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Speaker is working on a project. There are technical difficulties with the livestream. Speaker will talk to the rest of the group later. Speaker is travelling and needs to sign up for show and tell at arts website.

Speaker wants to share a screen with their friends to show them a demo of a new feature they added to a side project. Speaker has been doing a lot of virtual workshops. They created an interactive website for this purpose.

Speaker has been working on and off using firebase this past week. They are happy with how it turned out. Speaker has connected their firebase app to the firebase firestore. Now they are using google translate to see if they have what they said in the text. Speaker is happy with the way the presentation turned out. Speaker had to add on translations to the speech-to-text stuff. It doesn't work because Speaker is already using a speech recognition. They have to stop enabling and disabling the audio in the browser. Speaker wants to do the same thing they did for their workshops site for their slides page as they do for their talks.

Speaker's upcoming workshop is going to be in code chrysalis in japan. Speaker talks a lot about web components. Speaker explains how the website works.

Speaker wants to make sure everyone's on the same page. They have a dashboard that allows them to control slides and interactive elements. Speaker has heard web components. Speaker is using their mic for this broadcast. Speaker is going to give a talk at a workshop in japan and probably at a meet up as well. They have added a speech-to-text in different languages.

  • audio
  • web components
  • code chrysalis
  • actual broadcast
  • workshop in japan
  • collection called transcript
  • regular speech recognition

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out, welcome back.

That same old place that you will the new since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turned around thought that nature.

Hey, what's going on, y'all?

Welcome back.

All right, so you know it is straight stretch.

Feeling good, there we go.

All right, so let us go through this.

So like I said before, I want to do like a quick demo of the a new feature that I added to a side project that I created and it's good because I have been using this sites.

Let me hear Go.

I am going to copy and paste the URL.

So that it will be right next to the recorded video, the archive video.

Alright, so let me add that cool.

So, share my screen.

Cheering screen.


I probably don't need audio format it anyway.

Okay, so this I think I might have shown this site before but I made it because I have been doing a lot of workshops right?

And, so I wanted it to be instead of just me like with some slides and stuff and people out there and plus when I started doing the workshops a lot more virtual because of the whole pandemic situation, and so I wanted to Interactive.

So I am a big fan of, I learned more when I can actually do what the person is saying, as well.

You know, I mean, so I created this site.

My workshop is not live because that's where I do my workshops live and when it's not, it's where my workshops live and so, so, yeah.

So this is the front page.

So I have also had the upcoming.

Where is the mouse?

Here we go.

So I have my upcoming Workshop.

You can see it's going to be in Code Chrysalis in Japan.

And, so I have a list of all the upcoming ones and all the past ones Hasty, I talk a lot about web components because they are awesome.

All right, so the way this works is that you enter and it will look like this.

And then, once you put in the your username and the password, it will look like this, all right, and so we have the slides here which I can control from my back and so my back end looks like this, and so I can edit or I can launch it and when I launch it, it looks like this, right?

And then I can go to slides and I will show you that soon one like a short but I could Prince, and so I have all the people who joined right here the questions that is if someone asks a question here.

So asking a question And then you ask it so then I can come back here.

And so it shows up asking a question.

So I can see if people have any things they want to talk about, then the thumbs up comes from here.

So I may say something like, hey, how's everyone doing?

Give me a thumbs up, right?

And so you give a thumbs up When back to hear, they say.


Yes, we're good to go.

Everything's cool.

So that's that right now.

Here is the where the slides are and what school is.

So in my like dashboard thing, I can control the slide.

So as I am going through things so.

So where the title slide and I click the next one.

See it goes to the next slide, so I can control it here, so I can make sure everybody's literally on the same page.

Yummy and so with that and then I have certain things that are like interactive.

So I could say like whose heard of web components and then it just kind of like runs, and so I can see on my end.

Yes or no.

And let me answer on my side so you can see that it's also going both ways.

So, yes, I have heard web components, so yeah.

So it's pretty interactive.


I just like worked out.

So I am able to get back to you, so I can see.

All right, I am able to Enable audio.

And with that, I can, hopefully this will work.

I am not sure because I am using my mic now, we will see.

So if I enable audio.

Okay, so it says it's enabled.

I go back too here.

Will it show up?

It may not because I am using my mic for this actual broadcast.

But what happens is that the words I am saying?

Oh that's right.

I am using it for this speech recognition here.

That's interesting.

You guess you can't use it in multiple places.

I have never thought about that interesting.

But this is what I when I was testing it before off-air and the thing that I owe also, the person can enable audio Here.

So like I said, a lot of it was online before and so to help with people who, instead of having to like watch the video and do this as well.

Because sometimes like, right now my fans and my laptop are going wild, and this is a pretty good laptop, right?

So for people who would have liked technical issues, typical difficulties with that doing both, I did it so you can like just shut down the video and still hear me talking if you enabled audio and still be able to follow along.

So yeah, so I have the speech-to-text of here.

