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They are happy to see each other.

Andreww is working on post promo radio show stuff and getting the email blast out. Andreww wants to work on a project today. Andreww is going to share a link to the website that saved them from rabbit holes. Andreww had radio shows last week. Andreww shares a screen share with Ma.

Andreww wants anyone to try out their notification system. Andreww is setting the settings. Andreww wants to be able to add quick replies and erase responses at some point in case of sensitive situations. Andrew makes t-shirts in their shop. they use them.

Andreww uses Astro, Firebase notification API and svelte to create a fake chat.

Andreww is doing a live demo. they want people to be able to see what they did during the day. Andreww has a website for the radio show. It's the previous show. You can listen to it right in front. Andreww has to fix the iframe. Andreww has added a radio show to the map. Andreww is going to redo the site and post a link to it.

Andreww went to a four-year-long angular learning boot camp. Andreww's website is based on Google Sheets.

Andreww has added a link to website. The website is having a free weekend so people can try out their stuff and see if they like it. Andreww works at a company in Orlando called code school. Andreww is able to go through intermediate and advanced level classes. Andreww has a pluralsight account. they are looking for a Black Friday deal.

Andreww wants people to sign up for a free weekend to learn about machine learning AI.

Andreww wants to break the brake sessions into two ciphers every week to give them three hours of peace to work on something they have been meaning to do for a long time. Andreww is doing laundry right now.

Andreww explains to the viewers how the subscribe to schedule works. Andreww is in a break session. Andreww wants to explore the site more. The player is frozen, but can start playing the live stream. Andreww is talking about web speech recognition and how to create a highlight video. Andreww is going to share a link to the Site.

Andreww is showing the workshop to the participants. Andreww knows a lot of great producers. They submitted some tracks for projects like this. They have a bandcamp page with a continuous playlist of music. If you like the music, you can buy it, share it or promote it. Andreww wants to help promote artist. Andreww explains how to do section works. Andreww has some free coding tutorials for people interested in trying out. Andreww has free code camp and Odin project for people who want to learn to code. Andreww works at Vonage as a JavaScript developer Advocate. they take care of the tutorials and projects. Andreww explains how Jaco works.

Andreww has created a platform where people can share their screen and get feedback. Andreww wants people to be able to communicate their needs. Andreww has some test accounts. People can come on and do a lightning talk. Andreww has created a highlight video and sent it to Twitter. Andreww made a video on Instagram and attached it to a tweet to make sure it shows up on. Andreww wants to talk about learning on the web and things for free. Andreww is going to get everyone back to work again 15 minutes after the hour and send them off with some traveling music.

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  • highlight video
  • audio player
  • browser window
  • twitter icon
  • browsers
  • chat room

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket, welcome back.

Same old place that you like but those dreams have remained, and they turn around.

Always good spot, welcome back and I smile way I think and I know See you at learning more.

Was this song never lead you?

Hey, what's going on?

Y'all almost forgot how to operate this thing.

I actually Needed.

All right, so hopefully you were working on some stuff as we get started and I got nice jump to things that you're working on.

I actually work on post promo radio show stuff and got that I got the email blast out.

So that's cool.

And I am gonna do some social media share stuff and get that done because there's a project.

I kind of want to work on like a little quick thing.

That's somebody brought up.

I like oh, that's kind of interesting.

So I am going to see what I can knock out today shouldn't be too bad.

It should just be like one or two API calls.

And so and plus I wanted to try out Astro again, use that to create the last project that I dropped, which was called what you do that I in what you're doing.

And it's pretty much it just sends you a notification every hour asking you what you're doing.

And for me, it's helped save me from Bunch of rabbit holes.

I was going down, whether it be like, you know, Twitter or YouTube or whatever like I am researching something.

And I am like, oh, this seems interesting.

And I go down to look at that and like, oh, there's this thing.

Oh, that's cool.

And then, yeah, so then I get notifications.

Like what you're doing.

I am like, oh, yeah.

I am supposed to be doing this thing.

So, yeah, so I am going to put a link to that.

Matter of fact, let me show you the website real quick.

