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Back pain since you hung around but those dreams have remained, and they turned around each other.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Yo, my fault.

I totally lost track of the time because I was sitting back here working on some CSS stuff.

I looked up, I was like, oh I got like big like five minutes, you know, I mean and then I went back and turn around like, oh my God, it is time to lose thing.

All right, cool CSS.

What CSS will take you like?

It's a Time.

Warp is just, it's amazing.

Try and get things move around on the screen and stuff and get it positioned right time, just goes by.

So, Super quick.

Alright, so we are here for the final break session of this Cipher.

So hopefully you will take a stretch, you know, saying and hopefully you got some stuff done.

Let me know.

If yours anything.

You got even a little bit something done.

Yeah, I mean, so again, that's why we do these every week and so consistency is the key.

All right.

So for this final breaks, Should go to look at an artist's website.


This artist was featured on a song by a group that we put on the show before.

So is the first time I have heard of them.

Let me see sure.

Start share screen when we listen to some tunes, so we get that going.

All right.

So this person goes by the name of Fury.

I believe also out of Chicago.

Because it's funny because earlier the first Cipher we took a look at the green lights, green lights, music Crews website earlier, and those were the folks that Fury was featured on their track.

And so doing the research.

We do a lot of playlist during the radio show, and so we send our tweets of who were playing and so since Fury was featured on the track.

It's called the trucks.

Got Furious Dope song.

I was like, I looked up, Fury found Fury at Fury.

Hip-hop, then saw, they had a website at Fury,

I would like oh word.

So I figured some since we spoke about green lights, music earlier.

Why not speak about fury on this Cipher, so I posted a link.


So the link to Fury's website will be along with the video archive video recordings on the website.

All right.

So this is a three and just like green lights, music green lights music dot-org.

I think that was the website.

I have a horrible memory.

You see this little square.

That means the site was made with like Squarespace.

So let us take a look.

All right.

So this there's like it's just a one-page thing with Image nice image, nice full screen image, dig it.

So there's like no scrolling down anything.

We have the options at the top.

All right, cool.

I am not like if these were maybe like I don't have like a box around them or something cuz may be difficult to kind of read depending on.

I don't know.

But looks good like it, and then we have got like this is the email Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter.

Nice looks good.


Alright, let us take a look at bio.

And so the next thing Fury wants you to check out is I will learn a little bit more about them?

And yeah, so from Chicago cool just like green lights music dedicated to the preservation of sanity and creation of connections among people.

Oh, and fury is an acronym.

Alright, finally, understanding the real you nice.

Her goal has been to articulate the struggles of every day, people who desire to be understood.

Jerry has if you are y.

Okay, Fury has been writing since she was 13 and Performing.

Since 2006.

Her recent work has been focusing on the revitalization of Chicago's West Side.


She is.

Wait, she is an Austin, Chicago resident.

Oh, so I guess there's a part of Austin, Apostle, part of Chicago called Austin that she sees the Power.

That sees the Power music and art have to not only lead a revolution, but provide respite representation for those that mainstream media has left out, nice and again powered by Squarespace.

I want to.

Is that a thing that you have to have there?

I am not sure.

Tanya says love the cover and yep, there is what?

My bad is like a delay, and I am super forgetful.

So I have no clue.

Oh the Austin the awesome neighborhood on the west side of Chicago.



See, this is why I like having people in the chat room.


Let me like, you're all like my Google.

I just say things, and people say, stuff is awesome.

All right, word.

All right, so that's Fury.


Let us see, take out the music.

And so this is what I wish that the green lights music website had because they have like all their albums, and they have like the tracklist or whatever, but they didn't have like an actual player to listen to the music.

And so that's dope to wear because you're on the website.

Why make him go to another website to listen, they came to your website here tracks, you know, I mean, so let us take a listen.

It's okay.

So this one was already set up for home.

So this is Home from the album Black Magic by Fury.

Let us check this out.

Someone says my reaches, so we will miss money time.

Saying, we people think I am speaking French because it's hot and unity, and we finna some extent.

What we mean what we say, but, never singing what we maintain, just wanna go home, nice that you are here more.

You just got the purchase of album.

So I so black, magic, the truck.

Here was home from Fury, do.

All right, so, let us see what Fury.

I won't that's what this is.

Was this the video?

No, I think is another one but I think there's a video section.

Will ya under Gallery those videos?

So take a look at that.

Alright, here we go.

I won't buy Fury by the way.

Parental advisory.

I don't know, but just in case the advice.

I promise of angles to kill.

Don't want me being the real and making it notification.

If you are responsible and make arrangements for you and no one became with the exit of your Plank with my lyrics from the monster, you created.

Let us see what's going on here.

I think that sounds familiar.

I don't we ever played them, but it's like a penny Brown was also a character in like a fictional character in books.

I think it's like a kid detective or somebody that I think if I remember correctly.

Alright, so let us listen to that, see what that's about.

So, okay.

So this is Fury from the album flow Future Leaders of the world.

Nice lot of acronyms.

All right, let us take a look at.

Number seven, lucky seven.

