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Speaker is a big fan of hip-hop and dope independent artist. Speaker is working on a project that he's working on. They will submit some tracks to the project. They had a radio show yesterday and they found messages about an artist that died. Speaker will share their screen.

As a member, an american hip hop project founded by. Speaker is from the east. Eli the also passed away. So speaker tells eli the name. Mind came out in 2000 and was nominated for independent album of the by the source.

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Welcome back, your dreams were your same old place, but those dreams, everything, and they turn around.

Hey, welcome back to the final.

And third, third and final.


Break session of this second cipher of today and the week.

So whoo, hopefully y'all are getting stuff done.

I have been getting stuff done.

Like I have cleaned up like the inside of my van, a little bit, throwing out, trash and stuff.

Did some laundries get that done.

I am backing up like an old laptop to the cloud some files because I have this new laptop here.

So I am offering some of the functionality I was doing on that one to this one.

I give that one to my parents or something.

What else working on.

So think I told y'all well, I spoke about earlier working on this live streaming project and for it I needed to in create a like a streaming server so that I could take someone of the streaming cameras that I have.

And stream to it.

And then from there streaming to like a dashboard, probably and wear, what I want to do is I want to use like HTML canvas to be able to add things to it, to the video stream, and then, from there pipe that out, so that other people can watch it and things.

So, yeah, so that's why I have been working on coming out, pretty good.

I think so just doing, like, small, like, Test projects, now that I have the node server working and being able to receive stuff now, I am working on because HTML canvas has been HTML5 canvas, has always like, like, been a mystery to me, like I have gotten enough just to get it working, but I want to get better at and I think there're new things added to it recently or kind of recently that make it a little bit easier.

So I am going to kind of Look more into it.

So we will see.

So hopefully you are also getting stuff done.

Even if it's like small little thing.

Like I have been getting done, it adds up.

I mean, so all right.

So now as you may know I am a big fan of hip-hop and like dope independent artist.

And so I figured while we have this.

Why not try to combine the two?

If you notice, there's a lot of dope independent like music when you're in the work session, and you're playing, like the music and hopefully you play the music and you're enjoying it that those are like, people that I know that making music and I asked them.

Hey, could you go and like submit some tracks for this thing?

I am working on and they kindly obliged.

And yeah, so that's where you got those tracks from so chosen.

So there's one that you like And feel free to give it like a tweet and then tweet that out there.

Also, so cool.

So now going along with that.

We had a radio show yesterday.

And during the broadcast like on Twitter.

I came across like some messages and some stuff about an artist that passed away like me like the day before or something like that.

And so let me share my screen.

So what I figured we'd do is take a look at their website, you know, and maybe check out some music and things so oh, yeah, it's tough.

All right.

So let me start screen sharing my screen share audio.

Alright, so this artist goes by the name of zombie, Zu, M, bi believe like the full like Baba, zombie and part of a group called Zion.

I and so, all right.

So this is from the Wikipedia.

So, all right.

So was I, and I was an American hip hop project founded by MC.

/ producer, Zoom be born, Steve Gaines in Oakland, California and you will see like the video is they represent Oakland like for real?

Okay, genius and amp live where the projects members to do.

So originally formed as a group Zion.

I released the debut studio album mind over matter which is a great album, you know, so shots of them in 2000 now is like there's like a Resurgence look like we're like independent like hip-hop was coming up.

So you have like Zion, I Dilated Peoples who else Asia like, Oh, man, see now that like hieroglyphics.

So like Souls of Mischief and everyone as well.

And I am from the East Coast.

So like Mobb Deep like it was a lot of different acne them up deep got big but like their first independent stuff either into that but a lot of different artists and stuff.

And so they came out of that like era.


And like they mentioned like a soft rock.

Tell him quali Gift of Gab who also passed away.

And so yeah, like, Yeah, Eli the so yeah, so they're basically saying everybody else here.

So, okay.

So Mind Over Matter, came out in 2000.

It was nominated for independent album of the Year by the source.

And then they, oh, they also had deep water.

Slang Volume 2.

All right, which came out three years later.

Here we go.

This is where they kind of really popped off.

So in 2005, Zion, I released true and living it was feet.

It's featured guest appearance.

It featured guest appearances from Gift of Gab, tell of quality Aesop Rock and the oh, there's another one.

So then he rose in the city of dope.

The first Cloud album with the Grouch from grouching Eli and I believe they're living legends, also, that's nothing.

