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Well, we need time.

We got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always could spot a rare.

Welcome back and a smile way, I think and I know Do you want to see you again?

Learn to me?

Was there something that they have never lead you?

All right.

So this is the final break session of the day.

Oh, well, my super quick just went by really quick, but you know, feels good because I am getting some stuff done on this side project, and I am getting immersed into it and just figuring stuff up and just writing code, it's feels good.

Hopefully, you are also doing well and productive.

So for this final, I will break session.

I wanted to talk about a producer that we play on the radio show who has a new project out, and we just played a track on the radio show last yesterday.

So I want almost press the wrong button here.

So we will do is we will take a look at their website.

Listen to some tracks, you know, maybe if you like it, you will support and buy the album or what have you, you know, that's the point of these.

So, all right, so let us let me share my screen.

Okay, cool.

Yes, I got the audio.


So this is meticulous.

And we actually had them on the radio show like 6 years ago.

When you put out a project back then also, it's good to see you still doing its thing.

So, let me refresh the page.

Give it a nice refresh.

Cool, that kind of slid in kind of cool.

So we got the menu up here along with the Social Media stuff.

This goes to the homepage.

All right, so app, now, let you know right now out now is meticulous snow caps and let you know that there's a vinyl.


So if I click this or a school, he has like a whether we let me So the website is meticulous music, smat IC, UL ous

I am going to add it to the list of links so you can check it out right now.

This is pretty cool.

So when I hover over, I can see that for the no caps photo, the image that it goes to meticulous.

Dot u s like you took meticulous took off and put a dot between the oh and the us because that's a domain dot U s-- that's pretty cool.

So he has like its own shortener.

That is kind of cool.

Let me see what I do.

Oh, and it takes me to Smart you all oil it to no caps.


We got like a video.

All right, we can't brand J sign.


Cool, and then I has all the different places where you can purchase or stream or what have you a school?

All right, but see now thing is it wins in the same browser.

Those are the quick back.

Let us see.

And then the actual button purchasing stream does the same thing.


Yeah, and I think this might have been the project.

The meticulous LP that we brought them on for maybe.

I don't remember.

All right, cool.

So, yes, it has like the mailing list and then like the label Myers treat music and then some more Social Media stuff.

The same one that are the top.

That's cool.

All right, let us see now.

All right, so, that's that cool, be nice.

If you like this out now, like, you have been, have like, the player because I bought it off a band camp.

So, I know there's an embeddable, bandcamp player that you can put on there.

So be cool to be able to like listen to it because they're not now.

You know, like I know it goes to a link that has a bunch of different places, but I was like another hop, whereas you can just listen to it right then.

And there, you know, I mean, so and then you can have something where it's like finding your favorite place and then link to that or something, but I am a big fan of like getting to the music as soon as possible.

All right.

So just remember no cats when you spill the man named.

And that's a play from people who may not be familiar.

There's an artist R.I.P.

Doom, who had a song called all caps, and he said, Just remember, we spent all caps when you spend, when you spell the man named so like, yeah, so Doom is all caps.

Whereas meticulous is all lower case.

So it's just kind of play off of that.


Oh, I didn't know he was a DJ at You iup the underground.


Did I know that if we speak again?

It was like 60 years ago when we had on the radio show.

So, And then do you also had an internship at Fat Beats?

Okay, cool.

All right, that's cool.

He was and our sales rep for Phat beats records.


Then 2011.

Yeah, the meticulous EP.

All right, and let us see.

So, yeah, so then the meticulous LP came out in 2015, which is about 6 years.

So, yes, that makes sense.

So it must have been in the tickets LP.

We had them on for.

All right, 2017.

Chance meeting with just throw the MC at Sirius XM.

All right, and in Mind of a man, I think we played that on the show as well.

All right.

So I will 2017 2019.


Cool, and then 2019 those another project with meticulous in just do them see.