Let us see.

Hip Hop Around the World Hip Hop.

Studio equipment in my check back.

I rep that illustrate that but never neglect them who know what I scribble down in my basement.

We will have folks on the other side of the globe weight and taking for my next traffic quietly people, right and wrong.

When I talk kids take checking for me like Santa Claus and I respect that but you almost kissed keep checking for me like Santa Claus.



All right, cool.

So now let us take a look at the blog.

I don't think there was an actual blog.

I might be coming.

All right, cool.

Nothing yet.


So cool.

So again, we have got the album.

So you're able to check them out.

If you like them, then you will be able to buy them.

So they look like there's the to.

So let us see.


And then goes right here.

You just purchase it to the nice.

I guess, Squarespace.

You can have like your own shop, which is pretty cool.

All right, then there's that.

Go back.

Nice, nice looking good.

And we got like the tracklist.

Nice, good stuff.

Take a look at the gallery.


This is where I believe the videos were.

Yes, here we go.

Alright, so here's okay.

So yeah, there was a video for I won't.

We heard that.

But you can check out the video if you want.

Let us check out wake up.

Let us see what the video is looking like.

All right, here we go.

Wake up by Fury.

Featuring Javon.

Come on, come on, get up.

Come on.

Come on, girl.

We got work to do.

Wake up.

If you had a conscience what you just never wake up, there was a lot of going on.

It's hard to say.

I am a reminder to happen in just a breakup with your worrying if it we had to make them, and they are dependent on f****** crazy.

I was still asleep.

But I just want to hug you sleep on you both.

I am sick of other people, call them my people, the choking, my mom, when I was gonna no one's giving up right on purpose.

I didn't you Delight of be doing.

Y'all deserve it so podcast and let us swallow our pride.

We're not progressing — retches.

That's why.

And if not, what will remain to be affected us, the Wicket and not exercising.

A lot of Enterprise.

It was a gift to me years to make it that does though has inhabited this functionality Sinatra.

All right.

So yeah, we're gonna do like minute George.

And so yeah, you're going to have to go to the website, where hear the rest of that.

All right, home.

I think we heard that one already.

All right, Queen lyric video.


So I so a good amount of video.

That's dope.

So, been putting in work.

Nice nicely.

Hey and then here are the photos.


So like look like Bushwick Bill.

All right.

We got Sway and Tech and sway, so nice.

Like a performance shots dope.

Would be cool.

It's like if you do it if you click it, it did open.

Okay, it didn't have like the little pointer.

So I didn't know.

But yeah, you can click it nice and branding.

I saw, I saw the to the sweatshirt.

Nice, The Branding Iron.

You just kind of go through the photos.

Super dope.

Nice got a live band.


We have got a good time.

All right, word.

Looking good.

So far.

Nice dig it, dig it.

So yeah, you get like a good representation of who Fury is and what they do.

I am coming shows all think there are any, but they're probably like a list here at some point and then contact /, subscribe.

So if you want to, you know, keep up with Fury.

You can sign up for the email list.

Ya, dope website.

Yeah, I mean, and what's cool is, I didn't have to go anywhere.

Like you just get everything that you need from the website, which is though.

So shots of Fury, real dope website, digging it.

And yeah, thanks.

This is dope.

And so yeah, so you definitely be hearing more fury on the radio show because yeah, super dope.

Yeah, I think that's it.

So cool.

If you like Fury can check.

Check her out at Fury

Again, the link will be right next to the video on the video archive, once it's the arc, the recording of the video.

It will be there so you can check it.

Check them out more and I like follow on Twitter and Instagram or I don't think there was an Instagram.

But yeah, either way, but yeah, super dope, shouts to Fury and yeah, check it out.

Cool thing.

That is everything.

All right, so we're going to make this last.

Work session like an hour long.

So get more time to be able to work on what you're working on.


I hope you're making us some progress and whatever that you're working on.

You know, hopefully you're getting stuff done.

All right, cool.

So yeah, I am going to give it like an hour.


And again, thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully, it's been productive for y'all.

And if anything remember, you can subscribe.

Abe to Future ciphers here and glad you here.

I am glad.

I am glad you're getting stuff.



Alright, cool.

So I am gonna get back to this CSS because later tonight, there's new Demon, Slayer anime is expecting it in, like December, but then they dropped like a mini series thing happening, like seven episodes that are going to be dropping and the first one came out today.

So let me check in that out.

And yeah, cool.

Thank you all.

Once again, for hanging out.

Forgot to create a highlight video nice.

And yeah, so that's it.

Thank y'all.

Let me almost to stop broadcast.

I have been bad and he stopped screen share.

All right.

So, let me set up to get y'all back to work.

Send you all off with some tunes again.

Thank you all for hanging out.

I hope this was productive and good, you know you getting some out of it, and hopefully appreciate you all.

Thanks again.

See you all around.

And all right.

Y'all be easy.

Thanks, share, the screen.

Again, this is Anthony Cruz.

AKA butter.

The track is called.

Thank you, and we're out.

Thanks again.


See you later, Visa.