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Andreww is back at the place where they used to hang out. Andreww is happy to see them.

Andreww is going to break down the work session.

Andreww has two ciphers. Each cipher consists of two sessions: work session and a break session. Andreww schedules himself between the two sessions. Andreww took some time off from work to work on a side project. they will talk about it later in another break session. Andreww has also been working on the inside of their van.

Andreww is working on the interior of their van. Andreww built up the frame and will start putting the shelves and stuff in today. There was a time shift here in America. Andreww had to delete all the ciphers that were scheduled and put up the ones for today. Now they're showing the correct time. Andreww is thinking about changing the way YouTube autoplay video plays.

Andreww is doing speech to text recognition through the web speech recognition API. Andreww is trying to make sure their words are being translated into text accurately. Andreww will create a highlights video from the break sessions.

Andreww has created a highlight video that will have their user name in the credits. Andreww shows people how the work session works. Andreww has created a player with music from a number of talented producers. Andreww wants people to promote their music on. Andreww explains how to pre - populate a tweet with all the things that you've completed. Andreww recommends free code camp and the Odin project.

Andreww is a JavaScript developer and they have created three tutorials. they want people to check them out and give them feedback. Andreww is working on a web application that allows one to call a virtual number from a real phone and have an audio chat back and forth.

Andreww explains how the room creation works. Andreww is the owner of the room. they can accept or deny the request to join the room and can share their screen to the group. Andreww wants people to sign up for the show - and - tell. Andreww will bring them to one of the brick sessions and they will have a 5 to 10 - minute lightning talk about whatever they found interesting.

Andreww is working on a new Twitter app. It will be able to download a video and send a tweet with that video. Andreww has been taking the downloaded copy and attaching it to the Tweet. Andreww wants to talk about the new side project that they just launched and talk about what they used to create it.

Andreww thanks the audience for hanging out. Andreww is going to send them back on their way.

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  • break session
  • auto play audio
  • highlight video
  • producers
  • twitter logo
  • phone number

Take it out.

Welcome back that same old place that you laugh about.

Well, the number of all changed since you hung around, but those dreams every made, and they turn around, they need you.

Always good spot rare, welcome back and a smile way, I think and I know what to see you again learning.

Was there something?

And what good ever lead you?

Hey, what's going on?


Welcome back to another until it dot Works Cipher.


I am going to break that down.

But you know first give it a stretch out its kind of stretch real quickly.

This is the brick session where you just were been the work session.

So until it dot works is broken down into there're two ciphers on this day and there are three hours.

Apiece, right?

So in each Cipher, it consists of two types of sessions.

There's the work session and the break session, the work session is where you get about 45 minutes to just focus on working on your it.

Whatever it is that you have been wanting to mean that you have been wanting to work on whether it be, you know, cleaning up around the house or learning a new language, whether that be programming or actually spoken, whatever it is.

You, this is some Time to be able to put some time in on that thing.

And for me, I find it helpful.

My scheduling like, all right.

Don't bother me.

Between these times.

I am going to be working on something that I have been meaning to work on kind of thing.

So that's been going.


Yeah, actually I took some time off from work, and so I actually got a bunch of stuff done.

So I launched a new like side project that I have been.

Working on.

So that's out there.

And people are checking it out.

So, that's cool.

I will talk about that later in another break session.

I will show a demo.

What have you also been working on the inside of my van.

So, I took a bunch of stuff out of my van and I kind of like, put it in here.

So if you see like, I don't know if the camera can actually see, but there's like a bunch of stuff.

So I am not sure how wide this camera, isn't it?

Yeah, so I built up the frame.

Then we will start putting the shelves and stuff in like today.

That's when we do that's going to be my it for this work session for this Cipher is working on the interior of my van.

So it should be cool.

You know, I am saying everything seems to be lining up the way I had in my mind and the way I kind of like sketched it out.

Everything's fitting together and stuff is pretty cool.

Pretty cool stuff.

All right.

So, like I said, we are in a break session right here is.

If you look at the top you will see Rohit menus and you will see.

Home shop, subscribe.

And if you're logged in, you will say, log out.

If you're not logged in, it will say log in now, subscribe lists, all the upcoming ciphers that I have scheduled.

And funny thing is we just had the time shift here in America.

So yes, when I said it, last time, before the time shift, the days were coming up as 8:00 PM 8:00 AM For me.

I am like, That's weird.

And that's because we moved back an hour.

And, so I had to, like, delete all the ones that were there, and I just got a chance to put up the ones for today, and they're showing the correct time.

So imma finish that up as well later.

