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Same old place that you laugh about.

Well, the none of us have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they turn around.

Always good spot rare, welcome back and I smile and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me.

Welcome back.

Alright, so another until it that works Cipher.

Thanks y'all for hanging out.

I am Duane and I will be your random break host.

So the purpose of until it dot works is to maybe you have a project of something that you have been wanting to work on for, you know, forever and you want to kind of you never have the time.

And so these are meant to be, you know, a set time to be able to work on those things.

So you have to think about setting time like it's already done for you, just come through work on stuff and yeah a little bit of breaks in between I mean, yeah, I mean so where we talk about Randomness speaking of Randomness.

So let me share the screen.

So for anyone, that's new these first.

So everything is broken up into like second.

There's the work session and the break session and when you're in the work session, you will see something like let me share my screen here.

Do so right now.

We're in the brake, right?

And If you look right below this video, you will see that you may need to click to start Stream.

So if you're just hopping on and the video doesn't play is because you haven't interacted with the site yet and it's a browser thing to prevent auto-playing video, which I understand but it makes things kind of weird.

So that's why I have that you may need to click Start, then we have the open closed caption because I am doing speech to text recognition, through the browser and hopefully it is coming up accurately.

If not blame the browser below that, have this thing, we're doing these break sessions.

If there's anything that you found interesting, you are click the add a clip button and what that does are takes about like a five-second clip.

And you get five of those and then when you're done, you click create a highlight video.

And so once I hit stop broadcast on these breaks, it takes it all your information, the data timestamps to a back-end thing that I have going on where it will actually join the clips.

Add your whatever, you're logged in with your Twitter or GitHub handle, will add that to the beginning you like.

Hey, you created this clip thing.

The clips and then you will be able to actually preview it, download it and tweet it, but we will see that in the work session stuff.

So that, yeah, that's that great.

And then below that as another countdown timer, let you know how much more time we have left until you get back to work.


So let us take a look at what happens when we're in the work session.

Loading screen.

All right.

Here we go.


So this is hopefully what your site looks like when we're not broadcasting.

The break sessions up here in the upper left-hand corner.

I know some pretty amazing producers and I asked them to send in some tracks so that people can listen to while they're working on stuff.

This is the same thing.

I have been on the website called hip-hop, which is kind of like the same thing as this, except there's no Live break sessions is just you do whatever you got to do between the bricks.

So like a big Pomodoro thing, but you listen to hip-hop or you listen to while you're working on stuff.

All right, neither here nor there.


So yeah, so there's the player.

If you happen to like the track, you know, maybe a support the artist, maybe cop it, you know, or you can share it, or we could do is, you can help spread the word and you can hit the tweet word, link thing there, and it opens up in a new window.

Do opens Twitter in a new window, pre-populated with the information to promote the track?

So feel free, you know if you like what you're hearing, support an artist.

All right.

This is like your to do section.

So this is where all the things you'd like to get done on your project goes, so the to do and then you click done.

It shows the different tasks that we're finished.

You add your tasks here where it says, add a task.

It makes sense.

I agree.

Either enter or press the plus sign and what's cool is at the end pretty much you can actually It is click the Twitter icon.

And again, it will open up Twitter in a new window with a pre-populated, tweet of all the tasks that were finished.

So kind of like a nice little way to end off and finish, you know, your product, your project, all the progress on your project, you know, so yeah, there's that again, another timer web components by the way.

So the same timer.

That's pretty much everywhere.

It's all the same web component.

I am big on web components, ask me about that later, if you like.

All right.

But yeah, so this is another timer and this will count down to win.

The next break is.

All right here.

Let us say you don't have a thing that you want to work on.

Well, we have these tutorials, and so I go coding for a living and as a disclaimer, I am a JavaScript developer Advocate advantage.

And so some of the tutorials there are from things that I have like worked on and honestly would like to get feedback on them.

So, but, yeah, so, like some of the tutorials that have their from bondage.

Are being able to make a phone call like an actual phone call from the browser?

You print a phone number and an actual phone will ring.

That's kind of awesome.

Then there's another one.

Where is the opposite?

Where you from an actual phone dial a number and then you will be able to answer that in the browser.

And then there's one where there's two web users calling each other pretty much.

So that's kind of cool.

So there's that.

But if let us say you're not, oh reason why the tutorials like The way I want the tutorials to work and hopefully would work is that you'd be able to step through follow the steps of the tutorial and get the desired outcome and not only be able to follow the steps but understand what's happening.

And so that those are like the two goals.

So if you take them, let me know if those goals were met.


Now, let us say you have no clue about programming, but he heard so much about it.

You have seen YouTube videos and people on Twitter and Instagram and like this wonderful life and you want to find out, you know if it actually is and if it's for you.

I included two free things which I believe give a good overview of like coding at least a good start, and so I haven't done them personally, but I have looked over them.

They seem pretty cool but free code camp and the Odin project.

And from what I saw seemed cool and from what people have said, they liked it as well.

