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Andreww is back at the place where they used to hang out.

Andreww has a lot of work to do now. they started doing laundry, sent e - mails, promo stuff on for the radio show and launched a new project. Andreww suggests to go through the development process behind it. Andreww shares their screen. The internet quality is not the greatest, but the recording should be fine.

Andreww has a new project and wants to have people learn where the time went.

Andreww created a website that automates the checkup session, the check - in session that your friends would do. Andreww is adding a link to the archive video so that people can check it out.

Andreww wants people to scroll down to see the full page. There is a notification every hour asking what people are doing and then they reply with what they're doing.

Andreww wants all their and their responses to stay on their device and not be sent to the cloud.

Andreww is trying to simulate a notification simulation on Windows. Andreww is going to close the notification. The notification details are hidden when you share your screen.

Andreww shares their screen with others, but they don't get the windows taskbar on this screen. Andreww is going to take a screenshot.

They are learning this together.

Andreww is working on a number of features for their app. Andreww is showing a demo of a new app.

Andreww explains how the website works.

Andreww launched their website on November 3rd. they have a shop with a 20 % discount for four days. they designed t - shirts on the side.

Andreww uses a framework called Astro on all their side projects. It will compile projects to an out - of - the - box compiled form with no JavaScript and adjust CSS. If you want to have things interactive, you have to add on. Andreww has a website

Andreww created a component using Astro. Astro compiled Andreww's project. Andreww would have to recompile the project again. Andreww is showing how fast the website loaded.

Andreww is doing some them stuff on the back end of the website.

Andreww is interested in how act like, like building things now, and Astro. Andreww explains how sapper differs from a framework like Astro. Andreww is interested in rendering web components in Astro Auto.

Andreww wants to play around with Astro. they want to check out Andreww's project. Andreww wants Andreww to get back to work.

Andreww is adding more features to their website and more on their van.

Andreww has been using an app to manage their time. It's helping them. Andreww will let others know if it works for them. If they don't have any show, Andreww is going to go over an artist's website. Andreww is going to send over some traveling music. Andreww hopes that people will listen to it and support them.

  • astro firebase notification
  • framework called astro
  • icon html css
  • actual homepage
  • actual boxes
  • web components

The dream.

Welcome back that same old place that you like.

Well, the known as have all changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turned around each other.

Wow, where did that time go?

It went.

Oh went by so fast.

I actually started my laundry then sent out the e.


And then I started like the promo stuff on Instagram for the radio show.

So now too bad.

So I think we all deserve a stretch.

Let us go ahead and just kind of stretch that out.


I am almost done with the Instagrams up to.

So, yeah, so, because I am really looking forward to trying to get a start working on the inside of my van and things.

So, yeah, that's gonna be cool.

Alrighty, so, so many things to do now, let us.

Go ahead got cured it.

What we can do is I just launched a new project.

I have been known to do such things.

I make random side project all the time.

And, so I kind of wanted to just go ahead and kind of just show it to you.

Yeah, I mean so and kind of go through the thought process behind it because I think it's important to like if you want to do development is actually developed things, you know, so this is a thing that you want to do.

I would suggest actually it happened.

So, all right.

So let us take a look at what we got here.

All right to do.


So let me share my screen.

I don't think I am going to need any adios.

So they will be fine.

It looks like my internet is look like you might be not the greatest, the stream look, like it's pretty bad.

At least the recording should be fine.

Alright, here we go.

Let me share this.

Have you ever said I am so busy, or we heard somebody say I am so busy.

Where did the time go kind of thing?

Well with this new project, I am hoping to hopefully I am hoping to have people learn where the time went kind of think.

I don't have a pitch for this is just kind of like a thing that I created because I know I need because I am the same way sometimes at the end of the day like I am so tired.

But what did I do today?

Like what happened?

You know, so yeah, so I created this site and it's it was funny is so it's like an imaginary conversation.

I have in my brain is like, always, like I am so busy, then it's like what you're doing and you're like, oh what did happen so kind of?


So yeah.

So this is a site, the website is but you do dot i n so like what you're doing.

