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That let us you take breaks from the break sessions and highlight them as clips. Now you can preview the video and send it.

Speaker has finished their tasks.

Speaker has recently started chipping in on some office space with some friends. There was a scheduling app for multiple rooms in the office so they created a project three days later.

Speaker has they developer advocate. They also has some tutorials at vonage.

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  • office space
  • web speech api
  • highlight clip
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  • javascript developer advocate

Welcome back.

Your dreams were your ticket.

I welcome back to that.

Same old place.

The chicken laughs.

Well the known about changed since you hung up, but those dreams everything, and they turned around each other.

Hey, welcome back to the first break session of the second cipher of the day.

The second and final Cypher of the day.

I hope you are well and everything is going great and that Ready to be productive, you know, working on whatever your it is, until it works.

Yeah, that's the whole thing.

All right, so This first break session normally, like orientation for, maybe new people and plus, it gives me one less thing to plan for.

So, yeah, so every first break session, kind of just go through the site and get you acclimated to what you can do here.

All right.


So present, this hope everyone is doing well.

Actually, I got a lot of stuff done.

So if you are here for the first Cipher, I demoed like a quick side project that I was working on for because I recently started chipping in on some office space with some friends.

And, so I noticed that hey, they were using a scheduling app and it wasn't like everyone shared a password.

Let us just put it that way and it didn't seem that great because it's somebody change the password to change this whole thing.

And then I was getting like text messages in the text chain, like who change a password, all this stuff.

So I was like, hey, let me try and come up with something and I did so like three days later put together a project and it's just scheduling app that you can we have multiple rooms in the office so you can schedule different rooms.

And what I did was I just In this past Cipher, whatever added like a status to let you know if your the room.

If the time you booked and the room you booked were available.

Like there's you can see if it's available.

But when you add it you made a mistake and try to double book or whatever.

It will let you know.

Hey, you can't do that or whatever and so it's like a status that says where there was successfully done or those an issue when so you can fix and then I added some conflicts like checks to make sure that there were no conflicts and that was able to be booked.

And yeah, so I push that earlier today, so we will see if it works and yeah.


So if you want to see what looks like, you could check out one of the previous videos in the video archive.

All right, share the screen here.

So now what you're looking at now, we're in the break session.

And so that means if you look like below, this is a video, you will see that you may need to click Start The Stream, but you're not going to hear me anyway, so it doesn't matter.

But yeah sometimes with because with the browser's doesn't allow you to have autoplay video if you have interacted with.

With the site, so there's that but you will see next to that there's open closed captions.

And, so I am doing some speech recognition through the web speech API web, speech, recognition API.

Yes, speech, recognition API home.

And so the things I am saying are being turned into the text and then I am sending that text to that are get that opens up.

If you click that open closed caption button.

Cool below that you will see two buttons, add a clip and create a highlight video.

Now if there's anything that you found interesting during these breaks, you just hit add a clip and then it will go back a couple of seconds and create like a five-second clip, you get five of those.

And once you're done, you can click create a highlight video.

And so whenever I hit stop broadcast, that sends all the information to the backend to where it can generate.

Wait a personalized hi-hi-hi light clip.

I want to say hi clip but a highlight clip that you can then share on Twitter and Instagram or what have you?

All right, cool.

So Now what we're not in break mode?

We're in the focus sessions work session.

So you will see a screen that looks similar to the one.

I am sharing now and up left-hand corner.

We have a music player because hey, why not?

Listen some really good Tunes while you're getting stuff done right now.

These are tracks submitted by some very talented producers that I know.

And so Check them out.

If you like.

What you do, if you like what you're hearing.

You can actually this is a band camp player.

So you can actually click to buy the track if it's available, and then you can share it.

And then you can also be really like the track and help spread the word by sending out a tweet.

And this will open up Twitter and pre populate it with a message.

And yeah, you can send it along way and hopefully help support and get the word out.

Now, below that we have the to do section.

So we have the to do, you click done?

It shows that.

On click to do is show the to dues down here under, add a task.

You add the task that you want.

It will show up in this middle section here.

And then, whenever you're done doing things, let us say, it's towards the end of the cipher.

You can just click the Twitter icon and it will open up Twitter again with the pre-populated tweet, all of your tasks that you finished.

So as nice little like put a bow on it.

I got stuff done today.

I feel good kind of thing.

So, Yeah, there's that.

Then next to that, we have this column.

We're at the top is a countdown clock where it will count down to when the next break session will be and the brake sessions happen 15 minutes after the hour.

All right, speaking of time.

I am setting the time for the next thing here.

All right, below that you will see view tutorials.

So now let us say you don't have an it that you want to work on with that.

You will be able to see me.

I put some tutorials in there, like maybe you're not.

