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Time they will be equal is if everything is booked fully and every time slot is booked. Otherwise, the database is going to be less than the. Speaker takes the starting and ending points of the table. Studio is unique. Speaker has the database which gives them the exact time, beginning time and end of the room.

  • speech recognition
  • office space
  • local zone
  • halfway points
  • final session break

If we got him on the spot, welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always could spot a rare.

Welcome back and I smile way I think and I know what to see you and learning more.

Was there some never lead you?

Hey, welcome back.

All right.

So turn to another the second cipher break session.

I have really got to figure out how to Word these things.

But this is the second brick session of the first Cipher of the day.

Hopefully, you are doing well, and you're getting things done.

I actually finished up all the posts radio show promo stuff.

But I kind of cheated and started earlier.

I got up earlier this morning to finish it up because it's a little bit more work because my co-host wasn't able to make it.

So then I had to do what he does.

And so yeah, so got that done.

Feel good.

So now I can actually start to work on other projects.

So, Yeah.

All right, so I figured I will just show a project that I have been working on and kind of just it's a quick thing that I created just because a lot of the projects I create are things that I need like in my life that come up and I totally forgot to hit the speech recognition, my bad.

Now should have to speech recognition.

Alright, so a lot of ideas for projects.

I make kind of come up in my own life.

And so they're kind of basically just to solve my own issue.

So recently I and a couple of friends came together, and we're renting out an office space in Orlando.

And so with that eventually, you know, because I do Nations and stuff for like work and things.

So it'd be cool that you don't see this pretty much.

If I am doing like a conference or something like an online conference, but, you know, actually have like some sort of actual office space kind of things.

So, so that's the plan.

And plus, I want to do some other things there.

Like throw some like you some live streaming like events and stuff like that.

So that's neither here.

That's for another project later on.

So, So the way I am new into the like the office thing with my friends or what have you, they just brought me in and I guess there were using an app before.

And, so I am on the text chain group thing.

And like I am getting messages about who changed the password.

I am like, wait, what?

And, so I guess the app that they're using.

There's all a shared password.

So the app was to help schedule like different rooms in the office is a pretty big office.

There's like, like three different rooms before different rooms.

And so they have a schedule where you can say.

Hey, I need the room from this time to this time.

So I guess the app there are using Everyone shared the same password and if somebody accidentally changed the password then that would snowball into this thing where like, oh who changed the password?

Let us know or could you change it back or all these other things and I just got a bunch of text messages?

I am like, wait a minute.

There's got to be a better way to work this out.

So I created this took me like three days just it's super bare-bones.

Maybe if everybody likes it.

Maybe we will add.

We're on to it.

But right now is just you can log in with your email address.

So there is no shared login.

Let me share my screen, so we can have sharing start screen share.

I am not going to need any audio, do this.

Cool, so I made a quick web app and so over on the right-hand side.

This is what you see when you're trying to log in, right?

And so now Bob, Bob dot net out of the factual thing.

So but if you are try to submit it, will let you know like oh your email wasn't found in the approved list and so on the back end.

I have all my friends emails and so happens is This, this input gets sent to the backend, check to see if it's one of the list.

If not, it sends back with this.

Sorry message.


If you are in the approved list, what's going to happen?

Is that it will say, oh, okay.

Now check your email for the link to login.

So there're no passwords or anything.

You know, I mean, so the way you log in is that your email that's on the approved list.

You will be sent a link to where you can go and click that link.

Ink in your own email and then you will be redirected into the site.

So no remembering passwords or anything.

Is just don't lose control of your email basically.

So that's that cool now, so that's what if you try to log in?

Let us take a look at what happens when you are logged in.

So it's just a web app.

So it's a kind of thing to where you can pull it up on your phone.

It's mobile responsive as you saw there.


Quit wrong button so you can see it just fits to the mobile.

So I figured it'd be cool eventually.

What I will do, if everybody likes it probably does make it a pwa.

This is a super proof of concept right now, but if everybody digs it, make it a pwa, so they can like download it on their phones and it will be like an app.

They just click a button.

And it loads up you will be able to check whatever you want or you can just bookmark it on your site and then you will be able to see what's available kind of thing.

So, yeah, that's why I made it a web app cool.

So now you're presented with you can log out and then here's the selected date that you're looking for.

Maybe booking a room in the office.

And then also here is like my open like the bookings you already have, you know, so my bookings and you can open it.

No, this is closed right there also, but yeah, so these are like the different rooms or the different bookings.

Just I made up or whatever, right?

And so you can kind of see the date which room and like the time and then I can delete the booking if I want will see that soon.


So now let us say we want to go for today.

So bam right here, we will choose that, and then we will select it.

