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Yo, what's going on?

All right, totally forgot to turn on that.

Light there.

Hold on.

Give me a second.


There we go.

There we go.

We don't, we want to we run a professional show.

Here is not totally just randomly made up as I do this.

All right, welcome to another until it works break session.

This is the first one of for the day for the first Cipher.

And yeah, so for these I normally like to kind of just if this is your first time here kind of given orientation of what's on the site.

So let us do that.

Let me share my screen here.


So I hope everyone is doing well.

Feel free to hit me up in the chat room.

That's there that you can actually join with us as drawing the room.

You can actually do the chat and ask questions.

So, yeah.

All right.

So speaking of which, let me show you around where you are now, so, this is the break sessions because there's around like 45 minutes of like Focus work, right?

And then take a break, like that's the break sessions.

So, You can get up stretch, walk around, do what you got to do.

And that's where this is.

That's where we are now.

And so at the top, you will see.

I forgot to change that but you will see the Subscribe.

I may change the schedule.

I don't know.

Let me know if you were is you want one or the other or what have you but up there you see, subscribe, that will take you to where all the upcoming ciphers when they're happening and it's Cool because it's in your local time zone so you don't have to do any like tricky.

What would you call it?

Tricky on?

Okay, you have to do any tricky like timezone math in your head or anything like that to know when it actually is and you will be able to subscribe to get notified when we go live.

Either for all of them or for the particular Cipher that you're interested in, so you can do that.

They're cool.

Then below that you see the video, my face on there.

Below that you see the you may need to click play to start the stream because if you hop in to like a break session and you have interacted with a site yet, browser is won't autoplay video, I think is because with sound as well.

So if there are sound I think autoplay video as long as there's no sound, I think.

But if there is sound like if it's not muted, then I will pause the whole video and you have to click play.

So that's why I have that disclaimer.

There is nothing I can do about is browsers, which I can understand next to that.

You will see the open closed caption.

And that is I am doing speech to text recognition through the browser right now.

And so what's happening is that I am saying stuff and hopefully through the speech recognition API, you're getting an actual accurate.

Description of what it is I am saying, hopefully.

All right.

So that's that.

What else, what else?


Yes, then below that as you can see, there's two buttons, there's adequate and create a highlight video.

So if there's anything that you found interesting or anything noteworthy that you wanted to capture, you just click adequate and I will take like 5 seconds.

So it goes back like three seconds and then for like two seconds I think and so you can Better chance of capturing what it is that you're trying to note and you get five of those.

And then, you can click create a highlight video button.

Once you're done.

And then, when I hit stop broadcast, what happens?

Is it goes to the backend of the whole bunch of stuff, takes your time stamps, your username that you logged in with and it creates a highlight video for you and I will show you where you will be able to check that out because like I said, once we hit stop broadcast, I send you all back on your way.

To get, get back to work and then you will see.

Hopefully something that looks like that, I share the audio on that.

Other thing.

I do remember probably didn't, it's fine.

I strip it out anyway, because I always get the we call it the Thing from YouTube because I back these up to YouTube.

I get the content something for the song.

So I just rip it out.


All right, cool.

So like I said, once we're going back to work, what you will see is something similar to this and let me just walk you around.

So, up here in the upper left-hand corner.

You can see, we have an audio player here right there.

I know some pretty amazing producers.

They were kind enough to submit tracks for like random projects.

I make that, you know, people can listen to while they're doing whatever they're doing.

So if you like what you're hearing and you'd like to support the artist, then you can just click like either by or maybe you want to share it.

But also if you want to support you can send a tweet right here.

So you like it, you send a tweet.

It opens up Twitter in a new tab, then it will have a pre-populated tweet with the East and saying hey you dig it or what have you?

And yeah, and so there's a way to kind of like spreading the word.

I am a big fan of spreading the word on really dope Independent Artists.

All right, then below the audio player into the right.

We have our two dudes section here.

This is where you can write here as it's, a task type of task in what you're trying to get done.

You hit enter or press the plus side.

It adds it to this space here, then you're able to check them off as you get them done and then I will show up in the done.

So if you click done, it will show what you completed.

Click to do it.

Shows what still needs to be completed.



And then, whenever you're done, like, towards the end of the cipher, or what have you, you just, you know, you finish what you need to finish for the day.

You can hit the Tweet button and what they will do is again, open up Twitter in a new browser, Tab and pre-populated tweet.

Eat with your list of tasks that you completed.

Their pretty cool.

That's a lita little like a little period to the end of the day kind of thing.

And I got some stuff done, feel good kind of thing.

Little feel-good goodness.

All right, right there.

We see to the right of the to do section.

We have a timer, a countdown timer and that counts down till when the next break is and the next breaks happen, 15 minutes after the hour.

It's kind of good way to judge it.

So that's the count down there.

It's the same countdown that you see below except the one on the break session is until the actual work session happens, Focus time.

So that's that cool below the countdown timer.

We have the view tutorials.

So I work at Vonage as a JavaScript developer Advocate and so, I have some of our tutorials there, and I am a big fan of like when I When we any tutorials that I work on, I have like two goals.

One is that you can follow the steps and get the desired outcome and to is that you understood what, like each step was doing it.

What was happening in the step?

So you get a better idea of what's happening.

So then you can take that and expand it to maybe something that you want to do to create to build upon.

You know, I mean, so I like to have these as like, a nice, like, Foundation to where you can build stuff.

On top of it and understand what's happening.

So that, you know if you run into any issues and you can figure it out.