Maybe you keep hearing about this coding stuff and you're like, oh, hey, maybe I should check it out, but I don't know where to start.

So I have some references there, some like, free code camp and the Odin project and I personally have not done either one, but I have heard good things and I have taken a look at the free code cap camp, like curriculum and seems pretty cool.

So, Yeah, so at least I think with those you get a good idea of what's involved in coding and then from there you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to spend more time and our money on it.


So there's that then below that we have the hakko help a coder / Creator out right now with that.

You can create a room like your own room where you as the owner of the room can share your screen?

Then you get a link that you can go and share on social media or whatever to get people, too.

Join you in your room.

Now, as people join, they request to join your room and you can see who's requesting and then from there, you can actually click the name and see either their Twitter or GitHub profile depending on what they logged in with.

And you can decide whether or not you want to accept or reject their request to join your room.

You can always kick them out as well.

If anything, if anything happens.

Cool, so my hope is that everyone can kind of come together and if it's an issue, you're having something.

You're not understanding that come to a solution and maybe you'd better understand something.

Or like if it's something you want to showcase or whatever.

Maybe you made something you want to get some feedback on their you can do that as well.

And then view is just all the different hot coals that are happening and you can join you can request to join.

Also, in the video tutorials.

I forgot to mention.

So now, yes, I have the Odin.

And free code camp, but I also have some other tutorials now, I work at Vonage as a JavaScript developer Advocate, and so I have some tutorials that we worked on there and so pretty cool stuff like making a phone call from the browser to an actual phone about the opposite.

Making a call from a phone to the NBA of the pick it up in the browser and then having to web users of an application speak to each other.

So that's pretty cool as well.

And so, so let me know what you think of them.

My goal for them is to not only make it clear to where you can follow the steps and come out with a desired outcome.

But to actually understand what went into those steps.

So that's kind of important to me.

So if you get a chance to try them out, let me know and let me know how it goes for you.


I now let us speak about letting people know how things are going.

We have the show-and-tell sign up and with that.

Let us say you learning something new or you just created something you think is cool and you want to show people or what have you is kind of show-and-tell and you get 5 to 10 minutes, just to kind of talk about it was so no pressure or anything just kind of like hey, I think this cool.

Anybody else thing is cool.

And this is what I know about it.

Cool, and then below that like I said, you can take clips of the break sessions and get them combined to highlight Clips.

So if you do that, that last war says highlight, the status will say submitted and then after things been all in the back end and the apis and everything is done doing what you do.

It was turn into saying done and then there's a button for View and then you will be able to actually see it pulls up a like Modal or whatever you like a screen and it has the video that you can preview and then you can also download it.

And then you can actually click a link to send a Tweet about it and the Tweet will open up Twitter again, and then yet, another pre-populated tweet will be there, and they will have a link to the archive video and you're the preview for the video in the Twitter in bed will be your video.

Oh sometimes, I don't know.

I don't.

Sometimes it's like, I guess maybe the device you're on, it may or may not show the video.

So I have been doing is the downloaded video.

My personalized video.

I have been including that into the tweets so that it shows up regardless.

So as I have been doing, I have been pretty getting pretty good.

I guess like feedback or like we call those things.


I am tired is been a long day, but productive one though, so that's great.

All right, so I think that's pretty much everything.

My actually get you all back to work a little bit sooner.

But again, if there's anything you need, feel free to hit me.

Me up or what have you and whatever it is that you're working on?

I hope you get much progress on it and yeah much productivity to you and we back 15 minutes after the hour.

Let me send you on your way.

So now anytime there's now like show and tell what we will do is the next break.

I am looking maybe something I have been working on work that I finished up.

Maybe do a demo on that and you know, I am big into web component.

So has some doing the web components and then the final break session.

I like to if there's no show and tell like to show go over and artists that we have been playing on the radio show and big fans of show their website.

Listen, some music, maybe check out some videos so that maybe you have become a fan of them as well and support an artist that you like.

So there's that.

All right.

I think that's going to be everything.

Yeah, alright cool.

So let me go ahead and get y'all out of here and get back to work, you know, and get some work done about being product being about productivity.

Hear all about being productive here.

All right, evidently not speaking.

Proper English is not a high priority.

I guess.

I don't know.

Productivity over proper English.


All right.

Um, hey, that's Phil's.

Pope productivity over proper English.

Oh, that might be like a t-shirt.

I don't know.

I am tired.


So again, thank you for hanging out.

We're going to get you out of here so you can get back to work.

And yeah, see you 15 minutes after our to share the audio?

Difficulty the audio.

All right, y'all, thanks again.

Be easy shutter a butter.

Okay, Anthony Cruz.

Thank you.

Alright, we're back.