So they're free options and miles will start off for free.

You to see if you want to devote more time and or money to learning more and maybe make it a career change or what have you?

So yeah.

So those are there.

Cool below that we have the Jaco.

Now, Jaco is help a coder / Creator out and let us say you get stuck on working on a project or what have you're able to keep by clicking the create button, you're able to create your own room where you as the owner get a URL to your Room.

And you can use that to promote on your social medias, whatever and ask for help, and then people can join your room.

And you, as owner again, you have permissions.

You can see who wants to join.

Who's requesting the join the room?

And you can look at their profiles where they logged in with Twitter or GitHub.

You have to look at their profile and see oh, you know, maybe this person be good or do this probably like a troll, or I am like if they just created the account, you know I am saying.

And so yeah, you able to accept and reject different people who want to join.

And then again, as owner, you get a lot of stuff as owner, a lot of power, your can share your screen.

And my hope is that by having everybody work together and seeing like issue and trying to you can come with a solution.

Yeah, I mean or maybe if you don't even get stuck but you want feedback on something, you be able to show your screen and get feedback on where is that you're working on?

So that's what that's for Jaco and then you will be able to view any currently going on.

Going haku's, I think old ones to.

I have gotta delete old ones, but they say don't join them because they're not.

Not active, so that I will fix at some point, but right now it works.

I am going to leave it.

All right, cool.

Now let us say you have something cool that you want to show something.

Maybe some you learned, something you just made, whatever you can sign up for show-and-tell and you get like five ten minutes to do like a quick lightning talk.

I am a big fan of like lightning talks and just being able to just talk about quickly about a thing that you're excited about, and I was like those, so I did.

Meet up.

I am a big fan of like meetups as well and being able to go and this see and hear and even talk about thinking things that people are excited about.

That's amazing, you know, I mean, so and then you never know because then somebody in the audience may also like it, and they discussed and go deeper into the subject all type of stuff.

So there's that.

All right and then here so remember when we were doing the Highlight Clips, so what happens is once I hit done with And remember to hit create a highlight video or this won't work.

All right, because I have done that a bunch of times.

So whenever you're done with the clips, make sure to create a highlight video.

And then what's going to happen is once I hit stop broadcast, and send you all back to work.

This status will say, submitted, right?

That's all they say there.

And then when it's done, it will look like this, where it says, status done and a view button and be able to look take a, get a preview of the actual clip that was created.

If you like, You can download it and there's also a tweet sent to Twitter.

I think I called it.

I don't know.

You click that yet.

Again, opens up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet with a link to the archive video of the break session.

But the preview image is your the preview video in the, in bed thing is your highlighted clip.

Your own highlight equipment is kind of cool.

And, so I have noticed now Twitter sometimes shows it.

Guess depending on the device, may show the preview.

I don't know.

What I have been doing is taking the download and I uploaded to Instagram as well as Twitter with the link and everything.

And so that way I know the preview video will show up.

So that's what I have been doing.

Let me know if you check it out.

Well, I probably know because my handle is in the pre-populated Tweet.

So if you do it, cool, appreciate you.

Just try and get the word out about the stuff we're doing here.

Yeah, so that's it for that.

So let me stop sharing my screen here word.

So once again, hopefully y'all are ready to get working on whatever it is that you're working on and like maybe doing some research that I have been doing a bunch of research on some stuff.

So we're going to talk about.

I guess that thing Progressive web apps.

I am not sure where people familiar with that.

It's pretty awesome.

So we're going to kind of go over a quick overview of that in the next break session.

And then, if we Have any sort of like showing tells we're going to go over an artist's website, that I dig that I play on the radio show.

So yeah, there is that.

So look forward to some Progressive web app goodness and maybe an artist depending on if anybody wants to say anything.

And by the way, there is also a chat room.

So if you have anything you want to say in the chat, feel free and there's also like ask a question section.

And so you can do that as well.

So, alright.

I think that's it.

Going to get you all back to work.

Again, thank you all for hanging out.

I wish you much productivity, and I am just setting up the timer here and yeah, good luck.

Sign up for show and tell.

If there's anything you want to show and tell or if you get stuck there's the hot cocoa.

And yeah again, thank you all, and we back 15 minutes after the hour with some pwa goodness.

All right.

Thanks y'all and I get this here soon.

A lot with some brought you in with some tunes, send you a lot with some tunes.

And so this is a new Jabez, featuring a Pawnee be called track whole, thank you.

And it's kind of lead me to the artist website that we made check out.

I can't sort of there.

So yeah.

All right in this, if we don't have a show-and-tell, so if you have a show-and-tell, feel free.

All right, cool.

Thanks y'all.

I am out here.

Be easy.

I see all 15 minutes after the hour.

All right.

Oh, you see?

I almost forgot to do the what you call it.

The create a clip.


Yeah, word.



Y'all see you soon.


That's everything.


Sharing the clip sharing that thing.


All right, here we go.

You think I have done this before or something?

All right.

Thanks y'all.