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Speaker is in the chat room.

Speaker has got some radio post radio show. They will also be looking at another hip hop artist website. It was working last night. Below are the clips. They will generate a highlight reel video and test it out. They are writing this and others. Speaker enjoys building random projects.

Speaker is working on some stuff. He's going to send a chat to check if it's working. The message will be back home on 8. Speaker is testing something on their system. They will check if the closed caption is working. Speaker is using speech recognition to send the message to the break session that he's watching and to their dashboard. Speaker will log in and hopefully do that again. The next break will show the dashboard that they are looking at now. Speaker is a javascript developer. They want to help people use their products. There are tutorials on how to code. They are organized in a code camp in Odin project. Speaker works for vonage and helps with cOding tutorials. Speaker has got some stuff to work on. They come back, they will show the dashboard. Later, they and speaker will look at somebody's website. Speaker has a hip-hop radio show. Speaker will check the caption on the radio show they play and he's going to open up an inspector window. Speaker is working live code. It's 45 minutes long. Speaker and their friends do the brakes and go back to work. Speaker is sharing the radio promo with others.

Speaker has worked on the closed caption stuff this week. The video will be analysed and will have some tags and a summary generated. If it does not work in the next break session, they will talk about it when it stops working.

  • radio post
  • highlight reel video
  • free code camp
  • inspector window

But those dreams everything and they turned around each other.

And I know, Got it.

Mom Aspire.

Hey, welcome back to another edition of until it dot works.

All right?

I have added a few things, and I am hoping that it works.

So, Yeah, stick around.

I am hopefully it works, I am not sure.

I think it works.

I was working on the closed caption stuff this week and it was working before.

So let me know if you can see the words that I am saying popping up if you're here.

So, yeah, also worked on.

Hopefully, this video will be analyzed and it will have the transcription Some tags and, like a summary generated automatically.

Once I hit stop broadcasts on this.

So, I worked on that.

So, if it worked next break session, I will talk about how got it to work.

Yeah, so that was this.

How's everyone doing?

Please feel free to hit me up in the chat room.

Thank you once again.

What are you all working on?

Yeah, I mean, so I have got some our radio post radio show.

Broadcasts promotional stuff.

I am working on and then also some other things.

So yeah, later today also be looking at another hip hop artist website to kind of see what they have got going on.

And I think that's yeah, pretty much it.

So once again let me know what you're working on.

If you get stuck you can always send out a Jaco which is basically a like a room that you can create where you can invite people.

To join and then you can share your screen.

Show your issue that you're having and be able to hopefully collectively with everyone.

There can get all that information.

Worked out.


I don't know if the actual thing is working, so I have to figure that out.

Cool, it was working last night and that the way it always works.


So also below that you may notice that there are the clips.

So there's anything that you see that you think is clip worthy, I guess you just click that.

It will take a clip of it.

You get to five Clips when it's all done.

You will generate a highlight reel video and then you can send that out on Twitter or download and post an Instagram or whatever.

That's what I am doing.

Also, some testing that out as well.

And yeah I think that's pretty much it just kind of introduction to get everyone started.

Hopefully you know, that we I get stuff done, you know, like because the whole point is that it's about Making progress, even if it's like, small chunks of progress and being consistent about it that I feel that you can actually not only like complete it but like get a better understanding of it because you just consistently put in the habit, you like generate the habit of being able to just always working on something.

So yeah.

So that's I am I am I am speaking for myself as much as anything because I wanted this for myself and so hopefully other people would enjoy as well.

And plus it gives me a reason to build a random projects.

I am a big fan of building random projects and stuff.

So get to learn a lot of things and when things don't work, you figure out why they don't work.

And I mean, so yeah.

So thanks again for hanging out.

What else?

I think that's pretty much it.

So I am running kind of late and stuff.

I stayed up kind of late last night putting together the radio show, after the show and everything.

So, yeah, yeah.

So I got some stuff to finish up for that.

So, yeah, so please let me know anything that you're working on and let me know if the chat is working.

Let me, I am going to send a chat here.

See if it's working because I am pretty sure I push the changes, but I am not sure.

Okay, yeah, that sure there's at least a chat showed up.


All right, so that's something.

All right.

So that still work.

So that's good.

Let me try some.

The message back home on.

This is, this is pretty much what I do.

I live test stuff, I build it, test it on my system, but you never really know until you actually put it out there, right?

So that's what I am doing right now and make sure Okay.