I don't remember if I showed it last time because last week, it took off because had radio shows.


We're actually back at the station, kind of.

So we talked about on the radio show and stuff.

So yeah, so let me share my screen right quick.

Start screen share.

Try to make sure I don't mess anything up.

All right, here we go.

Don't need any audio or anything.

So this is the new website, I created.

What you do.i in the me a copy, have the link next to the recording of the video so you can check that out.

So, All right.

So yeah, so what you do that i n and so, you know, people always say, and I am including that sin like Ma.

I am so busy and stuff like that.

And so yeah, so just send your thing, what you're doing and you're like, oh, I really have to respond or you don't have to respond but kind of like puts you like.

Oh, what am I doing kind of thing?

So then how it works is turn it on to get a notification asking every hour asking, you know what you're doing, reply with what you're doing.

And your response is taking your device because everything is through local storage and Like it doesn't get sent off to any servers or anything.

So and then you turn it off.

Nothing happens.

And like I said, the hope is that you see where all that time, wins.


Try it out.

You can click here.

Well, it's going to be off.

Well, first, it's going to ask you to give permissions to receive notifications and I want you to say yes, and once you get permissions and you will see this, I can't send a test notification because when you screen share a thing, I found out recently, when you screen share All of its Chrome or maybe the actual Os or something out on, but it won't, like show notifications.

Because what if something like sensitive came up or what have you, you know, I mean, so that's, that's cool.

I understand that and you can erase your responses at some point.

I may add quick replies and so like if you're like, in a meeting or studying or whatever, you know, say he'd be able to do that quickly.

All right then so this is settings.

Then we have the did.

Kind of shows what you did during the day.

When have you and you can go back and forth, you know, between the days stuff like that.

And then you can you go like, way off, or whatever.

They just hit today.

I bring you back to today.

All right, cool.

That's that.

Let us see the shop, of course, got the shop.

I make t-shirts and things of that nature.

So if you and like designs and things, we happen to like any of that, there's that.

All right, and then also the about is where kind of talk about.

Out everything here.

So, yes, I use Astro and Astro.

Just came out with some new cool stuff.

Maybe I will talk about that later or what have you?

But then so, yes, I use Astro, Firebase notification API and svelte.

And yeah, there's that.

Oh, let me show you the chat.

So what happens is when you click the notification, it will take you to like a little fake chat.

If ask you what you're doing and I will say doing a live demo.

And then it looks like so these responses they're random.

So they're like things that I would say like nice or word or got it, like short things.

And so then go back to what you did?

I might put like if you want to send a tweet, what do y'all think?

Let me know like if you want to tweet it out.

I am not sure.

But I so you can, you know, reply saved.

You can view what you did Back to the settings if you want to turn it off where you just close the app.

And so let us see back to where we were.

It is like 9 20, where I am at.

We have 60 here in the 99.

Am our doing a live demo.

And so it's kind of way of being able to go and see what you actually did throughout the day, you know, hopefully get your time back kind of thing.

You know, I mean and so that's what that does website.

Let me show you my website for the radio show and I said, no better hip.

Got calm.

And actually this is the website.

It's the previous show.

You can listen to the Past show like right in front.

I wanted to be able to jump right into the ratio of it.

First thing you want to listen to music because that's what we're about.

You can hear that.

But if you want to know better, you can click to know better.

I will take you to more stuff in the site.

I have to fix this because the iframe, I don't know.

What's up with spreadshirt.

They always make it jump to the store, which is weird.

And this is cool.

We have like the fan map where people from all over the world.

Have added themselves to the map.

It's kind of amazing, super dope.

So all these people check out the show.

It's amazing.

It blows my mind every week and so just radio show stuff.

What's cool is also I had this thing here.

I can hear you.

Probably can't hear it, but you can.

Go through the tracks.

So, I made this in like, angular years ago.

So, at some point, I am going to redo the site.

And, but, yeah, I am still trying to figure out what I want to use to rebuild the site.

So, and yeah, they all the podcast stuff, whatever.

All right, then I post a link will put a link to this as well.

So if you want to check it out you can.

What else?

