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There are some links to the album bought. Speaker's suit is tailored by. There is a video of an artist toy that Sam Henshaw has shared. Speaker is passionate and wants to show them what's wrong with it. Speaker got the purchase album for their country. They like the first single, the kingdoms of by the blood of the young. Sometimes he's Introvert and misses politics. Asimo reminds speaker that they should buy something. They have the official store and links to upcoming dates. Speaker booked the show from may 20th 20, 22st. They want their social media to be at the top so that people do not leave their site. Speaker knows a little Sims because they played them on the show. Speaker is going to play another track they played on the show. The same track is also on the bandcamp. Speaker is going to get back and bring some music. It's two worlds apart. Speaker is lazy and needs more money. Speaker is a little Sims fan. They want to put a link to previous albums of the band. Speaker is not sure about the business stuff but they think it might be useful to check out older albums. There is an album before this called gray area. The first track they played featured a little dragon and speaker was looking through them.

Speaker shares a little Sims and the album he's been working on for 3 hours.

Speaker is going to send them some music.

There are different places. The album is out. There is a video for the album speaker created. Speaker found an album they have bought for himself. They played on the show and like how each section has its own color. Speaker advises them not to do that.

Song of the of the day is a tribute to an artist that speaker considers very good. They have been playing on the radio show, but speaker has just got the radio edits for it. Person speaker is talking to is an introvert, but they do not want to hear the audio. So they start a new project called little sims. Now the details are being extracted and the links list are being displayed. Now speaker has created their website little sims. Com. Speaker is going to an actual store. It did not open like a new window. Speaker starts all over again and listens to what is being said.

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Our thing and I know you went to see you again.

Learn to me was this song.

It made me come back and Bloodgood ever lead you.

All right.

Well, alright.

So this is the final break session of this first Cipher of the day for the week.

And yeah, I just a little bit late because I was finishing up some post-show promo stuff, but I got it done.


Now, I can move on to other coding project things.

I am working on.

All right.

So for this final one wanted to kind of shine, I don't say that's Channellock, but like just show love to an artist that I think is pretty dope.

The playing on the radio show since like 2019, but they have been putting in work for a minute based out of the UK.

And so they just put out a project last Friday.

And I just got the radio edits for the radio show.

And so we have been playing them for a minute.

Like I said, like it's like 2019, but without further Ado, let me share my screen.

So we're going to do is check out their website and listening to music and watching videos.


So yeah, so the person that I am speaking of Is me show the audio?

Yeah, get rid of that thing, cool.

So the person I am speaking of is a little Sims, and they just dropped a project called.

Sometimes I might be introvert.

Super dope project.

You're going to hear some of it, but little seems been putting in work for minutes.

So here's the website little

And while I remember let me add that to the list of links that will be next to the archive video, by the way, which I have been working pretty well so far.

So everything is working like is being archived and generating the thumbnail, all the details and stuff are being automatically generated and the links list link.

Whatever the links are being shown up as well.

So least that's going well.


So here's our website little, or they had a previous website before well again to that also, but this is current website little

Now so looks nice.

So it's like oh an album out now word up.

So then you can buy it and listen to it as well.

The by now I think goes to an actual.

Yeah, so you get the physical ones.

So it takes me to another site and so you can buy the album on vinyl CD t-shirts.

Hoodies, tote bags and it's pretty cool keyring.

And so like it's powered by, I guess.

It's like a third party or something.

So cool.

All right, but then see the thing is, it took me?

It didn't open like a new window and if I wasn't paying close attention, I probably would have exited it and been like gone out.

Like open a new browser.

Start all over again.

All right.

So yeah, and then listen, what is listened go to?

Yeah, same thing and it goes to one of these site things.

All right, where has the different places?


I don't see band camp.

We will talk about that later than well.


So here's the site, looks good.

Let you know, bam.

This album is out, which is dope.

So especially as an artist, you want people to know like the first thing, you the first thing they see is the thing that you want them to know about.

At least I think.

So, right.

And so cool.

Nice layout.

Nice full page.


Let us see.

So you scroll, scroll, scroll.

And then bam, it shows you like a single and there's a video for it.


So there's like now about or like in the news or discography or anything like that is just the site seems to be about this album.

And that's the main focal point, which is cool.

So that's one way of doing it, I guess.

So, let us take a view.

Let us take a gander at this track.

So is the first video.

So you think that's what they want you to hear.

So let us go ahead and check that out.

I don't think of played this one on the show.

But yeah, okay, we go take a quick.


You can't stop me.

You can't stop me.

Find something.


It's like a film.

Pretty good.

I am doing really good.

One function, you can stop family know what they be fine to my prompt by no lie, like give me strength.

Let me pass by that.

He say you want me to be loyal.

Sometimes I might be introvert, just got the purchase, the album.

All right, here's another one.