So let us say so, so the tutorials that we have, there's the I think the pretty cool.

There's, you're able to from your browser type in a phone number and call an actual phone in the physical world, like an actual phone.

Then we have the flip of that where you can from a physical phone, dial a number and then answer that in the browser.

It's kind of amazing.

And then being able to have audio chat between two web users of Application.

That's the third one.

So I think it's pretty cool.


Let us say I have no clue about coding.

I don't know anything about it.

Sounds cool.

How can I find out more also have some like curriculums, like projects that I have heard they're good.

And I looked over on the same pretty good.

Give you like a night.

Nice basis of to see whether or not you want to continue with this?

So I have a free code Camp dot org and also the Odin project.

And so from where so far as they have from other people have taken it.

They said that there's pretty good and I have looked like I said, I looked over.

It seems pretty good.

I have never actually done it though.

So yeah, so I think with those you can get to get a good like feel for.

If coating is something you want to continue with, you know, spending time and or money on it.

So it's cool with coding in kind of like get a feel for it and not have to pay any money.

It's just a little bit of your time.

You know, I mean, so there's that.


Below the tutorials.

We have the hakko which stands for a help a coder / Creator out.

And so let us say you get stuck maybe on tutorial or a project that you're working on.

You will be able to click that create button.

And what that will do is it will create a room give you a unique URL that you can then share to social media or to whoever and then a person can click on that link, and then they can request to join a room.

Your room and you as the creator of the room can see who's requesting to join and you can either accept or deny them now to help you in that choice.

You can actually click the person's name and now, open a new window either Twitter or GitHub, depending on what they signed in with.

So then you can kind of make an informed decision on whether or not you want that person in your room.

Now, in your room, there's like a chat.

There's like also audio Chat, and I speech to text to speech, stuff going on.

So hopefully covered all the ways people can communicate because like, yeah, I sent a text chat, right?

So audio chat, text chat speech to text to speech.

So hopefully everyone will be able to pitch in because what happened is, is that you can share as an owner, you can share your screen and then my hope is that you're able to show what your issue is or the thing that you want to get feedback on and then through the chat as a collaborative, you know, as a group, everyone can come together and get something working or get the feedback that you want.

So, that's my hope for the hot goes view.

If you click view, you will see whether the hot girls are going on and request.

The join them below that.

We have the show until sign up.

So let us say, you came across something awesome.

If you're working on something that you feel is really, really cool.

Then you can sign up for show and tell.

A quick lightning talk.

You get like five ten minutes to kind of talk about wood.

So, no pressure.

Just talk about what it is that you find interesting and fascinating.

And yeah, that's pretty much that I am a big fan of lightning talks help me with my presentational skills and speaking stuff since I do that for my job.

So any little opportunity I can to be able to just do something kind of quick.

I am a big fan of thus why we're here at until it that works.

All right below, show and tell.

I will sign up then you will see there.

Remember those highlight clips that you are creating and then you submitted by creating by clicking, create a highlight video.

Will right below.

The show-and-tell sign up is like a little box for your highlights and the status.

Once you have some Ilse submitted when it's working on everything and then when it's done, it will actually the SAS will turn it done.

And then a view button will show up there with the view button and click that, it will present you with.

Preview of the video and then if you like it, then you can click download.

You can download it to your device.

And if you want, you can hit send a tweet.

I think I called it or something like that.


It will open up Twitter in a new browser Tab.

And then with the pre-populated tweet and what's cool is that link?

That's there, depending on a Twitter wants a shorter or not.

I am not sure, but the in bed for like the preview of the URL.

It will have a video.

It will be your video.

I don't trust her that much.

So I because it depends on if you're on like yes certain device or something.

Then it will show it.

I don't know.

But what I have been doing, I have been attaching the downloaded video to the tweets to make sure that it's there as well.

And yeah, and with that, you can share the show and stuff.

So giving you something to you.

If you dig what's happening.

You can go ahead and help spread the word and show more people if you think.

And yeah, that's going to be it.

I am actually is going to finish up and create a highlight video.

Cool before I forget.

And, yeah, so that's everything.

Thank you all.

Once again, for hanging out.

We're going to get you all back to work.

Remember, 15 minutes after the hour is when the brake sessions happens.

So I hope I wish you much productivity and what it is that you're doing.

If you need any help, remember you can send out the Jaco.

I think it tags me in it.

As well.

If I remember correctly, I am pretty sure it tags me.

So if anything I can try retweeted or what have you and maybe get some more eyes on it.

Hopefully not like I am a big on Twitter, anything but, you know, every little bit of me help.

All right, cool.

So let me get you all back to work.

I am gonna send you all out with some tunes, big fan of tunes and listening to music while you're working on stuff.


So, thank you all once again for hanging out.

So oh so yeah, so if there's no like show until signups, normally, what we do is for the break sessions.

The first one is orientation, second one is probably some tech or whatever that I have kind of came across.

That was cool.

So talk about that little bit, kind of like a little lightning talk.

So like an example and then the Third one.


If we don't have any show-and-tell signups is, we will take a look at an artist's website because again, I am a big fan of promoting, Independent Artists and artists that we play on the radio show and I think it's dope.

So with that being said, thank you all.

Once again, I wish again.

Like I said, I wish you much productivity and yeah, so let me start the screen share and make sure I have audio with this, this time.

And yeah, again, thank you all.

So this track is new Jabez featuring a Pawnee and it's called Q because thank you for hanging out.

Alright, see you 15 minutes after hour for the next break session.


Y'all amazing piece.