But yeah, this side it's gotta be a good like seven years may be old because I made this even before.

I think the boot camp.

I went to, and the boot camp is, maybe like four years.

Yeah, because I like, it's just our learning angular.

And so everything on this site is basically around Google.

Like, even like the database I use, like sheets Google Sheets for as a database.

Yeah, I am saying.

So I all my things are updated in there and gets reflected onto here and smooth.

Our base remember correctly?


So old I don't even have that like an about section, you know, I mean, so all right.

What am I doing?

Okay, so let me add this link.


All right.

Let me talk about the website.

Now, what you have here.

So let us Yeah, okay.

Let us close this cool.

Oh also plural site is having like a free weekend so you can try out their stuff and see if you like it.

And that's pretty cool.

So you can see like, they have JavaScript courses, they have these paths.

That's what I like about pluralsight.

They have like these paths and guided paths.

I keep saying pass, but they help you like, set you on the straight and narrow and like butt guy.

Rails up and you kind of like go through.

So if you like I mentioned angular, which is funny.

So there's like 14 different courses so you can take a look.

And so they have actually 18 courses.

All right, and then, so they have the beginner path.

Intermediate and advanced.

So able to kind of go through.

So you get the big picture getting started, angular CLI all these things and there's like, a, like actual.

I think like projects to that.

You build also pretty cool.

And so pluralsight.

I know some folks that work at plural site because plural, site, bought a company in Orlando called code school.

And I knew some of the instructors at code.


And then put aside bouncer, they brought him along and stuff.


It's pretty cool.

Like so if you I don't know C sharp, but hey if I wanted to learn C sharp, and also, if you're a developer like at least where I work, we have an educational budget, and so we get to spend a certain amount of money on things that help us get better at our job.

And, so I actually had a pluralsight account which jest elapsed.

So I am looking for like, maybe there's a Black Friday, special or Something I think that's what I did last time, and I am able to expense it.

So yeah, so school so JavaScript, so then yeah, that's cool.

So it has all its a breaks down JavaScript for you and everything.

So nice, what else you can't think I was trying to learn like react native or something for a project and I just didn't, so they have all these different things.

Here for you to check out.

So like if you need to learn like AWS or Microsoft Azure, you can you do a lot of cool stuff?

Something machine learning AI, kind of stuff.


They will also have like certifications and things which I am thinking you pay extra for so that because there's different.

Yeah, so there're different skills and then flow, I guess, figure out how your, how your workflow is or some of that neither here nor there.

Alright, and then many resources.

So yeah, it's the one who let you all know.

That there's a free weekend and you can sign up and give it a shot.

So maybe during this time here.

You can give it a shot.

I am saying that maybe that's something you can do.

Yeah, for the website.

Alright, so, right now, what you're looking at is the brake sessions?

All right?

Until it that works is broken into two ciphers every week, right?

So to ciphers about three hours of peace.

And the hope is that, in that time, you're able to work on something that you have been meaning to work on.

Does it have to be coding or anything is coding?

Because I go coding, but it could be, you know, clean up around the house or doing like some sort of chore or something.

Like right now.

I am doing laundry.

You have, you know me, like I am probably gonna clean out the van a little bit later.

So, it's whatever it is, you know, I mean, and so it's about having that dedicated time to work on a thing that you have been meaning to get done.

Cool now.

So right now, what you see here, is that above this video player?

You will see home, shop, subscribe and log out.

I am really thinking about changing that subscribe to schedule, but I have just been too lazy.

So under subscribe, it will show you all the upcoming ciphers that are happening and you're able to subscribe to get notified when we go live.

So there's that.

And like I said, there's a shop.

You can go back to the home screen, whatever.


That is the video is which we're looking at right now below.

That is just kind of like a disclaimer that you may need to click play because if you hop in one of these break session, oh, that's right.

So each Cipher, the three-hour blocks consists of two like sessions.

So there's the break session, which what we're in, and the work.

So it's kind of like, you know, a time to stretch walk around, do what you got to do.

You don't have to sit here watching me.

I will just kind of ramble about whatever I find.

Just thing or people could come on.

We will talk about that later.