So you just okay, it has links.

So I guess you can listen to this song.


Alright, single, this one.

We played on the show.

So cool.

Let us check this one out.

I like how each Section has like its own color to kind of separate it.

That's pretty dope.

Alright, so now I love you.

I hate you.

Pretty sure I play this one in the show.

Check this out.

I like songs have like, big sound.

I know what it takes to fight for what we believe in haunted.

Confront the truth of what you see in the mirror.

Some people, you inspire others, you trigger fighting and Blind Faith by the internal voice.

You might not want to do that.

Then you don't have a choice.

Will the pressure taken to new heights.

So be my demise when my intentions call aside, but what I advised, the people looking out to me, doing everything, right, but who am I to tell anyone how to live their life you're paying for us?

Hold your ground to purchase the album.

Sometimes I might be Introvert.

All right this one.

I am pretty sure we played as well.

Rolling Stone.

Let us take a look.

So this is cool that, you know, there's a everything is about the album for the website, which is pretty cool and warning flashing images.

Just to let you know.

All right, and this having seen in these videos if I just played play the music that shot n****.

I am quite sure.

I drink from a different Fountain called food.

When I said that all these little fish get Think you can get pounded, might be a bright for a bit.

F*** your blunt, man.

I want my Smith's want my farm and I want my chips.

Want my suit tailored by Gucci?

First close to Shibuya.

All for the shoe.

She give me my checks and give me my plots.

Walk right though.

So nice like lyric video as pretty dope, shouts to that.

All right, this one here.

I know we played shots a Clio Soul just put out an album also called mother great album.

We have been playing on the show too.

So here we go.

Good to see them.


That's pretty dope.

So take this one out.

This one.

I have seen this video.

This one's cool.

So, again, you can see like, the each section again, has its own color change.

That's pretty cool.

And then I am sure they're probably getting a bunch of traffic.

So why not try and offload some of that stuff like with YouTube?

Because, believe me.

I know about like, trying to host videos and it can get expensive.

So cool.

Might as well, you know, I mean, so that's, that's cool.

All right, here we go.

This is woman, featuring Cleo Soul, little Sims.

Now, if I am not mistaken this real quick, sorry, but there's another artist toy for guys named Sam Henshaw, and he has a video.

I could have sworn.

I don't know how many huge houses are in the UK, but I don't, I want to say like this is probably the same house.

Maybe that was in his video.

Also, I don't know.

Fact, check me on that one.

All right, here we go.

Fast forward to moving.

Here we go.

Nigel's women, gotten a melon in Japan and I when the onc ego living in the back looking like by Chili Pepper, your about yells — an imperial level.

He was getting me to while she was getting better.

Diamonds are forever.

And it's Sierra Leone.

Looking like a gem.

Walk Hard in the week party on the weekend.

Do you Wanna Live a love watching?

I get spend got a thing for the Finer Things and the fundamental Miss. Tanzania.

She adored, I Did you want to know more about disapproved by?

We hit the zoo once wasn't enough for another.

For the knowledge.

You could scuba-dive Miss. ETO PR can play.

So Jazzy the sitting down the school.

You want Selassie.

Tell him you're not ended without a woman.

No woman to woman.

I just want to see you know, tell him what's up.

This election.

Don't operation for nice.

Do you record for your country?

Son kissing around?

Okay, you got the purchase album for the full thing.

Again, super dope track.

Now this one I think was the first single so it looks like it's in order like from the newest single to the oldest single.

So this one's super dope as well.

Check it out.


Sometimes I might be introvert by little sins out now.

All right, here we go.

Again, picks out.

I like it.

The kingdoms of by the blood of the young Messiah.

I see sinners in the church.

I see sinners in the church.

Sometimes I might be introvert.

There's a woman side.

I hate battle, cries mother's, very good Sons, young boys, playing with guns.

The devil is a liar.

Fulfill your wildest desires.

No way.

I want to be the one to not say this, but if you can't feel pain, then you want food opposition between digging into fight, never win.

I am sorry.

Humans that makes me, and I am from biologists but not into politics, by know.

We thought times parts of the world, still lives in an apartheid.

But if I don't take this woman as flat as career suicide, so I should have been a friend when your grandma died.

I see little Asimo.


Again, you're going to have to uh purchase, but she said, if you can't feel pain when you can't feel the opposite.


All right.

So then cool.

Then we have the official store.

Thanks to subscribe.

And some stuff, then we have some links to some upcoming dates.


This is funny booked all the way out until what was.


May until July 20, 22.

That's awesome.

And you can request the show.

Apparently, cool.

And then this is cool.

I like this having all your social media like at the end because you don't want people leaving your site.

Your, I mean, like you want them.

Are for as long as possible and if they make it to the bottom at least for me, you know, because a lot of times, if you have all your social medias over, the top then people like oh they're on Twitter.