It's like I was saying I stayed up late working on this in the radio show, and I was like, I am pretty sure I push the changes, so it looks like at least the chat is working.

I don't know why the closed caption isn't working, but I will look into that should have been sending out stuff or maybe I did it in the wrong order.

Again, just making this up as I go along you know I am saying so this is a new thing for me.

I am using speech recognition so as I am saying, Things it will get by the browser, will be translated like turn into text, and then that sends it to like a conversation that the break session that you're watching and my dashboard is having so that it can send the message to their but for some reason, doesn't look like it's popping up.


Well, that's because I am not long.

Well, then log in first after check.

I am not sure.

But yeah.

So I will be working on that as well.

And so hopefully again.

You know what, I think the next break and may show the dashboard that I am looking at now.

So you can kind of see all the stuff that I have going on.

And yeah, yeah.

I think that's it.

So I will probably give you some time back because it's just like an introduction thing when I get you back to work.

Hopefully whatever it is that you're working on.

You make some progress.

Feel free to let me know if you need any help or anything, you know, especially JavaScript wise because I am a JavaScript developer The kid and advantage.

And so, tell me better understand our products and stuff.

Like I am using our products in this and so helps me understand it.

If you have any questions, feel free to this.

Basically, what I do, I am saying help people use our stuff and get a better understanding of it.

What better way than for me to build stuff with it and see what people go through the same building stuff.

So, if you have any questions or anything, please feel free to let me know.

Actually there're the tutorials.

Section and so there you can go.

And if you don't have a project or anything that you want that, you know, that you want us to do the tutorials are, hopefully a place where you can kind of get started on something and it may be a, spark an idea for something that you want to build more.

So that's the point of the tutorials.

So you will see there, I have like free code camp in the Odin project.

So if you're thinking about like getting into coding and stuff, from what I understand, those are supposed to be pretty good.

And they don't cost you anything to start.

So I am a big fan of testing things out before actually having to put down money for it.

So you can kind of see if you want to get into coding and give you like a good introduction and what goes into it.

And then also, like I said, I work for Vonage.

So I have some tutorials there, I helped, I guess this claimed why I said I work for Vonage but I help like with the tutorials and so if there's something like you can like create a chat room, you can actually use your phone to call the computer.

That's one tutorial and the vice versa from the computer, call a phone.

So those tutorials were there.

So, I am always interested in seeing, if people use it how they use it, if they run into any issues, come on, make it better for other people and everything.

So yeah, so there's — that's my whole Spiel think that's everything right?

I believe.


So I got a bunch of stuff.

I need to get back to work on and so hopefully, You also have something to work on and hopefully, this helps and let me know how everything works.

So, yeah, so when we come back either, show the dashboard that I am looking at.

Or if all the video analysis, stuff worked, maybe show that as well.

Alright, so we got to end then later.

We will do a look at somebody's website, you know, saying because I have a hip-hop radio show, and I am a big fan of hip-hop artists and websites and the web.

So I figured have this Avenue.

They created so might as well open up together and look at different dope hip hop artists.

So we play on the radio show, look at their websites and play some songs and maybe you know, get a couple of people more fans or what have you.

I mean, so I am a fan of these folks and yeah.

Okay, cool.

I am going to have to see what is up with the closed caption.

Should have been working, but I will look into it.

And yeah, so thank you all.

Once again, I am going to be out of here.

Let me double check something real quick.

It's going to open up an inspector window real quick, just to kind of make sure that things are coming through.

But I believe I Okay, yeah we will figure something out.

I am not sure what's happening, but we will make it work out because this is what we do.

Yeah I am saying We Live code stuff.

Alright, so we test things live.

So again, thank you all for hanging out again.

Hopefully you are working on something that you have been meaning to work on and using this as an excuse to actually work on it.

So, whatever it is for you, you know, hopefully you're going to make some progress on it.

So it's 45.

Sense of like actual like work, study time, and then 15 minutes.

After the hour, we do these brakes, and then we go right back to work.

So we do that three times.

All right, so I think that's going to be it.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully, this video analysis, stuff will work and will have something to show about later if not just have to fix it.

Alright, so again, thank you all for hanging out.

Going to go back to this radio promo.

Post-show work stuff.

Alright thanks y'all and yeah.

See you 15 minutes after the hour?

All right.

I am still working out all this whole stuff here.

So, yeah, cool.

Here we go.

Sharing the audio great again.

Thank you all.

See you all in a bit.

All right.

I thought I hit play, but I guess it didn't.

All right.