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Speaker wants to know why they don't pay to clear the rights and write their own lyrics site.

Speaker sends a link to a place where one can buy the latest album of chad black avergeness. The latest album is called " think it's towel or sea ". Speaker is busy with work for the city, pensions and lydia. Speaker and their friends go to chalet that they go to.

They are watching videos on the website. Speaker asks questions about the sun and their three friends. Speaker and their band are going to watch some videos and talk about their new album. Speaker and pagliacci are working on the radio show. Speaker plays a song featuring scratch bastard by shad. They are watching a show on netflix called " hip-hop evolution ". Speaker is going to let people finish up what they are working on. Speaker is leaving on monday, so they will be able to do a thing on sunday. Speaker is about to run the development server. Speaker will come back in 3 hours for next cypher. They will send them some traveling music and new job ads featuring a pawnee.

Speaker is working on an old repo that they need to update for a demo they are going to talk about at an upcoming event. Speaker hopes to finish it in the final break session. Speaker wants to share some audio from an artist they played yesterday on the show. Speaker wants more people to check out the artist's website.

  • stretch real quick
  • final break session
  • sounds shops
  • black averageness
  • social medias

Welcome back your dreams were your ticket.

I welcome back that same old place well then since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around, God didn't need you.

Each other, we got him on the spot.

Welcome back, welcome back.


Hey what's going on?

Welcome back.

Alright, another so it is a stretch real quick.


Okay awesome.

So I had no clue where the time is going, is going by.

So, So quickly I am getting some stuff done.

I pulled down an old repo that I need to update for as a demo I made.

And I am going to be talking about this demo at an upcoming event.

And, so I wanted to add something to it, and so I will just updating some things so coming together pretty well.

And so we will see.

So I am hoping to be able to knock that out in this final break session.

But for right now, this is the final break for this first Cipher.

Hopefully, you are getting some stuff done and I wanted to let me share.

So for this, final one will take a look at artist website with some music, watch the videos.

I don't remember if we already we're at, like, 297 of these sessions and so it's a tie I am bound to repeat but it's a dope artist.

So the more people know about it the more chance I get to speak about it and Awfully more people know about them, the better.

So let us see here.

Share my screen deftly want to share some audio.

And so, this is an artist we played yesterday on the show, but we play them a lot anyway, but the most recent was yesterday, and so I am talking about shad and website is shed

Let me put that into here.

So, you will be able to is the link is going to be right next to the recorded video, so if you want to check that out.

And so yeah.

So take a look at the website.

Let me refresh, I don't know if there's any like animations or anything.


Animation is that very nice?

And so you click, this is what it goes to.

I guess, a place you can purchase the album, so the latest album is called think it's towel or sea.

I have seen Tau and do like I seen that ta o like pronounced towel and then also down I think so either way, but that's the latest album.

Sounds shops of shad and cool.

So, first up, let us take a listen to some on.

Let us watch a video from Shad.

It's called Black averageness.

And we play this on the radio shows the dope track.

So, here we go.

Chad Black averageness.

So you have heard of black Excellence.

I love black ice.

Unfortunately this is not that Jared.

Dudley is some different there.

Check it out.

I am one of a billion paying a bail bondsman Bills fans live.

Building only dramas All My Children.

I am sure why not broke.

My rich.

Only Chalet that we go to.

Its I relate to a friend, man.


I am like, sorry, Miss. fishing facing.

Well, it is what I say that.

I am busy.

Not that busy though, I am no titty, look at the video wiping work for the city, pensions, Lydia super tired.

I put Mayer goes with fire, but I don't really I try to be flyer.

Hey, the entire life from Russells He's already I think catastrophic so shout out.

Okay, you have to watch this video but yeah, dope joint, Shad black ever since, let us see.

All right, so let us take out our body.

No reason, my shed.

Here we go.

No reason to kill Tiffany no reason.

He got two degrees.

How come as well as below freezing?

The lyrics are Pros.

Jeans still, though, he had to approach saying y'all making do up my lyrics, but won't be too, bro.


How come you don't pay to clear the rights?

Or at least get the lyrics, write your own lyrics site.

I said hi to me on verify.

This said, how can you not see the outcome of a track record?

You can't What are these words just thinking of like as the clouds where they got their cloud from?

How come, how come people keep telling me, please?

No, keeping the East.

I never needed all the ego.

Never cheated.

That's my cheat code.

How come you still such a be?

