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Speaker will be back later today and will put their bandcamp and subscribe to get notified when go live. Speaker is going to finish off featuring a pawnee be the checks call. Speaker is looking forward to doing more in the next break session in between these ciphers.

Speaker had problems with the microphone during the demo. They had to refresh the whole browser and watch the video. Speaker might do another demo of it for the next break session. Speaker wants to listen to a band they played on the radio show. Speaker is looking for a website for the band ezra collective at ezra collective. Com. They are a co ll e, ct iv, e.

Speaker wants to catch ezra collective. They have a widget from a song kick. Speaker and parisian's records have been playing a bunch of stuff from them. The bandcamp page tells Speaker more about the group than the actual website. The album is supposed to be released on november 4th. Speaker is excited about the release of a new album by the collectives new era of venture.

Speaker wants people to be able to buy music on bandcamp. Speaker plays ezra collective's song " life goes on " on the radio show. They have a bucket hat and a cd with vinyl, socks and t-shirts. Speaker and shop will take a look at the group's website. Speaker got a newsletter and they have links to their twitter instagram, facebook and tick-tock. They also have some videos.

Speaker doesn't have amazon, spotify or apple music, so they have to go back to youtube to order something.

Speaker and spaces will listen to pablo, the philosopher and " listen to me' the funk be with you " on Speaker's request. Speaker recommends pablo the philosopher and ezra collective to check them out.

Speaker went to the convenience store to buy chips. The person working there was nice. Speaker is going to see the tour.

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Welcome back that same old place that you will the new since you hung around, but those dreams have repaid, and they turned around each other.

Hey what's going on?

Welcome back.

Alright so weird thing I was getting ready to do the brake and the mic wasn't working.

It's a good thing that I added like an audio level, so I can see if there's audio going through because I can see the video and the audio wasn't working like Is going on.

I tried even tried just the actual webcam.

Microphone still didn't work, so I had to refresh the whole browser I am guessing because in the last break session, I have to go back and watch the video.

So I am assuming when I was messing around with my death My Demo application while doing the demo, when I enabled and disabled audio, it may have done it for like the whole browser and anything that was attached and may have like when I turn it on and off in my Have actually, like, there was no audio for like the last, like, I don't know how remaining minutes of the previous one.

So, wow.

That's good to know.

So, don't do that again.

So I might do is I might do another demo of it again for the next break session later.

I don't know, we will see, but that was weird.

Okay, but a good thing to know, that's don't mess around with audio on if you're different websites.

Like it's Like all connected, I guess.

All right, so for this break session, figured take a quick look and listen to a band that we have been recently playing on the radio show, and we played them as recent as yesterday.

So I figured take a look at their website with some tunes, you know, and see what we got there.

All right, let me share my screen.

Okay, definitely want to have audio.

And the group I am talking about is called Ezra Collective at Ezra, easy are a CO LL e, CT IV,, Ezra Collective, and don't ban, I think they're out of the UK so far for the radio.

So I think we have only had like, two singles so far and looks like, it sounds dope.

And, so I figured why not take a look at their website, cut saw, they had one.

Their Twitter, Michael, pretty dope.

So this is the website I refresh, I don't think there was any sort of like animations where there Okay, things just kind of fade in.

All right, so we got the shop.

They really want to know about shop is the first thing videos tour contacts and need to sign in.

So I guess this is more of a like a template for like an online e-commerce thing.

All right, so we got a nice big picture of the band here.

If I click this it goes somewhere what does it go to?

Oh okay.

One of these link, shortener stuff.


Do they have band camp?

We open up band camp.

They listen to them because like, I don't have these other.

Well, there's YouTube.

I like, I don't have title Apple music, think about have Amazon music and Spotify, I don't have, but okay, so if you want to preorder anything, is it stayed in the same?

So I have to go back now.

If I wasn't careful, I probably would have close the tab.

We have been nice if it open a new window, is what I am saying?

All right, cool.

Okay, and then we have other things here.

So more of the shortener stuff here.


They have big, you think?

I do you like can you buy music off Apple music or is that iTunes?

You just, I don't know, but it'd be cool if people want to actually purchase like or pre-order.

You could do that on a like band camp like having the band camp thing here.

That'd be cool too because they're on.

Bandcamp, All right.

We got the video.

All right, very nice.

Actually posted this on my Twitter like, yeah, this is dope.

And then we play it on the radio show, so you know what miles will listen to it?

Now let us take a listen, this is Ezra Collective, featuring sample of the great, who we have been a fan of on the radio show for minutes, we have been playing a bunch of sample, the Great, and the track is called life goes on.

All right, here we go, quickly, listen to this, watch it.

I don't want no.


You got to watch the other, go to the website, check out the whole video is this, this final form, drawing from Sanford.

The great amazing track.

So if it comes up in your more videos, you can watch that as well.


Then we have some pre-order stuff here, very nice.

I got a bucket hat.

