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Speaker is going to give a second break session fory' all to get back to work. Speaker is going to take a look at an artist's website to learn more.

Option 2 is used by to create highlights video. After broadcasting, speaker goes back into work mode. Now speaker is back and can upload their videos.

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We need to have.

We got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always could spot a rare.

Welcome back and I smile way, I think.

And I will see you again, the more never lead you.

Welcome back.

Alright, so this is the second cipher of today and second and final Cipher.

So let us make these next.

Three hours as productive as possible.

I have actually in between the brakes.

So pretty much the first Cipher, by the way, I am Dwayne.

How's everyone doing?

If welcome feel free to join the chat room and get your chat on, or if you have any questions, there's a section.

That as well.

But yeah, first Cipher earlier, basically finished up all the posts radio show.

Stuff that I set to get done.

So, all that is done.

That's cool.

What else?

Also, spoke about the I have been at work.

I am a Vonage developer Advocate.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate advantage and been down some web components and so built-in web components for our client SDK and do doesn't like a proof-of-concept, put it out there.

People seem to dig it.

And so, now I am adding the ability to style them.

And so we spoke earlier about how going to be using the parts CSS, part, 2 style to allow developers using the web components to style it pretty much.

However, they want, pretty cool stuff.

So, there's a video earlier for that.

You can check that out in our archive section which also reminds me that just so in between the first Cipher in a second cipher.

I was doing some stuff like getting laundry and stuff done but also pushed a new functionality to wear because I have been noticing the giving a lot of links and going to different web pages during these break sessions.

And I was like, probably be able to on the archive of the videos have a list of the links that were mentioned so that people can go and check them out.

So, over these between the ciphers.

I got that functionality working.

So like in my dashboard, now I can add links as we're talking about them.

And then once that's over and the archive is up on the videos archive page, if there are links, it will show the links and I will show it.

Later, probably when we come back.

I will probably show the functionality.

So that's pretty cool.

And also I added it to, I can add it to previous videos as well, previous sessions.

And so got that working too.

So it seems to work.

So we will see.

Did it kind of quick?

What else?

Yes, let me share my screen, and so I can I, That's okay, too.

I won't need audio.

Alright sure.

The screen here.

All right.

So now, just to be familiar with what's happening when you're at the in the work session segments, I ought to call these things.

But yeah, when you're in the get stuff done, this is similar to what she look like.

We have got the audio player here.

So if you want to listen to some tunes and jam out while you're getting stuff done.

There's that.

You can also, if you like the track support an artist and help spread the word.

So you can tweet that your you enjoyed that.

Like that's playing.

So there's that.

Here's your to-do list.

And so you add your task here.

It shows up here.

You can edit it.

Delete it or accept it as done.

If you said it as done, it goes over too here.

So you can click this and it will show all your completed tasks.

You can also send a tweet.

So if you like, oh, I got lots of done, feels good.

I want to send a Tweet about this.

You can send a tweet and will actually list your items that were completed.

Cool, here's a countdown timer.

And so let you know when we're going to get into the break session, how much time you have left to work.

If you don't have a thing that you want to work on.

Well, there's this view tutorials and so added some tutorials.

I need to add more.

But right now, there's free code Camp, the Odin project, which I hear a good if you want to get started.

And like, if you want to see if coding few enjoy coding, pretty much.

So there's those are the those are there.

Because always feel like coding is amazing because you can just with like a little time.

You don't have to like there's no upfront cost related to test if you like it or not.

If you feel like you like it and you won't go further, then you can invest more time and our money into it.

And so like, there's not too many things in the world where you can like take a get a whole career and just kind of like test it for free sort of first.

So yummy, so that's pretty cool about technology and coding in general.

So yes, we have the tutorials there.

Also, got some again.

Like I mentioned I work for Vonage, and so I got some tutorials or some stuff that I worked on.

And so yeah, just you know if you take it if you want to be able to set up an application to where you can like call yourself from your browser, or call your browser from a phone or set up like a chat app.

We got some tutorials there and I wanted to like My goal is to make the tutorials as straightforward as possible and can be followed by and get it working by people of various experiences with coding.

So whether you like brand-new hoping that the steps and explanations makes sense, you're able to get things working and not just get things working, but understand why things are working the way they are.

So yeah, so you can check those out.

If you have any issues or anything or feedback, please let me know always look into a Them.

So they're there.

Then we have the Jaco, which is help a Creator / coder out and you can create a Jaco or you can view Jaco.

So of their tacos.

Currently going to be able to view and jump in and maybe help somebody whole point of them is that, let us say you get stuck and you're working on something with the hakko.

You're able to create a room and as the owner, you can share your screen.

And then your given a link that you can share on social media and people can join your room.

If you let them because you have the power like you can see who wants to join and check out their profile and see if you want.

Let them in.

If you want to accept them into the room and you can share your screen and my hope is that people can come together and hopefully come to a solution that will help the owner of the room and stuff.