Click and but you know, they missed the whole experience that you're trying to give them your I mean, so cool.

I like that.

Is there the bottom?

And that's pretty much the whole site.

So it's a bunch of videos.

So like I said, there's not like see for me if I am hearing about this, and I am like, oh, this is cool.

It's dope and you go scroll through but it's not like anything to show because I know a little Sims because I played them on the show before for years that they have had they have like a catalog of joints.

Yeah, I would say.

So this side is more like for me if I didn't know a little Sims be like.

Oh, okay.

This is their first album cool bunch of videos, but he don't know about the history, you know, I mean and for me to really get into artists like to be able to see that would be dope.

I mean and but yeah, so I am going to play another track that we played on the show.

Just as past week and super awesome track.

And then I want to take a look at the bank it because little Sims was on bandcamp for a minute and but okay, real quick.

Let us go to this track will play a little bit.

Is so dope.

All right, I am gonna get you all back as well as some extra time for y'all to work.

But this is the final break session.

I want to get this stuff in because so awesome.

All right, here we go.

Yeah, I mean, it's a bit big, which one's this is.

Try this one cool.

Here we go.

Sometimes I might be introvert out now, little Sims.

This track is called Two Worlds Apart and it's beautifully, done.

All right, here we go.

Lady,Lady, Lady, Lady.

Now you see the confidence?

Believe me.

I am lazy.

I need something.

Deeper money.

Does not stimulate me.

Whatever you want Mansions.

Over diamonds in your AP drama.

Drama, drama.

He's Don't Tell My Mama.

I look at me now.

Mom, I was maybe a lot but now I am calling Mom.

Oh, yeah, you got the cop the album because if we're just guess at least, a listen to that song.

Like there's a lot of dope joints on there and that we have been playing already so cool.

If you are a, if you know me from the radio show, you know, how dope little Sims is.

All right.

So now, what would it cool on the website if somehow incorporate like previous albums, even if it was like, cuz band camp will give you.

So this is little Sims bandcamp page.

Oh, by the way, let me put a link to everything.

So I am gonna put a link to this video because again, it is so good.

This track is awesome.

All right, and then we put a link if you want to check out some previous albums from a little Sims.

Now, I don't know any business stuff and maybe behind the scenes where I guess they're like, not promoting older stuff or what, but I am not sure.

But again, if you want to check out some Previous stuff here, as you can see God discography, you know, a lot of stuff.

I think believe they have been putting out music.

So, like 2015, I think there's like that.

So I don't know, I think would be dope to be able to check out, you know, older albums and things.

But because when I said, because there we started playing little Sims on the show.

I think the album before this, I think it's called gray area.

I think something like that.

And the very first track we played And because I looked it up earlier was a track featuring little dragon, and I am a fan, a little dragon.

I was like, yeah, let me check this out.

But yeah, so a bunch of stuff here, which is pretty dope, and I was I was looking through them and this is when you know, like an artist is really touching people.

Like you can leave comments.

People on bandcamp, big leave comments when you purchase album.

This person.

Blue rose wrote.

I don't know what it is, but every time Sims releases new material, it's aligned with what's going on.

On in my life at the time and it helps me through that.

That's amazing.

That's do.


Yeah, so just shots a little Sims and the oh, so yeah.

Also, this is the website.

So, apparently the first website with little Sims dotco that Co and it went to like a Tumblr site is not there anymore, but just to see like the growth and stuff, so it's pretty dope.

So again shall see.

Little Simms.

The album is awesome out.


Sometimes I might be introvert.

And yeah, just want to let you all know about some of that goodness.

All right, so links, everything I mentioned again will be with the archive video so you can check it out.

And yeah.

So this completes the first Cipher of the day and three hours, we will be back again to do it all over again.

And so yeah, so if you want to hang out, that would be awesome.

And, you know, hopefully you're working on something and yeah, cool, so going to be out of here.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Give you another like our about, to finish up, whatever it is that you're working on and then maybe you see you in like three hours.

Maybe you Know if it's not too late where you are or what have you?

So cool.

Thank you.


Once again, I am going to get you all back, but I am going to send you off with some music.

And yeah, and I am pretty sure I had audio during that whole since segment.

Hopefully pretty sure.

Either way, check out the album.

Sometimes I might be introvert.

Super awesome.

Pretty much available everywhere except band camp, for whatever reason.

I like to add it to my collection, but maybe, maybe it's coming.

I don't know again.

I No, the business dealings behind the scenes and stuff.

I will leave that to The Artisan their label.

So but again shall see a little Sims.

The album is out.


Sometimes it might be introvert, and so we do and you will hear a lot more of it on the radio show.


So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Going to send you on your way.

Hopefully you are getting something done.

And yeah to later.

All right.


Y'all busy hurts.