And then they had a follow-up in a 20/20 and then the new one.

All right, cool.

All right.

That was good.


Nice overall history like overview.

Pretty cool albums.

Let us see.

Bye music.

Just tells you right there by music.

Alright, October 1st way, so we will do you listen to tracks off of this one.

Purchase goes to.

Okay, goes to the band camp.

All right, now if I click this open new window or nope same window.

All right, go back.

As far as Services one meticulous music in the tab.

All right, so we got a discography.

All right, cool.

So there's this stuff with just.

Oh so wait.

Okay, so it's like a wake all those and carousel.

Okay, so I can't click anything.

I can just like drag it.

All right, cool.

So it kind of breaks down.

So does it come on?

Okay, and that's purchase Links at the bottom.

Wait, but this one.


Here we go.

All right, and then they go to band camp as well.



Yeah, cool looks good.

Can I do what I can just press the button left and right.

Arrow keys, nice.

All right, looks good.


Alright, then.

Alright, then it goes to the bottom.

All right, let us see videos.

Maybe check out some videos.



So this is the one that was playing at the top of this

So let us click on the head like little descriptions, which is cool.

Nice blow.

I dig that nice.

Give me like a little behind the scenes.

All right.

So let us take a look at this one with Kevin Brown and Jace.

I night now.

Parental advisory just in case they any explicit lyrics.

Just, you know, let you know.

Alright, here we go.

Let us check it out.

Oh, okay, the quick play again.

Here we go.

Oh, blank lines on the paper, get filled out by rail.

Stop, taking to your face.

Like this brush.

No need for chitchat.

Have the points made already hit you with the point of the blade.

All heads in the house, some right in the center.

Shaping the contribution to the culture.

This man-made probably, the reason my hair turned gray in the first place.

Still making it home safe from first base.

Do what I want in the 16 Bar structure control this much as I can of rest inside of my hand scrub.


Am I getting too old for this thing?

Lover bourbon in the barrel, gets better with time so it gets better than I am better with my no.


So yeah, you have to go up purchase that.

So yeah, nice.

So that tracks called close.

A range featuring Kevin Brown and J.

Cyanide off of meticulous is no caps, which is out.

Now that just came out.


All right, we will play the track that we play on the show also, but let us check out this other one from just do the MC meticulous.

Okay, that's cool.

So we like it then it will load.

I guess the YouTube player Maybe.

Okay, here we go.

Just took a second.

I want to be a yellow.

You can't see the stars in the sky where I am from.

Just Aslam gotta ask the moon.

If he people want, holy son.

We should put the shine.

Speaking of a mine.

That's a minute.

You got the purchase.

The album country of Kings by justo the MC and meticulous.

All right, so we got more.

Or just so more.

Just oh, oh God.

Track featuring your old droog.

Let us check that one out.


Here we go.

This is from the meticulous.

LP featuring your old droog.

Yeah, here we go.


Okay, so you click that like the thumbnail and I guess it loads.

The YouTube video which taking a second.

Hmm wonder why that is.

Okay, here we go.

It's called Stellar intro, featuring your old rooms only like a minute 41.

So I listened to whole thing.

Here we go.

We got to do something.

He was very thorough, very meticulous and work or make sure to browse tighten, the loop and stomach.

Try to be a good fellow.

Not walk or cats like Lou Piniella, Trooper would have Canela Blistex in and inhale around the plate.

And every man, then they can't piss Ella with an attitude.

Like you vanilla.

Yo, your homies disappear like magic, with that pain.

You would tell her dropping names, playing with fire, making it hard for cats like me to stay inspired.

Happy came to live all but my name, I know you want to hear the whole thing.

You have the purchase the meticulous.


All right.

Nope, a lot of stuff on you're nice.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

Yeah, I almost forgot yet.

He and audible doctor.

They put out a project together.

We're out of the inaudible.

Dr. On the raps who's also a producer and a meticulous on the Beats.