So, yeah, so there's that's the break session you're in a break session.

Now, below that the player, if you ever happen to jump in to the site while we're on break session.

There's a thing in the browser's.

I am still got I got to like explore it some more, but you can't have auto-playing videos with sound because it might be jarring for people like so unless you have interacted with the site before.

So that's why you may have to click play.

So it looks like it's frozen.

You may have to click the player to click play so that it will actually, you know, start playing the live stream then next to that you can open closed caption.

So what I am doing right now is I have running through the browser, the web speech, recognition, API speech, recognition API, and it's done through the browser.

So as I am speaking is being turned into text, hopefully pretty accurately and Shows up in that block when you hit open closed caption below that.

We have this thing, where if you found something interesting, you're able to clip about.

So, throughout the break sessions.

You can clip out little things and you get five of them there about five seconds each.

And when I hit stop, bro, so there're five sections.

Once you get them all done, you hit create a highlight video, right?

So that's the part.

You have to make sure you hit create a highlight video where that does are stores, your time stamps.

Into the database.

So that when I hit stop broadcast, it goes to the whole bunch of stuff in the back end, that will then combine the clips and then it will show you.

It will combine two clips, make a video and then you will be able to check out that video and share it if you want.

And I will show you where you will be able to get that's in the work session.

All right, so, and I am going to go over a little bit.

I didn't mean to talk about all this other stuff.

But oh, by the way, the Site, let me copy that link and add it to the side as well.


That's if you want to check it out.

You can always can sure.

Alright, so that is the 0 and then also there's like the timer and then you can join the room to join the chat and ask questions if you so choose.

All right, cool.

Now show you all the workshops and what happens when you in the work session.

So once I hit stop broadcast, send you all back to work, on.

Whatever it is.

You will see something that looks similar to this.

The background is primarily, We different cuz it's randomly picked and then the audio player, the track, the artist may be different because again, that's randomly selected.

And so what happens is, I know a lot of really awesome producers and so who make great music.

So they are they submitted some tracks for projects like this.

So, you know, be able to listen to some music while you're working on what you work on.

So here, so, yeah, so it's going to be like a continuous playlist of music.

So if you are listening to music, you can, if you want to find out more information about it, you can actually click the title.

It will take you to their bandcamp page.

You can buy it.

You can share it.

There's also if you like the track and help spread the word, you can hit that tweet little button there, icon, but the word tweet and open up Twitter in a new browser window or what have you and it will go to Her with a pre-populated sweet to help promote the artist, just kind of way.

I want to be able to help promote artist.

All right, over here is your to do section.

You were says, add a task.

You can add the task the thing that you want to get done.

You can either hit enter or the plus there to add it to the to dues, you're able to check off your to dues and that goes to that, send them to do.

You can also edit if you like double, click it, then you double-click or single click.

I don't remember there's a while since I did this, but you can edit the Your tasks.

Then once you check them off, it goes to do.

So you can click done to see the list of tasks that you have completed.

Now, when everything is over, you can actually send a tweet.

You click the little Twitter icon that opens up Twitter again with a pre-populated tweet that has all your completed tasks in it.

So it's kind of like a nice little way of like I feel good got things done.

Here we go, you know, so then we got another timer.

This one counts down to in the next break session is going to be breaking.

Sessions happen, 15 minutes after the hour below that we have view tutorials.

So let us say you don't have a thing that you want to work on and maybe you want to get into coding and like we saw with the plural site.

I have some tutorials.

There that are free.

That you can try out to see if coding is a thing, you want to get into.

So I have free code camp and the Odin project.

And so for my owner said, I haven't done them because they weren't around when I was learning code, but from understand they give you like a good.

Grasp of what's involved in coding.

Now, let us say you already know you like coding and you want to just maybe build a project and incorporate something cool in to it to kind of differentiate yourself from other things, other projects.

So I have got the oh, so yeah, so the free quote camp and Odin project.

They will get you there to worry like you can decide whether or not you want spend more time and or money and things like plural side or any other place other courses to further.

Your Learning.

So yeah, and then like I said, if you want to further your learning some more and incorporate some cool stuff like some projects.