And then you brought up with this screen.

And so what's happening is that?

So it shows, you know, the date that you selected and the different rooms, right?

And it also tells you your time zone, just in case, I don't think we will ever use it because I guess if somebody is in another time zone and like if there are doing a show or something, or they're out, and they want to book, they will be able to see within, you know, the thing.

I don't know if you leave use it, but whatever.

So, yeah.

So here we go.

And it just kind of list from 12 AM To it's like it's kind of like a like 11:59 pretty much because in 12 AM Is the next day.

So that's how that works.

Now, as you can see here below here is open to booking form.

And again, you know, as winds open you can say I close cool.

So then what happens is you select a room?

So let us say I need the live room.

These names can be changed and stuff.

So it's nothing too.

Horrible to change.

Let us say we want to go from, I don't know, like 9 AM To let us say.

Let us say 5.

Let us say I need it like all day, right?

And you notice here.

You only can do like half hour intervals and that's going to be important later.

And is, let us say to 5 PM Rights?


Oh, and that, so you notice.

This one is a 0:33 and 59.

That's if you want to go till like midnight.

So that's because again, 12 AM Is the next day.

So you will be able to book 11:59 PM So that's why I have that extra one there.

All right, cool.

So let us say we want to nine to five and then live room.

So add the booking.

I think I had a thing where it would tell it.

Yeah, I think.



Well, I think I need to make this space little bit bigger because it's not showing.

Let me see here because I am pretty sure I had a thing where it tells you the status.

If not, I need to add it.

Maybe that's the thing.

I wanted to add.

I don't know.

But yeah, it shouldn't have a thing where it tells you the status of it.

Thought I did guess.

I didn't note to myself.

Alright, so now let us close a booking and then hopefully if we scroll down, Bam, so, here we go.

So I just created the book that room for that time.

So as you can see, it goes from 9 AM Alls the way down.

Till 5 PM Great.


So now Let us say if I wanted to delete that, right?

Let us say I made a mistake or somebody else needs the room or what have you and I really didn't need it.

So I can go back here.

Go back to open my bookings, scroll down.

And then I probably have these in reverse order.

Probably, so that the well, I don't know, maybe your booking in the bat will see again, just made this.

Hopefully, get some feedback from my friends, and we can figure it out.

Whatever the best works for everybody right now.

This is its Bare Bones and then so you can lick the book.

And you see it goes away from the list, right?

So then when I go back to it, Is no longer there.


So now let us say I needed the room.

Let us say I need the studio because I rap and things, I don't remember.

So, let us get to the studio.

Let us say 12 AM Because, you know, rappers like do stuff, super early.

Let us say, the 3:00 AM There's a quick verse.

All right.

So add the booking.

And I do that.


Hopefully, so I closed.

The booking form.

Scroll up.


There we go, 3:12 AM To 3 AM Great and it's in the studio.

So you see kind of how that works now.

What kind of threw me or one of the things that in working on it?

I had tried to figure out was how to know to show with somebody book, something to show that up on the grid here.


And that's basically what it is.

So what I did was So here's like the same page, right?

What I did was that I sliced each section in a half so that so this is like 12:15 AM 12:45 AM 1:15 AM And I got the UTC time because everything is stored in UTC time, right?

So that regards wherever you are.

It is the same time.

It's because I on the client I calculate your local your time zone local to You and then I do some math and I show that time that's in the database as you TC.

To what it is in your local time?

Cool, so that was a whole thing.

So everything is stored UTC, right?

So that is the green manage time when it's like, you know, there's time zones that's like zero and then I add and subtract depending on your time zone.

So it shows to your local Zone time zone.

Hopefully, that makes sense.

If not, let me up, and we can talk about it more.

But so that's how I do that.

So that I have like one source of truth of time regardless of where you are in the world that at zero time that is that time and so locally I can manipulate it to your local time zone.

So it shows up proper for you.


And so then what happens is I take that and I can figure out.

I just add like 15 minutes east one of these here.

So I take the toxic because where else thinking about doing it was as these grids are being created, check them with the database to see if there's a match, but now it's like, well, that's gonna be a lot of calls, right?

Because there's so many different.

Like time slots that what if there's a bunch of booking so you have all these time slots, all these bookings, you know, and it's not even necessary for that day.

So all these things going back and forth.

So I thought that would be too much call.

So I will think about it.

I was like well when I can do is I know the day, so I can query the database and get just that day, right?

Because I know the time zone, so I can figure out, all right?

I can just say, all right, from this start time to this end time, right?

Right, relative?

What to that perks?

Because start and end days are different depending on where you are.


And so, I know this what the start date is for your time zone.