Ever like sent a text to receive a text from somebody, like the kind of check up on you, see how you do, like, what you're doing.

It's kind of that.

So that's the whole premise behind it.

So it's kind of automating the checkup session, the check-in session that, you know, your friends would do so currently holding accountability kind of thing.

So I am adding the link so that he be able to the archive video will have a list of links that we go over and so you can check it out there.

All right, so I added the link.

Now, let us talk about what's there?

So you scroll down.

So what I try to do is that I didn't want the this first part of your full page.

I want you to see like, oh, there's some more stuff here.

So, you know, to scroll down.

So how it works, is that there's a switch, you turn it on, you get a notification every hour asking what you're doing and then you reply with what you're doing.

And then important for me is that your responses all stay on your device?

Like it's not being sent to the cloud or anything because I don't want your data.

It's just going to cost me money.

So, Yeah, all the all your responses are on your device.

So that means that if you go on to another device, like if you turn it on another device, it only is the stuff that's on that you entered on that device.

There is, he's not like, you go to one device at all.

Your things are there.

No, because everything is local.

All right, and then if you turn it off, nothing happens, like if you don't get messages, you don't get anything.

Now, the hope is like I said, you see where all that time went.

All right, and if you're interested in checking out you're going to go want to try it out.

Click that it takes to settings.

I am already signed in here.

So like when you go in it would be off, right?

And then turn it on.

Then you will have the top of the hour, get a notification saying, hey, do you want to what you're doing?

And so, let us simulate that.

So I can do a test notification here.

And so hopefully this will show up on this screen.

I am not sure, but we will see.

Oh, you know, I think I owe.

You know, I think I have been notification snoozed obviously in here.

Yeah, see it here.


Well, I am going to do it.

I am gonna f****** Windows.

All right.

Yeah, notifications are like snooze.

So let me close this.

Let us try it again.

See if it will.

Pop it up this time.

And you get rid of this notification out here.

Okay, here we go.

Let us see if this works now.

The notification is still has like a little snooze thing on it.

That is so weird.

Details are hidden o to new.

Notification details are hidden while you share your screen.

Oh, that's interesting.

I never knew that happens.

Okay, if I click show all will happen.

Let me see.

It always shows it up in the notification thing.

That is so weird.


Okay, let me try this again.

I did not know that when I am sharing the screen, I guess, I guess for privacy stuff.

I guess that makes sense.

So, while you're sharing your screen, you don't want any like somebody's like information popping up or anything sensitive or what have you?

Let me.

Try it again.

Nope, and did it there.

All right.

Well, you just got to take my word for it.

A pop-up will show up here.

Is there a way for me?

What if I can share this?

The screen and then you can see it.

Cuz I can't get me.


Yeah, I don't get the, I don't get like the windows taskbar on this screen, huh?

Let me.

Let us see, cashier, this screen or no?

I was going to say I am going to take a screenshot.

And then I do that.

Let me try that.

Hold on, but I wonder if this would even let me do a screenshot.

Okay, so where to go?


Um, give me a second here.

We're learning this together.

It doesn't tell me where to put it.

That is amazing.

You know what?

Let me do.

It slides.

Dot new.

Okay, I think I will be able to paste it here.

I think it's in my clipboard.

Okay, there we go.

So you will see a man, not that large, but you will see a message similar to that and it's kind of pops up saying what you're doing.

And then when you click the notification, well that would take you to oh and then also on the form the settings page, you can turn on and off, you can send a text notification and then you can erase your responses.

And what I will be working on coming soon is a quick response, quick replies.

So you will be able to add like replies that you always.

Like in a meeting or working on a project or whatever and then so that way you will be able to reply quicker and trying to type it out and stuff.

So that's coming soon.

So now so when you click it will take you to the chat.

Which is like that, right?

And now when you respond with what you're doing a demo, you can either hit enter or press send and this is what happened School.

Okay, responds, like word have different responses.

So it's like word, nice, something else.

I don't remember.

So it will kind of do that.

And so what you do is your reply is saved.

