy black and wrasse beats is called black beats.

So I guess because, you know, Freddy black wrasse, beats black beats peyote cookies, and late nights.

No clue what that means?

But word some of they had a good time, recording the album.

Alright, so yeah, let us go.

I think it was this track that they sent for Queen.

I think though that would take a listen to it.

All right.

So again, let us check this out.

New attitude.

And J cyanide.

No more blasting, Billy and myself.

Thank y'all my thoughts down.

It's got it on the paper only, I can comprehend.

Not rearrange them.

Maybe I am a genius.

Make my words reality just by thinking ain't no life better than the one who living in wake up every morning and I think I have been giving it.

It don't matter if you dive Richard, I broke.

More than a minute on that but yeah on the radio show but big shots to our ass beats dope website digging it very nice clean sand and yeah, the Deep the Beats may be dirty, but the website is clean.

I mean, so yeah.

Super dope.

Alright, so again shouts arras beats and really much more say in continued success.

Alright, we stop screen share, so Y'all think you check out make sure you check out Ross if you like what you heard.

And yeah, I am gonna get you all back to work again because I want to get back and get this thing going.

I got a lot of stuff.

I think I can.

Yes, it's come out pretty good.

And, so I think I feel good enough about it that I am going to actually create a full project for it, and maybe even buy a domain name will see.

All right, so cool.

Thanks again for hanging out, y'all.

See you all next week.


If you go to subscribe, you be able to see all the upcoming ciphers And subscribe to them to get notified when we go live.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

We're going to have a great week.

Hopefully, it's productive for you throughout the whole week.

You know, you have a great time and yeah, that's going to be it.

So again, thanks to you all till next time, be good.

And yeah, here we go.

Start sharing my screen, and so we're going to end off with Anthony Cruz AKA butter.

It's called.

Thank you.

All right, so until next time, y'all be easy.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or wherever or however, you want to reach out or what have you until it dot works.

Is the website again.

All right.

Thanks y'all Sherry with audio.


See y'all later.

Thanks again busy.