And that's why I have like the America / New York, because I am on the east coast.

And so from that, I can then query the database to get the proper time zone for, for that day, for that proper time zone.



So I go, so I take that data.

And then, Do it.

So that's less a lot of times than what could unless it's fully booked that data for that day, is going to be less than what the data that's needed for the grid correct for the day, right?

So I will let only time they will ever be equal is if it's fully booked everything, every room, every time slot is book.

That's the only time they will be equal and then that will be the most.

But other than that, the database is going to be less than the Grid, so I was like, all right, so it's probably better to start off with the database data.

So then what I do is I take the start and end.

So each one of these sets here like the halfway points, their IDs for their div is unique.

So I take that calculation of the time for that.

Let us say 12:45 AM For September.

Teeth in my local timezone, I take that value and then I add on the room.

So it'd be like blah, blah, blah, number — podcast.

And so that way if that same time for Studio, it would be the same number but Studio making it unique right?


So then what I do is I have the database and the database tells me the time, beginning time and end and the person wants to book and the room.

Umm, and their name, right?

So I take that data.

So, I take the start, I take the end and I go through and I add the same 15-minute intervals, right?

And, so I know the room, so I can as I am going through it, I can because those are the ones that have been booked, and they're 30-minute blocks.

So let us say the person wants to 1 AM Well, then the 12:45 is going to fall.

All within that.

So if they chose 12 AM To 1 AM Right, that means that 1215 is going to be included as well as 12:45.

So I can use that as an indicator to turn that block read and insert the name.

So I go, like I said, I take the book time interval and I go through and 15 minutes and then, so I know that time, I know the room, so I can put them.

Together and I can search for that might block through the ID that I just generated and then turn that to read and put the place person's name into it.

So then that looks like This and so with that it's just fewer calls to make you know, I am saying whereas if I had to go through each room and try and be too much, so I figured that would be a little bit faster and a little bit more efficient.

Now right now, there's no way for conflicts.

I think I may have figured it out how to fix that and it's similar to the way I did it to determine whether or not to fill time slot.

And, so I am going to be working on that maybe today.

Hopefully you get that done.

And I will maybe I will do a follow-up to show that but for right now this is it and I think it worked out pretty good.

It's pretty cool.

And, so I am looking forward to seeing if it's useful for my friends, when we're booking out the room right now.

There's not so much.

I am not going to the office right now.

So probably not until like the beginning of the year.

Honestly, the new year.

So, yeah, so but just in case I may want to set something up in there.

To where I can do stuff?

But right now I am not I don't plan on going in So, yeah, so it's not a lot of bookings or anything, but it's there for us to use and I think it's cool and it's I think will work better for our situation because I definitely don't want to have the shared password and then have to go through who changed?

What your I mean?

And so yeah, we will see.

And at least with this then we can build it to more of like fit.

Our use case your, I mean, and so it just an opportunity to figure stuff out as well.

So that's that.

So, that is the thing.

I made random side project again, took like three days.

To figure out, figure everything out.

Get all up and running and I used us felt the kind of build out the actual application and the authentication and all the database stuff is on fire base.

I use fire store and then just the password list, email, login stuff, and that's pretty much just it and just and I stood also on Firebase so that way everything is kind of all together is just a quick thing.

I did deploy, it.


Is there, I get the HTTP stuff for free?

All that stuff is just ready to go.

And so that's why I did that.

Alright, so I blabbered on more than normal.

So at the final Cipher not found but the final session break session, like I will either go shorter or give you more time as we normally do for the final work session, but I yeah, so that's it.

So maybe That thought it was cool.

So I thought I would share.

And so if you have anything like that, see that's like it's it doesn't have to be on the whole big thing.

Just whatever it is that you're working on, you know, kind of come up and share it.

You know, that's the whole point of the show and tell so pretty much like that was an example of a show-and-tell, kind of thing.

So if you have anything that you're working on, feel free to Come and ask, you know, to be to display it.

All right, or there's anything that you found cool, you know.

Also, that is also appreciated.

All right.

So that's it.

Thank you all.

Once again, for hanging out and get you all back to work.

And I think that is everything when we come back, and we don't have a show-and-tell, we're going to go over and artists website that I like, and we will take a look at it.

Maybe listen, some music, check out some videos, you know, maybe you will like that person also and support them, you know, maybe buy an album or something.

I don't know.

I don't want to tell you what to do.

That's why I give you options.

All right, cool.

So thanks again, and we will be right back, 15 minutes after the hour.

And let me share the screen.

And then I need definitely want to share the audio coming to get you all going with some jams.

Alright, thanks again you all and see you soon.

Alright much productivity to you.

Alright, be easy.