And now what you can do is you can view what you did the settings, which we just saw, or you can close the app.

I am thinking about, adding tweet, you know, send a tweet.

So if there's something you want to like, let the world know that you're doing something, you can send a tweet from there as well.

So I may do that.

So now let us take a look at what you did.

Now so here it is like 10 AM So yeah, so you see right here listing doing demo.

And so what happens throughout the day you will be able to kind of go through like, oh, what did I do today?

And then see like, oh actually got some stuff done today.

And so you're able to actually go through.

You see, I see up here, it changes and then you can click today and you can go back as well and then click the day, it shows you today.

Now what's funny is that since today the clocks in the u.s.

Went back.

You see here.

There's two one.

Am's is because there were like two when I am because at one o'clock and went back, but then in the like the UTC time that didn't matter just kept on going you said I am saying and so that's why there's two one o'clock.

I thought that was interesting and then it ends at 10 PM Instead of 11 PM Normal as like as we normally do.

And so yeah, now I thought that was kind of cool and then I think yeah.

What happens is see that 11 goes here?

So this is actually Monday, 12 AM But then it goes here.

So guy threw off everything but it still works and yeah, pretty cool.

So yeah.

Yeah, good stuff.

All right, seriously, go back to today.

And then again, at 10 doing a demo.

All right, so then here is the menu, it has all the different things we can go to settings.

The did also got a shop there.

So if you want to check out any and purchase any clothing, you can do that.

There's actually four days, you get 20% off everything.

So there's that.

So yes, I designed t-shirts on the side or what have you.

So if there's anything you see there.

That you find interesting.

You can check it out.

Alright, and then also I am trying to remember to.

At these clips and then all the about, and this may look familiar because, like all my projects.

I have an about section, and it's pretty much this and normally it's a web component, but that brings me into.

So this kind of shows like, what's about what I built it with.

So, Astro Firebase notification, apis felt and then like I launched, November 3rd and everything and then four more, I can check out my website.

So I pretty much have that on all my side projects.

And So, speaking of what we built with, so, Here, I use this framework called Astro and why I find it so fascinating, is that what it does?

It will take your, your projects and it will compile it to just like, like, out-of-the-box compiled, adjust to HTML and CSS.

So it will ship with like no JavaScript.

And so you kind of have to add on so if you want to have things interactive.

So for example, on this Site.

So for my project, what you do dot, i n.

Oh, by the way, since I showed this, let me copy and paste, add it to the list of links so you can check it out.

If you're viewing the archive.


So now for example, like this site here, right?

This is a purely static page and I when I created it.

I created the component using Astro and what I did was I am using a fetch to my projects API, to be able to pull all this information like what it was built with all these things, right?

And so when Astro compiled my project, it pulled the data and made everything into HTML and CSS strictly.

So, if I wanted to update this, I would have to Update my database, but even if I update my database since this is like hard coded HTML CSS.

There's no JavaScript.

It's not going to make a fetch call to get the new data.

I would have to compile it again.

So that's one thing about it.

But if you take a look, so let us take a look at the actual source code view page source.

As you can see.

Like, it's just all.

Here's the CSS, and then here's some the HTML.

That's it.

That's the whole thing.

There's no JavaScript.

No, nothing and can prove it again.

Let us take a look at the network and see what actually comes down like what it pulls down.

Network so, alright, let us take a look at it.

So see it says all let us take a look refresh.

See how fast that loaded and all it is, is just here's the HTML.

Well, the get request for the HTML.

Yeah, see it.

Just got it all that stuff.

Here the about.

So, yeah, it's just HTML and the icon HTML CSS, everything, one file.

He saw how quick that loaded.


Let us take a look at a page that I needed JavaScript to work on, right?

So the schedule are the settings.

Sorry, settings.

Now settings, you see I created this component.

The, the settings page with likes felt and then this, this switch here is a spell component.

And so, and then I am doing some Firebases stuff on the back end.

I am going to talk about the Firebase stuff.

Another session in the second break later today.

So you can see here.

So it's pulling the settings.

We got the CSS.