All right, cool.

The CD got vinyl with socks.

Very nice t-shirts.

All right, cool.

If you click view, more, it takes to the shop.

All right, we got a newsletter, and they have links to their Twitter Instagram, Facebook and tick-tock.

All right.



Bi or worker?

Oh, Curry.

That's how I pronounce that.

Yeah, oak tree may be out of London again.

Like I have no clue where the group is from the United.

Those like a we call I like an about us or something I am assuming is this Collective.

So I am assuming everybody here.

I like the picture is cool, very nice kind of show like, Hey, we're group is what we do.

Alright, shop will take a look at the shack.

So pretty much the same thing.

We saw at the bottom of the page, they got one of these fans very nice.

Cool, cool.

Very nice.

Let us see.


All right, we saw that one.

Okay, let us take a look at this one.

This we also played this on the radio show previously as well, so this is victory.

Dance by Ezra collected.

Here we go.

Ezra, I am not sure.

You don't got these America either.

These crap.

She was nice talking about everyone.

This is this what you meant to me?


Just head over to that room.

This is where I am meant to be, but when a little bit long, all right, very nice.

Very nice.

Yeah, I don't know if I went to like a convenience store and a person, the person working there was like, hey Give me your car like hey need to go in that room with no, I am good fam.

I am cool.

Thanks though.

I just came in for these chips.

I am going to be out appreciated you though.

All right.


So that's that.

Let us see tour.

What can you catch Ezra Collective?

No, we're from now.

All right.

But they have this, like, widget from a song kick.

All right, cool, let us see contacts.

So yes, I guess they're based in the UK because press UK.

Well, this is also the US and r00 rest of world, probably All right?



Parisian's records have been playing a bunch of stuff from them.

So yeah.

Cool label.

Yeah, I guess that's the whole site.

I guess we will take a look at the band camp.

Let us see what else we got here.

So we got the life goes on drawing.


So I didn't know they even had a band camp on the pick this up.

Okay, they put out something are made the funk be with you this year March.

All right, more stuff.

So, this album is supposed to drop when oh, November 4th comes out.



And so, yeah, London.


It's funny how the bandcamp page tells me more about the group than actual website.

He has a collectives New Era of venture in discovered maturity and raise the stakes.

Will be defined by the anticipated second album where I am meant to be.

There's a thumping celebration of life, a natural product of years.

Improvising together on stage, the album will light up, sweaty dance, floors, and soundtrack, dinner parties in equal measure.

See, that would be nice to have on the website or something, you know, I mean, it's like either Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, so, alright, we listen to these one more track, which is to make the funk be with you.

You then a single, or the album or because they have because this was even on the website I don't think more releases.


So we got more stuff.

I am like.

Yeah but 20 1920 18 2016.

Looks like the first project.

All right.

This is it cool to have this on the website?

Even if it's like bandcamp players you know God like oh this is a new group I am never known them.

Well let us take a quick.

Listen to me' the funk be with you.

Here we go.

All right, cool.

You got to check out the rest of that later from their bandcamp because they don't have it on their website for some reason.

All right, let us this one.

Pablo, the philosopher that seems interesting one more track.

We will listen to her.

Then we will get back to work.

Alright, let us see here.

Spaces the yeah, module.

Start off with what they want.

You to start off with space.

Is the place by Ezra Collective off of Juan?

Pablo the philosopher.

Here we go.


If you're looking into for some like a live band music goodness check out Ezra Collective very nice instrumentals and things cool.

Looking forward to the new album, All right, but if the nice of the hat website had more stuff like in the bandcamp page, you know, I mean like, well yeah, shouts of them as a, very nice.

What else?

Cool and let me put their bandcamp as well?

Since that's like all of the update that more or I am not sure, but Here, I am added that to the list of links as well.

All right, so I think that's going to be it.

Stop screen, share, Cool.

Get you all back to work since is the final break session for this first Cipher, it's going to be like an hour long.

So let me set that up.

And then yeah, so I will be back later today.

You can check out the whole subscribe.

See, we're going to come back.

Subscribe to get notified when go live and I think that's it.

I am glad luckily I was able to check the Audio Level before because otherwise this would have had, no sort of audio.

So good to know.

And yeah, shouts the past me for adding the Audio Level.

All right, start screen share.

So we're going to end off with nujabes feature.

Pawnee be the checks call.

Thank you, and thanks again.

Hopefully, you got some stuff done, I did.

All right, not too bad.

I am looking forward to doing more in the next break session in between these ciphers.

I am going to begin by the stuff that I need to go get covid test, so I can make sure I can travel to do this event coming up next week.

And then also, make sure I need to get another covid, test to go to Japan.

So a lot of stuff is happening.

And yeah.

Again, thanks for hanging out.

See you all around.

Round and much productivity to you.

All right.

Thanks again Dez, be safe and peace.

Nujabes featuring a Pawnee be checks golf.

Thank you.