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Speaker wishes all the best to you. Speaker created a project for himself to set aside time to work on projects. It was productive for them. Miles will work on other stuff. Speaker is feeling good as they got a lot of work done today. Speaker is going to go into the week knowing that if they can't get to it during the week, at least they know it.

Speaker has a text-to-speech audio chat. It allows people who are not in the audio chat to follow along with speeches. Speaker wants to show off the demo application they made using web components. Speaker wants to show-and-tell and listen to music videos. If nobody signs up for show and tell, they will take a look at an artist's website. Speaker will see them all soon.

Speaker has a notice that the video with their face on it may be frozen, because browsers don't allow for autoplay video with audio. Speaker explains how to create a highlights video. Speaker is going to share the audio from the work session. Speaker explains how the website works. Speaker has added a tweet link so people can tweet directly to twitter. Speaker shows a list of completed tasks on twitter. They have links to free code camp and the odin project for people interested in web development. Speaker has three tutorials for web development. They are a java developer and they supervise the tutorials for the javascript client sdk. Speaker wants people to sign up to have a conversation through the browser. If they want to talk about something they have found interesting on the internet, they should sign up.

Speaker created a room where people can create a room and invite others to help them get to a solution. Speaker explains how to create a form and share to social media. Speaker has added a text chat and the ability to enable audio chat in their room.

  • break session
  • work session
  • web speech recognition
  • producers
  • bandcamp tracks
  • social medias
  • web development
  • phone number
  • user account

Welcome back your dreams were your ticket.

I welcome back that same old place that you will the new since you hung around but those dreams every day, and they turn around each other.

Hey, what's going on?

Welcome back.


Just get a stretch.

Oh yeah, I am feeling.

Oh, and then I one of those pretty productive days.

Hopefully it has been for you as well if not this is what these are for.

So I created this mostly for me so that I could set aside time to work on projects that I want to work on and knowing that I have to do a thing.

It's such a let me like broadcasting doing live streams.

What have you will put me in a place where I have to do this thing because I am telling myself, I have to do it.

Miles will work on other stuff that I wanted to work on.

And so that's where this whole until it not works came from.

And like today has been a really good illustration of that.

I have gotten a bunch of stuff done feels good and so yeah.

So yeah, so I am feeling pretty good.

I am going to go into the week.

Knowing that I got a lot of stuff that if I can't get to it during the week, at least I know it.

Put a good dent into it when I started out.

So, that's the whole point of these.

So until it got Works events, consist of ciphers and ciphers are three-hour blocks of time.

And within each hour, there are two sessions, there is a break session and a work session.

Work sessions about 45 minutes of just heads down, get to the work and Sessions are these where you can get up walk around.

Do what you got to do for, like, 15 minutes?

I come on here, talk about random things I found on the internet or maybe you can come on and talk about things you found interesting on the internet and yeah, so that's 50 minutes.

Kind of just break.

Do what you gotta do now?

So, like I said, this is the break session.

You see the video with my face on there, if you ever hop in Into the break session while it's going while it's ongoing.

The video may look like it's frozen.

And so that's why I have the notice.

They're saying that you may need to click play to start the stream.

So because browsers don't allow for autoplay video with audio.

So just in case you come in here, look like it's frozen just hit play.

Also, next to that there's the open closed caption button.

Right now, I have the web speech recognition API turning my speech into text and hopefully accurately putting them into the box that opens up when you click open closed captions.

So hopefully that's working.

Then there's the add a clip and create a highlights video.

If there's ever anything interesting that you found during these break sessions, you can just click add a clip.

Well, that will do is go back a couple of seconds and time stamp that, and it will take 5 seconds and you get 55-second clips.

And when you're done with that, and before I actually stop the broadcast.

If you click create a highlights video, what that does are, it will store those timestamps.

And when I hit stop broadcast, it will take those time stamps and that recorded video and cut out the Sam's put them together and create a custom highlight video that you be able to check out later and I will show you how to check that out.

Now, there is also a countdown timer, that's kind down to when the next work session happens and then there's a button if you want to click to join the chat room and ask questions if you want.

All right.


Yeah so that's pretty much it.

Let us talk about the work session.

Yeah, this the show the screen I don't need audio, but I am going to share the audio anyway.

All right, here we go.

So this is the work session.

Again, these are about 45 minutes of just heads down working on what you're working on, and I totally hit stop screen, share.

That is awesome.

Let us see here.

Of course, the but Lisa wasn't over the stop broadcast button, that would be bad.

Okay, let me move that over.

So, when actually move it over to this screen, so in upper right-hand corner, we have the menu, there's a home shop, subscribe log in, log out.

Depending on, if you're logged in and logged out, subscribe has a list of all the upcoming ciphers so you can subscribe to get notified when we go live.

Then on the other side towards the top left, we have an audio player.

So if there's if you want listen to music while you're working on what you're working on, I asked like a bunch of really talented producers to submit music for Projects I make, and so they did.

And so there ask them to submit like their bandcamp tracks and so that way I created a like a player that just kind of goes through a playlist and so you're able to buy the track if you like it, share it on like social medias.

But I also added a tweet link so you can tweet it directly to Twitter and you know, support some dope artists.

Towards the center of the screen we have with the to do section and that's where the you write your to do.

So, there's where it says, add a task you, add it in there.

Hit enter or the plus sign and then that will add it to the center section.

