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Speaker is going to send anthony cruz with some traveling music to encourage them to keep checking back for work.

Speaker has a website with pictures and videos of their travels. They are going to some places that they have never been before and wants to get suggestions from people who have been there. Speaker is looking for places to visit in the near future. They want people to suggest them to them.

Speaker is almost done with the post radio show stuff. Their co-host didn't make it to the show yesterday. Speaker is doing some of the stuff that they do during the show and they are about to send an email blast to the email list and to the radio promoters.

Speaker would like to add some more things to the like palace. Speaker is reusing a lot of stuff from the front page of the app store. They are using leaflet and openstreetmap for the map. Speaker has done a lot of work in the last two weeks. Speaker wants to get back to work because they have a new thing they want to do.

Speaker is showing their latest side project. It's a website they created when they got a developer advocate role. Speaker had a previous job where they got to do a lot of traveling and they wanted to get rid of this. Speaker wants to create a website with all the pictures they took while travelling.

Speaker is showing a map and a list of things to do and see in tokyo. Speaker is logged in with twitter, so the form won't show if they don't log in. Speaker needs the address and the coordinates of the location to set up the website. Speaker is going to check out the thunder gate. Speaker explains how the dashboard works.

Speaker has created a website with a list of places they should check out. Speaker wants to thank someone for helping them build something. Speaker is in korea and they like the fact that palace has a website. Speaker is going to tokyo japan again in september. Speaker is looking for cool spots. .

  • developer advocate role
  • submit suggestions
  • giant lantern spot
  • final break session

Welcome back your dreams were your ticket.

I welcome back to that same old place but those dreams have remained, and they turn around.

Welcome back.

How's everything going?

Give it a stretch.

Hopefully, it is going well for you.

Oh yeah, feel good.

All right.

So I am actually I am almost done with the post radio show stuff.

My co-host, didn't make it to the show yesterday.

So I am doing some of the stuff that they do during the show.

So after show, so I am doing that, and I am about to send off this email blast to the email list and to the radio promoters and stuff.

So, I am almost there.

Almost completed.

But what I did complete and what I am going to show now segue is this project?

So now I have shown I think I have shown this project before it's like one of my latest side projects and its ongoing because I am still doing stuff with it.

Kind of you know I mean like I am still adding to it because I am still like actively doing what it's supposed to do.

I explain that horribly, let me just So here is the site.

I don't think there's any audio by my share that just in case.

So I figured.

All right, so this is doing stuff, not i n.

So doing stuff in it's a site I created a while ago when I got this developer Advocate role, so shouts advantage.

And the reason why I made it and I knew I would want to have it is because I had a previous job where I got to do a lot of traveling and let me make this big, and we get rid of this.

Here they go.

So I had a previous job where I got to travel a lot and I took a bunch of pictures so there's like in my Google photos and a bunch of places all over the place.

I want to have one Consolidated place to where I can go back and like relive some of these things, right?

And so that's why, and I was like why not make a website for it.

And so that's we're doing stuff that I am come from and so You can like, travel around.

Let us see.

Trying to go to one where see these are all the ones?

I have upcoming.

Let us go to one that was recent.

That's also upcoming so kind of travels around the map.

It's pretty cool.

So like this one I was at render ATL in June so then so you can actually view the stories.

And so they're just like a bunch of like pictures and things of like my travels and for whatever reason I like to do 360 videos of like hotel rooms and so, 360 photos, not videos.

I do some 360 videos.

Like, when I am like, walking around, like, when I was in Greece, some of the, like, the ruin stuff I was doing.

360 videos are pretty cool and so yeah.

So that is basically the point of the site is just a way for me to kind of, like, remember these places I went to.

So now it just recently because I am going to some places that like I have never been before like And, so I was thinking it would be cool to get suggestions from folks who have been there and kind of know about cool spots.

You know, that may not come across.

And so I created like this suggestion thing.

So it's like a whole new section and like hold another type of like, data structure at a, come up with.

And so, so if you got a suggestion, you click that And so it lists some of the places I am going to be going to in the near future, where I think I will have time to kind of like explore the city, right?

And so coming up, I got Tokyo Japan Seoul Korea and New York City, New York, right?

So all these places have things that I think like, local folks will know about, right?

And, so I kind of like want to put it out there and if anybody knows of anything, please suggest it to me.

And so the way it works Is that so you make a suggestion?

So let us say Tokyo Japan.


And now pull up the page.

And now, this is kind of similar to the other page with like the 360 photo, but it's like, a new type.

So, I have like different types.

I have like, a 360 video type, there is a 360 phototype.

There is a regular video type, there's a regular photo type.

There's like a coming soon.

So, now I have like a suggestion map type, right?

And so this is kind of how the layout is.

And so, oh, I don't know if I am signing on Twitter.

Oh, probably show that then okay.

So this is so some information, here's a map and here's Tokyo right?

Or it's probably wider, but you see here?

Tokyo now you can.

So I am asking where some things to do and see.

So now there isn't one here right because this is the view list.

So let us say I make one Oh, I am already logged in awesome.

If I wasn't logged in with Twitter, you'd have to log in with Twitter and so otherwise won't show the form.

Okay, cool.

So now let us look up a place.

So actually somebody like I like told me about this place, I never knew the actual name of it or whatever, right?

And it's the one with the big Lantern in the front, and so we can do is you know, so like event don't know.



And the address or the location so you well you could put it both.

They're so like, this is the name of the place that have the address.

That's right.

Oh yeah, so it does have the address so.