So, yeah, so there's that and then like I said, You built the see if their any hot girls happening and to be able to jump in and you know, we will get invited yet.

You have to request an invitation to join and if you join you get to see what everybody else is saying and stuff.

So yeah, cool.

So that's that then if you're working on something cool, like I was mentioning the web component stuff.

I was working on in talking about how I am styling it.

You can sign up to do like a show-and-tell to showcase the cool thing.

Your You're working on or learning or what have you?

So just like a lightning talk, and I am big into lightning talks, especially when meetups were happening in person.

I always try to jump on a lightning talk and because it gives opportunity to Like better your speaking and that's why I am doing these as well because I am hopefully going to get better at public speaking and just speaking off-the-cuff kind of thing.

So practice makes perfect.


So I am hoping that it, maybe you want to check, try it out and maybe one meetups are happening in person.

Again, you will be able to give a lightning talk because I always feel like a good opportunity to kind of like separate yourself from other folks and showing like, hey, Is what I am interested in.

This is where I am at.

As far as understanding this thing.

Maybe we can.

If you like it as well, then we can talk about it and discuss it, and you never know.

Like, if you're looking for a job, maybe something like that will come out of it.

Who knows?

But I just like being able to kind of share with where I am at with what I am working on.

So, yeah, so there's that cool.

And then, if you notice below this video, you will see three buttons.

There's one to open the closed.

Option, because I have speech recognition happening and hopefully it's pretty accurate.

It's automatic and Ai and stuff that I don't know about, but it's built in the browser.

So I used it.

There's also added a clip and create highlights video.

So if there's anything that you like that happened, during these breaks sessions, you're able to kind of clip out a segment.

And at the end you get five segments, then you just hit create a highlight.

Video that packages everything up.

And then once we stopped broadcasting, it sends it off to the back end on the bunch of stuff and it will let you know.

So, once we go back once, I hit stop broadcast and your back into work mode, this was a status submitted.

And then when it's done doing, whatever is doing in the back end, it will say, status done like this and have a button that says View, and then you will be able to check out the video.

That was compiled customized.

Also, it has like your username in there, so it's pretty cool.

And then you're, so you can download if you like, you know, because I upload these to Instagram as well.

And there's a button to tweet to send the tweet.

And what happens is your video, is the preview for the archived video link?

So pretty, cool stuff, I think.

And yeah, there's that.

So check that out if you want, you can see examples on my timeline on Twitter.

So lifelong death on Twitter and also appear, you know, we got the shop.

So we got all type of t-shirts and things, you know, so there's that.

Oh, and then subscribe.

So all the upcoming dates for these ciphers are on.

If you go there, there's subscribe.

It will list them all.

I probably need to add.

What month.

Are we in August?

Price of Timber?

I need to ask September.

But yeah, so you can actually subscribe to specific times for you.

All of them and right before like the ship.

When the site is live.

I send out a notification that pops up on your computer, whatever computer you signed up with you subscribed with it will show up in, pop up on there, pretty cool stuff, built on the web kind of amazing.

So I am super happy about that working and then you can log out if you're logged in or what have you so and then home has a bunch of other stuff, too.

So yeah, I think that's Pretty much it.

So, Let me see here.

Stop screen, share.

So, yeah, so hopefully whatever it is that you're working on, you will make some progress in it.

You see here.

I am just going to give me a second while I set up a timer for y'all to get back to work.

But again, thank you all for hanging out the next Cypher, the next session, the break.

Next break session, by the way, these happen, 15 minutes after the hour, if you kind of want to time it that way.

Probably go and look at the new functionality that I added for adding links and stuff.

Was it wasn't anything much is pretty good because all this stuff is pretty much there.

Is this about adding yet another little thing to the database and then reading from the database and so yeah, may show that, so we will see?

And then also if there is now like showing tells anybody sign up, then we're going to go take a look at an artist's website.

And stuff.

And, so I spoke about it on Twitter and Skype is fascinating, but I am a fan of the artist.

And, so I kind of wanted to I am sure probably a lot of people know of this artist because out of everybody that we have spoken about so far is probably like has the largest audience and so play some cup of my favorite tracks from like way back and yeah, well take a look at the website, and we will talk about that stuff.

All right, so thing that's it.

Thank you all for hanging out.

I am going to get you all back to being productive.

Chuck t''v hopefully and whatever it is that you're working on and if you need anything, feel free to reach out on Twitter or what have you.

Maybe I should come up with some way to set up something here.

I don't know.

We will see.

But for right now just about focusing and getting stuff done.

All right, so hopefully you're working on something and it's something that you enjoy or what have you.

So cool.

Thanks, and I am going to be out of here.

So let me set this up.

All right, cool.

So yeah, let me know if there's anything you're working on, need help with or anything like that.

So, all right.




Share my screen because we had this outro properly.

So, what we do, we do it properly here.

Alright, cool.

So again, thanks to all and yeah.

See you later, press play.