So, how come the sun doesn't equal?

I mean, there's only one of him and his three of them.

All right?

Very nice try.

Oh nice.

So we got a bunch of videos.

Okay, hold on, let us take a look at the website more, and we will come back to more stuff.


So bunch of videos on the front.

Very nice, gets it like jump into the visuals and audio very nice.

Let us see.

Okay, just hold in.



All right.

And then so yes its trophy down to the well.


It's a new page by think it's the same information.

The bottom of the page, can remember seeing the Instagram stuff before?

Okay, cool.

So has the contact.

All right, let us go back then.

That opened up that.

Okay, we go.

All right.

We got.

So we got some tour dates here.

Cool coming up, September 24th, very nice, and Antonio Canada.

And then hears about the album in short, it's about wholeness is about a sense of connection within ourselves.

And with the outside world it's about the connection between those two types of connection.

What it's about the connection between those two types of connection.

And it's about the forces that oppose connection to, yes, I am pretty sure the album is out because pretty sure I got it off a band camp.

So, Cool.

We got some nice like a some like quotes from different outlets and things.

Very nice.

And then picture this random picture.

Okay, links is something somewhere.


And then we have like Instagram post and then the different social medias.

All right, cool.

All right, so I guess we will just watch more videos than.

So we left off that one.

Okay, let us start with this one.

And so this is a shed tracks called storm feature in Phoenix.

Pagliacci think I said that, right?

Because I remember Something, the way they said the see it, can we play them on the radio show before and but yet in George Eliot Clark?

All right?

It's called storm.

Here we go.

All right, you have to figure out something had a long intro, so I am going to play a little bit longer.

All right.

All right.

This one is our work.

We played this on the show as well so here we go.

It's featuring scratch bastard by Shad.

Here we go.

Work, work.

Maybe it will cease when I am asleep.

Maybe I should keep what I can keep talking cheap.

I should know.

Given that a wrap for what I eat, everyone knows I could eat.

They But I need insurance from my cheapest.

I need.

All right, very nice.

Very nice.

All right, cool.

So I was like an about section or something.

So we kind of know more about Chad.

Let us see.

So when these Okay.

These go to the website we can purchase stuff.

Very nice.

So yeah.

So this is the previous album a short story about a war and then Tao But if they got anything else new coming up.

Let us see.

Let us click on their Twitter.

This one here.

Okay, cool.

Open a new window.

Very nice.

So it's at Shad K, music Let us see.

Oh, that's what's this?

What is this?


So look at that rack.

Very nice.


So something new does came out.

All right, cool.

The check that out.

Very nice.

Let us see what I don't see anything.

Let us see, how long.

Yeah, and I see anything like any know, we got the show coming up on the 24th September.

Let us see.


Because I have the check out that track.

I have been seeing that one.


Look at those.

Something like August 6th that's happening.

All right, so yeah.

Okay, cool.

Oh and also the host of this thing on Netflix that show on Netflix called, hip-hop Evolution pretty dope.

So if you have Netflix, you can check it out.

It's pretty dope.

Yes, that's it.

Yeah, so Chad sha

All right, so let me get you all back to work again.

This is the final break session.

So that means that start screen share.

So it's gonna be like another hour.

I am going to let y'all get to finish up, whatever it is that you're working on and yeah and if anything is I don't see anyone you don't see y'all he will come back.

Because I don't see you unless you sign up to do the show and tell.

But yeah if anything have a great week I decided I am going to do another one next week because I am leaving on Monday.

Like I am traveling on Monday, so I should be able to do a thing on Sunday.

So yeah, so subscribe if you want to get notified when that happens.

All right cool.

I think that's it.

So let me get you all back to work because I want to check this thing out.

Hopefully I updated like a package update.

Some code, I just did a npm install.

I am about to run the development server and hopefully everything still works.

So guys need to add like one thing to it and so hopefully that goes smoothly.

All right.

So again thanks for hanging out.

I will see y'all.

Well, I am going to come back and like three hours for Next Cypher.

So again, you can subscribe to get notified for all that stuff.

All right, thanks again.

I am going to send you all with some traveling music.

This is nujabes featuring a Pawnee, be the track is called, Thank you.

So thanks for hanging out.

So till next time, you will be easy.

Thanks again for hanging out.

Wish you much productivity.

We go.


New job ads, featuring a Pawnee be.

Thank you.

See you later VZ.

I am going to.