You will be able to click on the text of your tasks, to edit it.

You can click the X to delete it and then the check, mark, you can check, mark it to send it to done and you want to see a list of things you got completed.

Hit done and I will show it there once.

Everything is over and before I shut everything down, you know, click the Twitter icon and open up Twitter with a list of all the things you got completed.

So if you ever want to kind of like just tweet out that you're productive that day, you know, feels good.

Then on the column to the right we have a countdown timer again that's kind of mountain when the next break session happens and those have been 15 minutes.

After the hour we have tutorials, if you tutorials.

So if you're new to like developments and you want to try out web development, I have links to free code camp and the Odin project.

And what I have been told from people have taken them and form I have seen from the curriculum, they seem pretty cool.

And so, I think if you go through them, you will have a good like understanding of what it takes to do, web development.

And from there, you can make it like an informed decision.

Whether nice want spend more time and our money to pursue it.

So there's that I also have three tutorials.

Is that where I am a Java squawking, I am a JavaScript developer, Advocate advantage and part of my responsibility to kind of like oversee the tutorials for the JavaScript client SDK.

So I have three tutorials there that use the JavaScript client SDK, one of them.

You can you create an application where you put in your phone number and you click call and actually ring your real world phone number The other one, there's another one whereas the opposite where you get a virtual number you, dial that version number in your real world, phone number your application that you create will be linked to that virtual number, and we will be able to answer the call.

And so you will be able to have a conversation through the browser.

If anybody calls that virtual number, then we have the, you create an application, where is two pages to users.

One can call the other and you have a conversation back and Earth pretty cool stuff.

I think so.

So least I think so.

So yeah there's that.

Alright Jaco wouldn't come back to that's helped encoder / Creator out show-and-tell, sign up.

So if you want to come up here and talk about something you have found interesting on the internet and want to talk about it they're like 5 10 minute quick lightning talks.

So feel free to sign up that video that you sent off to be created.

The highlight video under highlight it was a status submitted first I was being worked on and then when it's done, it will say status done.

And they be able to view the video, click to share to Twitter and also download the video and I download the video and attach them to the tweets to make sure that the video gets shown along with the Tweet because I sent it to Instagram anyway.

So yeah, it's want to make sure that happens now Jaco like I said stands for a help a coder / Creator out right?

And so it's a way.

That I created where if you need help or you want feedback, you're able to create a room and invite people to help you get to a solution.

So if you click view, you will see the hot goes.

I have been created, you can click the created by the username and check out their username on Twitter or their user account on Twitter or GitHub depending on where they signed in with.

And kind of decide whether or not you want, you will check it out.

If you create a hot cocoa.

You fill out a form and you put in the title and three keywords, right.

You click create and you get a link that link, you can copy it and share these social medias or you can click directly share to Twitter.

Now you join your hot cocoa and this is what it looks like.

You have some menu options over here if you want to leave and click that we have a text chat on the right, we have your title at the top Center, and then we have a The countdown timer and that's counting down to in the next break session happens, which again happens, 15 minutes.

After the hour, you can again copy a URL to paste it somewhere else and again you can click to share it to Twitter.

Now when someone clicks the link, and they just don't join your room automatically, they actually request to join your room.

So, well happen is that they will show up there and then you can click their username to see their profile again either.

Either or GitHub developer, they logged in with and then you can kind of side whether or not you want to let that person into your room so you can approve or deny.

Let us say you approve them, and they turn out to be a terrible person.

Well then you can always ban them.

All right, so now again, since this is your room, you are the only person that can share your screen and that is because you're the one with the issue or the one that wants to get the feedback.

So by showing the people in the room, what it is that you are looking at.

I think you can get the best help that you can.

It's almost as if the person's like right there with you.


You know.

And so that's hopefully what I am trying to recreate.

Okay, then like I said, there's a text chat and so you're able to type through the keyboard and communicate I also added the ability to enable audio chat.

So anybody who has audio chat enabled real to hear and speak to each other?

But don't worry about the people who aren't in the audio chat, they can still follow along because the speeches the things people say would be turned into text and put into the text chat so people can follow along.

Then I have the kind of like the opposite.

So if you're not looking at the screen and kind of still want to follow along, you can enable text to speech and that will read out all the different messages happening in the text chat.

All right.


That's that.

Then you can also check out other hot coals that were created and that's it.


I actually went through that pretty quickly.


Alright, like I said, I am trying to get Done.

Stop screen.


All right, so we stop this and you get set up for the outro.

And yeah, so thanks for hanging out.

When we come back during the one of the work sessions, I actually added some stuff to this demo application that I made.

So, if using web components, I want to kind of show that because it took like nothing to put it together was amazing, all the like, the stuff that I would have had to Eight was inside of the web components, I didn't have to worry about it.

Had to place it there and feed in some information, and it just did it without me having to worry about anything.

It's amazing.

So, I want to show that off a little bit, and yeah, I think that's it.

And then, if nobody signs up for show-and-tell, we will take a look at an artist's website and listen to music watching videos, maybe and maybe you will become a fan.

That's the whole point of those things.

So, again, get you all back to work.

Thanks again for hanging out, sending you off with the Track by Anthony Cruz.

AKA butter is called, thank you.

And I will see you all soon.

And yeah, much productivity to you and yeah, 50 minutes after the hour.

See you later.

Thanks again.

Anthony Cruz AKA but a thank you.

See you later.