Now, added was You can, so I can choose the different languages now.

So like I said, I am going to be giving a talk at a workshop in Japan and probably a what you call a lightning talk at a meet up as well.

And so for the folks who don't speak the language can hopefully still follow along.

In their language there.

So that's the new thing that I added.

And it wasn't too bad.

So, what I did was, so I added the different languages.

So, if I go back to here, and they say, I edit it, right?

So I am editing it, and I am going through, I can actually set the languages here.

I am going to change the password and everything to.

So that's cool guy.

Get change a password from here as well.

Let us see.

Oh this thing just stopped my okay sorry I am on my keypad is all it also turned into like a calculator thing and that came up.

Alright so yeah.

That's yeah, so was I talking about?

Oh yeah, so I can put in the language that I want to turn it into and it will show up here, and so I am able to switch back and forth.

And as I am speaking, this will update with what I am saying in either language.

And so yeah.

So that's what I got working this past week.

This kind of like working on and off and yeah, I am kind of happy with how it turned out.

I didn't have to do much.

So what I did was here is some using Firebase.

And so here is the workshop.

And then I have this collection called transcript and then I have all these different time.

And, so I am able to see what it looks like is yours the text and then this is what I said and then it gets translated into the language.

Now I am using Google translate and see if I have it in here.

Try one of my recent things API No, but it is.

I think it's this one.

And, so I just hooked it up to my Firebase app and yeah, it just is like a node library, and so I come already doing the speech-to-text already, and so I am kind of like this rerouting that now to my back-end to get translated and then add that to the Firebase firestore.

And that way this page is real, it's connected to that firestore collection, and that's how I am able to pull everything in and yeah, so is it may be like because everything was pretty much there already.

So it took maybe like a day to hook it all up and everything is kind of like off and on working on it last week.

And yeah, so that is it.

I am kind of happy with the way it turned out.

It's pretty cool.

So luckily nothing else broke because the way I have everything, it's kind of like separated.

So controlling the slides.

It's like its own thing and the translation stuff and the speech-to-text is its own thing.

So they like In answering your question is its own thing and so that way they're separated, so I didn't have to worry about.

Well if I make changes in one thing is gonna break something else.

I just had to add on translations to the speech-to-text stuff and yeah.

So that was it kind of cool.

It's interesting that it doesn't work because I am already using a speech recognition.

My back.

Okay, that was weird.

I have got to stop like messing around with like enabling and disabling stuff.

Did my stream like stop also or No, I think I am good.

Not sure what's happening.

It's fine, we will keep it moving.

All right.

Yeah, so that's it.

Think that's everything.

I have gotta learn to.

So now, as a couple good things, I can't do speak regular speech recognition in two different places in the browser, that makes sense because it's the same browser.

And then, also, I guess enabling audio and disabling audio.

Messes up also my thing here, so because it keeps stopping here, and it's so weird.

It's whatever, we will keep it moving.

All right, thanks again for hanging out.

Let us see.

Yeah, I am going to end this now.

I think everything is cool but yeah.

So now the next plan.

Let me stop sharing my screen here.

So the next plan is to be able to do the same thing I did for my workshops site for my slides page.

So, cuz I am also giving talks, I thought it'd be cool for many people who like the same translation.

So if you don't speak the language and you're watching my talk, you'd be able to kind of follow along.

So you will be able to, like, scan a, QR code, pull up a site, and then have it in your language.

So, I am working on that.

And then also, even if it's not like, if it's just English, also have the same thing for people who may be, like, can't hear, and, or hard of hearing and, or maybe you like, far back in.

Can't see it, or whatever, or can't, you know, can't hear it?

Depending on where you are, I don't know.

I just thought it'd be kind of cool and like a cool project so that's why I am going to work it on.

Hopefully, I might show that depends on how far I can get with it in the next side.

I Firs Tech break thing.

So alright cool.

So that's it.

We're going to be out of here.

Thanks for hanging out.

Let us see what's happening here.

Yeah, my player is all jacked up.

Good to know.

All right.

Yeah, let us get this over with, thanks again for hanging out.

I will talk to you all later.

Be easy.

Okay, get the traveling music.

Here we go.

Yes, we're going to go with a Share my screen.

Got love, technical difficulties, but now I know don't mess with audio during the livestream.

So yeah, alright, share at least I have like the, like, the feedback, I can kind of see what's happening, so I could see that there was an error, so that's good.

All right, so, this is Anthony Cruz.

AKA butter.

The track is called, thank you.

Thanks again for hanging out.

So y'all 15 minutes after the hour.

All right.

Oh well.

Look at Arts website unless somebody wants to sign up for show and tell.

All right, thanks again for hanging out y'all.

See you later?

I wish you much productivity because I am I am getting stuff done, I am feeling.

Alright, it's not too bad.

I got a lot of packing to do to.

I am travelling.

All right, thanks again, y'all see you later.

Be easy piece.