Okay, so let us try it this way, we will see what happens, right?

And so giant Lantern.

All right, we need a website and it's not like an event, you don't need to put that, right?

And so now you can submit the suggestion.

So you saw it said it was getting the coordinate so it's getting the coordinates of the location, right.

And I have it set up to where there's like a boundary around Tokyo so let us try and put for example.

So test.

If you like Miami Florida or something, do I have that already here?

Yeah, Miami Beach Florida, right?

Test And then submit suggestion.


So location not found or is out of boundaries, please try again and then I also just recently.

So I think what happened was happening before somebody put in something that you're going to pull up any sort of location.

Like there're no suggestions or anything.

Like it wasn't found.

And so if I click submit suggestions on a random thing.

See, so same thing location.

I found that was throwing an error like last night and I fix that.

So that's good.

Good to see.

Oh cool.

So now we have the giant Lantern spot.

It's called the Thunder gate.

I think it was called.

Yeah, Thunder gate.

And so.

So I am definitely wanted to check that out.

Let us see.


So, okay, so here is the dashboard like the admin section, right?

So you can just pull up.

So this is the Tokyo One.

And so, here we go.

This is if I wanted to add a story right automatically default to that cuz that's like the first thing I want to do when I am like on the go and just, you know, taking photos and stuff.

So then edit will show you all the different stories that you have.

And this is the suggestion map one, so I can click select.

And so like I can edit it if I want.

But what's cool is see?

Now it pulls up the information here so you can see it says pending, so I can check out stuff, check out the details.

If there's a website I can check out the website stuff like that.

So now I am going to go from pending Two published.


And so if I go here, refresh the page.

And now you can see it has like a list now here.

And so it shows like the profile picture from Twitter, the Twitter handle, and then sightseeing and some details.


And then you click on here and show you like the same information, there's the website.

I got to make it to where this doesn't show up.

So good thing, I check that out.

Let us see.

So yeah so it just kind of like a thing where people can add suggestions to places that I should check out.

And so somebody actually oh by the way let me show you this as well.

So now I can, so I can put it back depending on right?

Who's back too here?

And so you went away.

I can also delete it.

And there's nothing there, and so I just deleted it.

Basically, so let me go back.

So somebody did actually do it and so shouts to them.

I want to shout them out.

Thank you very much for, like, you build something, you test it, and you never really know until someone actually.

And so these are back to suggestion.

So, some Korea, did it?

And so shouts of them pull up their Twitter but yeah they, so I am not going to try to pronounce that but Palace it's a palace out there, and so they put like the address and then the reason why they think it'd be a good experience to check out so that is dope.

So that basically is what I wanted and it's super dope.

So, thank you very much.

I am probably going to see this wrong but chaewon thank you very much.


And yeah.

So this is kind of like a thing where I guess if other people want to make if other people come across the site, and they are looking for like, suggestions as well.

You know, this be kind of cool to do and so but I yeah and then you can like zoom in and stuff you want closer.

And, Yeah, so that's pretty much it.

So, if you are familiar with any of these places, That I am going to be headed to, you know, you can always check it out.

So right now for this for September, so depending on whatever you see this, but I am going to Tokyo Japan again.

And again, again, these are the places I am going to September.

So Tokyo Japan Seoul Korea, New York City, New York.

So, if you know, of any cool spots.

So I am looking even like so things I am looking for, like I said, here like restaurants, so there're any spots that have like, real authentic Look like from the place food down, to check that out.

Any meetups big fan of meetups where they will be like hip-hop or coding meetups record stores, you know do something digging spots?

What else?

Well and then like basically whatever else because I never would have thought about the whole Like Palace you know, so that's pretty cool or even like the gate that somebody as well, like the Thunder gate and so yeah feel free to add stuff to it and then so the about again so these are all the different things I used.

So what's cool is?

So I like components take and actually from like the front page gotten Apps, which is pretty cool and just reusing a lot of stuff which is that's kind of nice, so they see here the but yeah, so I am using leaflet and openstreetmap.

So for the map, stuffs felt leaving a stroke, that's kind of like the whole framework around everything.

And yeah, it's been, it's been pretty cool experiment about it and I think it came out pretty.

So many spots, please let me know.

I am always interested in seeing what people suggest and then yeah, that's pretty much it.

So again, thanks for hanging out.

So check it out if you so choose if you would like you know and suggest something, it's not my screen share.

And yeah, so the whole thing took me like adding suggestion stuff Maybe like, because it's off and on, so, I will do stuff like after work during these work sessions.

And yeah, so maybe like two weeks altogether.

I think this kind of working it through from, like, thinking about it, and getting it done.

So, like worth of work, kind of thing.

So, yeah, cool.

So let me get you all back to work because I actually, You have a new thing that I want to do.

Also, I have been meaning to do, so I am probably going to work on that next.

All right.

And I maybe I will have something to show you know at a future time with that.

So again thanks for hanging out.

If there's anything that you want suggest any of those places and keep checking back?

Because I got more spots coming up for work.

So yeah.

Super cool.

So any feedback would be great.

All right, let me get you all back to work again.

Thanks for hanging out.

We have our final break session.

Time's going by super quick.

Hopefully, you know, you're getting, you're feeling productive and yeah, sure my screen.

So we're going to send you off with some traveling music and this is Anthony Cruz.

AKA a butter.

The track is called.

Thank you.

And again, I thank you for hanging out till next time.

I wish you Much productivity and again, 50 minutes after the hour.

Alright, see you later.

Thanks again.