Totally forgot about that.

But yeah, it was called automatic'.

That's right.


Alright, cool.

So that's that to nice.


I remember that now.

All right, word.



All right.

Looks good.

Really dope website.

I am digging it and dig in it.

All right, press we got on the Press.

So interviews, all right.

Shouts of Southern van gets and Southern Vanguard radio, their adult podcast.

Nice Shade 45 with DJ Premier live in headquarters.

I am just saying, where is oh-ho?

Wow, he actually has the video.

I will just about to say, yo, where's our interview?

And he put it up there.

Wow, September 12, 2015, access meticulous with our show a radio show, in Orlando, Florida broadcast from Rollins.

College on W.


91.5 FM, Saturday seems like oh that's super do.

Show us the way I am.

Wow, six years ago.

Take a real quick.

Look at that.

Let us just you know really quick.

It was like an hour long interview.


That's all right.

Oh, look at that.

Look at that young.

All right.

So what we do is real quick.

I am gonna recap what we played net.

So what were some of the joints, your plan?


Oh man, a big one for me.

I am a huge still ahead.

So I was playing pause the joint with Frank and dank.


Okay, rock is put that out man.

I couldn't wait to play that as soon as I got the Girls All Pause but no one was off of yeah, so yeah, we're that's okay.



He actually does this do and some more press.

All right.

Cool, very nice.

All right.

Yeah, and he's got all the other stuff here.

All right, cool.

So, all right.

So now let us listen to another track off of the new album.

No caps.

This is what we played on the show this past week.

Is it hold on?


He doesn't have it here.

So I guess I have to go here.

It opens up into.


So this link goes right to band camp.

That's weird.

The other one didn't went to the meticulous.

Smart you all I neither here nor there.

Alright, cool.

So, let us check out this last track.

This is what?

Yep, so we own it.


So, again, parental advisory on here, but the track we play was called Uptown XO?

No, it was called being this nice, featuring Uptown, XO, and why you?

Again, this is meticulous often, no caps.

All right out now.

So let us take a listen real quick.

And yeah, here we go.

I leave my keys.

So baby.

Yeah, they took the pain away before they made a fake before the ice and kick Double Dead by the devil.

Got a pie in the face.

The same reason why Prince had to write on his face.

Of course, they took it away from me, coming at me with that.

Plantation hurt.

So yeah, you're gonna have to pick up meticulous sno-caps if you wanna hear the rest of that, but yeah, no, super dope.

So ya Xiao.

Meticulous dope website, especially now that I know are what you call it.

Our interview is on there.

So as though, all right.


So cool.

Super dope website.

Shasta meticulous.

What's this lengthening?

Okay, that goes to the band camp.

All right.



Good stuff.

All right, let me stop screen.



So what y'all think you know, I mean you digging it.

It's a nice website.

I dig it.


I didn't check any like mobile responsiveness.

But I mean, it looks good.

I think it.

All right.

So let me get y'all back to work.

I am going to add some more time soon be about an hour that you get to finish up everything.

I am trying to get this settings page, like worked out on my side project and stuff.

So deals with permissions and things, so I am working on that.

All right, so, Again, thank you all for hanging out.

Going to send you all off with some.

Some traveling music.

So this is the final break session.

After this, the site will turn back into the countdown for the next one next week.

And so remember, you can always subscribe to get notified when we go live, as well.

All right?

With the Subscribe at the top.

That's where you can do it.

All right.


So be out here.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Wish you have you hope you have a great week and maybe see you all next week.

If anything, alright, so again, thanks for hanging out to next week.

I will be good.

Be easy and peace.


This is Anthony Cruz AKA butter.

The track is called, thank you.

And I think that's, yeah, that's all I wanted to say.


Feel free to hit me up or what have you Twitter and things that nature and yeah.

Thanks to y'all share this.


See y'all later.

Thanks again, Dez.