I work at Vonage as a JavaScript developer Advocate.

And so part of that is like kind of like taking care of the tutorials and things.

So there're some tutorials that you can follow, where one of them is you be able to dial a phone number in your browser and then hit dial.

And then actual phone, the phone.

Phone that's connected.

That phone number will ring and be able to have a conversation from a phone in the real world.

Through the browser on the Internet.

It's kind of amazing and then I have there's another one that's the opposite.

So you call a virtual number from an actual phone and to be able to pick it up in the browser and have a conversations.

There's a third one where it's you openness to different, like, browsers tabs, with a view to different people logged in, and you're able to have an audio conversation back and forth.


At least I think so-and-so that got that up there so you can check that out.

So that's part of tutorial to probably add more.

But again just been lazy building, other stuff.

Jaco is help a coder /, Creator out.

Let us say you working on something you get stuck or maybe you made something, you want to get some feedback on it, where you can do is you can create a Jaco and what they will do is create a room for you, your own room with your own URL, and you can take that URL and share it to social media or whatever invite people into your room.

Now, people just don't join your room, all willy-nilly you're able, they can request to join your room and you will see who wants who's requested to join.

And they either login with their GitHub or Twitter account and then you will be able to see their profiles.

To kind of, make sure is that like a bot or something or a troll or something?

You can kind of check out vet, who's coming into your space?

Yeah, so there's that and then you get so you as the owner.

You can share your screen and you will be able to show what it is that you're used to having trouble with or you want to get feedback on and there's a chat room and there's also like you could do audio chats and then there's speech to text recognition and is also text to speech.

So I try to get all the different ways.

People would want to be able to communicate their I think so, let me know how that works.

You can also view any ongoing tacos or any that have happened in the past.

I have some, there's like some test ones.

Yeah, they don't join those below that.

Now, if you want, don't want to keep hearing me talk about random things.

You can actually come on and do a lightning talk.

I am a big fan of lightning talks where you have like, 5 10 minutes and just talk about whatever is that you found interesting and just kind of share what you know about something, no pressure, just kind of, you know, way of just, I use it as a way of getting better at speaking.

I think so.

Hopefully it's working.

Then below that.

Oh, that we have him that highlight clip that you created before.

Well, there is where it will show up.

So, once you have submitted it during the break sessions, right?

You will also what it will say, status submitted and while it's doing its thing in the back end or what have you once it's done and it's ready to be previewed.

It will change the status done and it will see the view button.

Pop Up, Click The View button.

It will bring up a video player.

If your created highlight clip in there, then you're able, if you like it, you can download it.

And then again, there's a thing.

An option to click a link, open up Twitter.

And what's cool is it the link goes to the video archived on the website, but the video preview is your in the Tweet, is your highlight video, which is pretty cool, as I customized like.

It has your username in it and stuff kind of cool stuff.

At least.

I think it's cool.

That's why I made it.

So there's that now Twitter.

Sometimes it doesn't show the video depending on if it wants to show the embed card or not.

I don't know.

So, what I have been doing is when I download the video, I sent it to Instagram, but I also attach it to the tweet that I am setting, so that way I know, it's always going to show up.

So yeah, so that's that.

And cool.

Let me stop sharing my screen here.

Get you all back to work.

So again, thanks for Hang out.

The next one is going to be 15 minutes after our going to talk about some cool stuff.

I came across and like some more stuff.

You can learn on the web and things for free, and so I will probably talk about that.

I think so.

Unless something else comes up unless somebody wants to do a show and tell, so there's that.

All right.

I am going to get you all back to work again.

Thanks for hanging out.

15 minutes after the hour.

We will be back.

So wish you much productivity and this thing here, cool.

Try to make sure I don't mess anything up.


Get you some, uh, send you all off with some traveling music.

This is a new job is one of my favorite producers of all time.

Featuring a panty be the tracks called.

Thank you, because I want to thank you all for hanging out.

And yeah, see you all 15 minutes after the hour.


Thanks again for hanging out.

Be easy piece.

Here we go sharing the screen.

Awesome again.



See you later.

Let us talk on the phone.