So all the other ones we there, so subscribe you will be able to subscribe to upcoming ciphers and you get a notification when we go live.


Now, here we have the video.

This is what you're looking at me on below that we have.

I am thinking, I may change this because in the browser, you can't autoplay.

I think video with audio.

I think you can autoplay video if it's just the video.

No audio.

No audio like if it's muted.

And I think that's how YouTube and like most other one twitch.

I have noticed that they will have the video playing.

There's no audio.

You have to click a button to make the audio.

So I may do that because I think, the reason why sometimes it freezes, because if you don't interact with the site and the video loads, I think I have it.

Where is the audio and the video?

So maybe I will try do it to where, in a future update.

I don't know when that's going to happen, but maybe have it to where it will show the video and then you just click a button to unmute the audio.

I will put that to the to-do list.

All right, but just in case till then, if it ever seems like it's frozen.

You may need to click the play button pretty much because again, browsers don't allow for auto play audio and video just to pop up on a sign.

Lets you interact with the site previously.

Alright, the next to that, we have the open closed caption right now.

I am doing speech to text recognition through the web speech recognition API, and hopefully my speech.

Each is being translated into text accurately, and I am trying to make sure I speak deliberately and slowly so that, that happens.

And so that should be happening.

When you click the open closed caption.

It will open up a little section and it will start to post the things that I am saying, cool.

Then below that we have got the add a clip and create a highlights video.

Now if there's anything in these break sessions that you found like, oh, that was interesting.

You can click Clip, and we will do that was quip out that segment of the break session and you get five of those.

So what happens is it once I hit stop broadcast?

It sends all that stuff, too, like a whole thing.

I have in the back end that does a whole bunch of stuff and that will go and like create a highlight video and it will actually have your user name in the credits.

So it's kind of like hey, you know, you created it.

So the show love and yeah, so that is what will happen.

Yeah, and then like I said, you get five of them, then you click the create a highlight video that saves the timestamps, sends it off to the back end once I hit stop broadcast and all that goodness.

All right, so then you will be able and I will show you where you will be able to check out the actual video.

Once it's, you know, been completed and that's in the work sessions because by that time, we will be in the work session below that you will well, depending on the size of your screen, but there's a countdown timer and a Counting down until the next work session.

All right, and then you can actually join the room if you want to chat.

And so if you have a question, so I would like a chat section.

There's like a question asking questions section.

So you will be able to do either or and yeah, I think that's it for that.

Now, let me show you all the actual work session.

Now, when we're not in work, when we're not in break.

We're going to be in the work session and so This is what that looks like.

Share my screen.


So this is the work session.

Now, it may look different on yours because the background is randomly like selected and the player in the upper left-hand Corner audio player.

It may not have that track.

Its that's also just randomly selected to start off with and yeah, so this player here, I know a bunch of really talented producers, and so I asked them to submit some tracks for different projects, I do.

So, For this one, for example, and so I have like a list of different producers who submitted music and you can listen to music while you're getting your stuff done.

I think it's kind of cool.

A lot of good music.

I know a lot of talented folks.

So if you like what you're hearing, then you can buy it.

You can share it or if you want to help spread the word, you can click tweet, and now open up Twitter and a new browser and pre-populated tweak, you know, promoting that artist.

So if you want to help spread the word on some good music, Music, I would really appreciate that.

All right, to the center of the screen.

We have got the to do section.

And that's where you type in your tasks, the things that you want to get done.

You can check them off and I will send them to the done section.

So you click done and I will show you all the things that we're done.

You can click the plus sign to actually add it.

Also, you can hit enter when you type in your tasks.

And then we can do is once you're all completed.

You can click the Twitter logo and Again, we will open up Twitter in a new browser or Tab and pre-populate a tweet with all the things that you got completed.

And so it's kind of nice like little like tie a bow on it kind of thing.

Like, you know, maybe like, oh, I got some stuff done today, feels good.

Alright, the next that we have the countdown timer and that timer counts down till when the next break session is and the brake sessions happen.

15 minutes after the hour.

Well though, that we have got the view tutorial.

So let us say you don't have a thing that you want to work on, but you have been looking to dive into coding.

Now, if you have never done any coding, I have got some from what I have been told and what I have seen like for the curriculums and pretty good resources to kind of give you a good idea of like what encompasses coding especially like web development.

And, so I have got free code camp and the Odin project.

And so those are both free ways of being able to kind of check out and see if coding is something you want to pursue.

Further and dedicate more time and more money to see if you want.

Make it a career or what have you or do whatever you want to do with it?