See, here's some JavaScript stuff.

Since felt the renderer for this felt some more svelte stuff, Firebase stuff.

And yeah, so you can see it's loading, a bunch of stuff.

Cool, right.

And so as you can see, and oh, and let me show you this.

So, This same thing here.

Now on the front page like the actual homepage.

I have those buttons there, but they don't need to be interactive, right?

Because they're just showing the two different states.

Like what happens when it's on and when it's off, right?

And so, I didn't need.

So that could be a static page.

So I use the same component that I built in smelt.

Hey, can see here.

Is just some CSS and little picture here for that but no JavaScript whatsoever.

And so, and it's still loaded the button and is just the HTML for the button, like it's not interactive at all, which is a kind of cool.

So if you saw how quickly a loaded.

So I am just a, I am so interested in how act like, like building things now, and Astro, because before I was using sapper, because I like to build things with felt and sappers, like the framework to be able to do stuff like this, having like routes and all these things.

All you know in a framework that he's sapper, but with sapper, all the requests are sent through the server generated and then sent back.

Whereas with this it's our is compiled and is just already HTML CSS.

And if you want a little bit of JavaScript and that's it.

So nothing is being so like all the routes are determined.

And, so I think you might be able to do like To have like generated routes.

Maybe I am not sure with Astro but see the thing is everything is compiled.

And like I said before like my about page that's pretty much stuck the way it is.

So even if I update the information and the database is never going to make that call again because I am using JavaScript to make the call to get the data to update this, the actual boxes.

So yeah, that's one thing.

Now I have to look into it.


But I think you can render web components in Astro Auto.

I have to look more into it, but they're always doing new stuff to it adding things.

So it's pretty cool.

And yeah, so I just want to kind of build like a not too involved project.

It's a try it out.

And so yeah, so that's where we came up with what you do and it loads super quick.

As you can tell, like that was one point, eight kilobytes transferred, as only six four.

West and it finished in 148 milliseconds.

That is amazing.

And so, especially for like the front page where you want people.

Do you want that to load up quick?

Your, I mean, and so, yeah.

So yeah, I got to play around Astro a little bit.

I thought it was cool.

Have you gotten a chance to check out a stroke?


Let me know and I definitely want to check out your project also, and but yeah, so What do you do — i n?

So if you want to get like a proactive, like it's almost like a proactive to do list where you're always being like, like a top of that would be an ass.

Hey what you're doing and you can type it in is like what you're doing.

Oh, yeah, that's kind of cool.

So that's all that.

All right.

Let me get you all back to work.

So yeah, so the website again is what you do.

I n.

And, so I think the next thing I might add is the Tweet button and then like I said, I am And more on my van now.

So any other updates will come later?

But yeah, for right now it works.

I have been doing it.

It's, it is help me.

And that's the thing.

Like it's helped me kind of like, okay.

I am like, I am more controlled my time because I see what I am doing and it keeps me in the moment kind of thing also, because sometimes I just get so, like, caught up doing something, or I am down some rabbit hole or something, and I will get the notification and like, oh, that's right.

I am trying to do this thing.

And so, it will kind of like reset me and stuff.

So I don't know.

Hopefully, it helps other people too, but I am using it and it's really doing wonders for me.

All right, cool.

So let me get you all back to work.

Let me stop the screen.

Share, Cool.

Get y'all back to work and yeah, check it out.

You know, let me know if you try it and yeah, all right, so I think Yeah, we only have liked one more break session and it's so if we don't have any show and tells I am going to go over an artist's website who we played on the radio show and I think is pretty cool.

And so maybe you will think they're cool and support them.

All right, so that's the plan.

That's the hope for these things.

All right, so I am going to be out of here and send you all over some traveling music.

So again, 15 minutes after hour will come back.

And yeah, thank you for hanging out.

I wish you much productivity and let me start the screenshare.

Definitely want some audio.

Cool share.

All right, y'all this is Anthony Cruz.

AKA butter, the tracks called.

Thank you.

All right.

See y'all see?

All our 50 minutes after the hour.

Thanks again.

Y'all see.