Maybe you have an idea for something you want to build.

All right, then let us say you do get some coding and you look at this for a project.

This is try something new, something cool.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate advantage and part of my responsibilities are too kind of like handle the tutorials.

And so I have got three tutorials there.

That I have had like a hand in and I think I am pretty cool.

And, so I would like people to check them out.

Try them out.

Give me any feedback.

And if any, and so, the three tutorials, one, you can actually make a phone, call you dial a phone number in your browser, and they will actually ring a real world phone number.

Like, you could type in your phone number in the browser and your phone will ring and then be able to have a conversation back and forth.

It's pretty cool.

Then we also got the opposite where you call a virtual number from a real phone, may be able to answer that call in the browser and carry on a conversation.

Then we also have to like web applications being able to, to users of web application, being able to have an audio chat, back and forth.

So that's there as well.

So that sounds cool.

Feel free to go ahead and give that a shot.

Then below that we have this thing called Jaco help.

A coder / Creator out.


Let us say you get stuck on whatever it is that you're working on, right?

Or maybe you want to get feedback on a thing you created.

So what you can do is you can click create it.

What we will do is you put in some information and then, what that does, is creates room for you, with a unique URL, you can take that URL.

And post it to social media, or wherever, or send it to people on instant messaging and all type of stuff.

And that person will be able to They will be able to open up the room and then request to join your room.

And as the owner, you can see who's requesting to join the roommate.

Can either accept or deny the request.

And also, as the owner, you can share your screen to the group and with that, you can show where you're having an issue or maybe what you want to get feedback on.

And so, my hope is that as a collective as a group can come up with either the feedback or the solution to the thing that you needed help on.

So yeah, check that out.

And then there's also if you want to view any of the hot goes happening, you can do that as well.

Below that, let us say you have a thing that you created or you found out about you like I want to, I want to talk to people about.

I want to show people this cool thing I found out about that's what I like to tell the world about it.

So we have the show-and-tell sign up their button.

And without do is to be able to Sign up.

And I will bring you onto one of the brick sessions and you have like a 5 to 10-minute lightning, talk to talk about whatever you found interesting.

And it's pretty cool.

So no pressure or anything.

It's just, you know, whenever you found interesting you can talk about and then below that is the Highlight.

So remember that highlight video that you created earlier.

Well, right there in that box, the status it will say submitted.

When everything is getting worked on right?

And then when it's done, It will look just like that saying done for the status then below that a button will pop up that says view, you have the quick that will open up like a modal kind of thing.

And you will be able to preview the video.

You will be able to download the video and then you will be able to actually send a tweet with that video.

So that will open up Twitter.

Again, pre-populated tweet with a unique URL that goes to the archive of the break session.

And what school is Twitter has Like embed cards.

And so, if the video embeds shows up, it will be your video as the preview, which is cool.

And but if you want to make sure you video shows up what I have been doing.

I have been taking the downloaded copy and I have been attaching that to the Tweet, so that it's always showing and then yeah, you send the tweet and just kind of way to hopefully spread the word maybe, get some other people who want to be productive kind of stuff.

So, yeah, and that's where we're at.

So that is the work session.

I hope you found that orientation helpful.

And, so I am going to send you all back to work and I want to thank you all again for hanging out and I wish you much productivity.

And yeah, let me just set the timer here.

So remember 15 minutes after the hour are the break sessions and if we don't have anyone sign up for like show and tell I am thinking.

Want to do is kind of go over the new side project that I just launched and kind of talk about what I used to create.


It always like when I create my work on side, projects always try to throw something new in.

So I am always like learning stuff and it's not always just the same project kind of, like, using the same things over and over again, your, I mean, I would kind of like when you have a challenge.

And, so I use this new like framework thing called Astro, and I am going to talk about Why?

And when we come back, if we don't have any talk, then for the final break session because there's three break sessions.

And the final one, if there's no show-and-tell will go over an artist's website and you know, listen to some music and stuff.

You know, I am a big fan of promoting dope artists and spreading the word about great music.

All right.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

I am going to be out here.

I just want to get this last clip.

All right, cool.

So I am going to get this video going.

All right.


So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Going to send you all back on your way.

Remember the break session is 15 minutes after the hour.

And yeah, so I want to thank you all and I send you all with some traveling music and so this is new Jabez featuring a Pawnee be and it's called.

Thank you.

All right.

Yeah, so see y'all soon.

15 minutes after the hour.

All right.

Good luck with everything.


Thanks again.


Here we go.

See you.

I am going to Chuck it out.