Like Living Legends MERS, like all these people were coming up.

Its it was a good time.

Was released in 2006 and 2009.


I release to take over.

So a lot of stuff 2010, there was the atomic clock heroes in the healing of the nation.

Let us see to do because those heroes in the city of dope before and then shadow box like a lot of stuff, and so they have been putting out music for minutes.

So I Figured, let us take a look at their website.

You know, I mean and this kind of see what would they were there?

Corner of the web look like?

Yeah, I mean, so alright.

So as you see here, a nice full page, full frame image, I am saying of them doing what they do.

I am saying.

So it's hold that mic.

I mean, and then look at that, a carnival or something that's pretty do like that.

Of the field on it.

So when you get, you know who you're talking about, you know, the zombie from Zion, I Cool, so then there's only like two options home and catalog.

So this is more like a store Page, I guess.

So now what was cool is so that bam.

Here's a t-shirt.

I want you to know about this so front and center.


It may be the latest shirt.

I am not sure.

But is this a shirt?

Ladies were no, he's wearing something else.

But yeah, so this kind of like bam, here's his latest shirt.

Check this out.

All right, not a lot of options like, oh, wow.


This is the last up.

Pretty cool.

So yeah.

Oh, and it Wait, that is the shirt he's wearing.

Let me see because I was the back.

Oh, yeah, so is the shirt he's wearing.

Oh nice, so that's cool.

I think this might be like a Shopify card I guess.

And so they have all these different ones that you can.

Check out all the different merchandise.


Let us see.

Now, here.

We have the different CDs and vinyls that you can purchase cool CBC.

They put a lot of projects.

This is that seconds.

Oh, whoops.

Here's that first album.

We're talking about mind over matter.

And so let us go.

They have a digital downloads now.

Like when you click it, it looks like they're handling the digital downloads themselves.

So they're not using like a band camp or anything.

So they're actually like have a system in place for digital downloads, which is kind of fresh as it gets out.

Like, they have been independent artist for a while, you know, man, so they picked up different like, like little game tricks and everything.

So pretty much kind of like owning everything, which is super cool, and that's dope shirt, lyrics matter.

All right, so and that's pretty much the whole site.

It's like, hey here.

We are.

Check out our stuff may have heard of us.

So you already know the deal.

If not, you can I don't think there's anything where you can like sample, the music.

It says view tracklist, here.

It's what does that do?

Okay, so takes you to discogs.

All right, for a minute, please.

Let me know.

Discogs is like a database of all sorts of albums and vinyl that people like is like a crowdsource situation.

So people will put in the information of vinyl that they purchased and it's also like a marketplace where it's funny because it's like a stock market.

So you can see like, how many people want a certain piece of vinyl or record or cassette or what have you?

And like, how much like they're willing to pay, like, how much it went for all types of its kind of amazing system, and they have like API, which is pretty cool.

So, just discogs.

So let me see.

Yeah, sure.

Okay, so you can add it to the want list 15 for sale, starting at that.

And here's the marketplace I was talking about and oh, hey, look at this Vonage adds.


See Vonage knows what's up.

They know, you know, good.

Places to put ads and stuff.

So yeah.

So yeah, that's cool.




Bars all over.

Nice just advantages on discogs.

Oh, by the way, I work at Vonage if that it wasn't apparent.

All right, so, all right, so that's cool.

But you still can't sample the music though.

That's cool.


So by figured was, hey, let us check out a couple of tracks.

Now, Zoom be most recently because in his music, he spoke about things that are actually happening, you know, like real world situations.

And so, when I go back to the front page here, so like social commentary like, like, like conscious music.

It's pretty dope.

So, like I said, he's he lives in Oakland and during the whole Tech boom was happening was people were being like pushed out of their homes, and he was actually unfortunately one of the people who fell victim to that, and so he had to like evict, he was not evicted, but he hadn't Gotta leave this home pretty much, and so he wrote a song about it.

And, so I am going to play a part of it so you can check it out.

And so when all this influx attack money was coming in and raising the rents and prices for people who have lived there for generations, and they couldn't afford to live there anymore.

And so they got kicked out and unfortunately, like something similar is happening again, so timely music, so, The tracks called Tech money.

And here we go.

And play a little bit of it.

So you can check it out and get a kind of taste for what zombie was bringing many socialists, zombie.

All righty, here we go, tapping into me.

I am not here right now.

Losing my whole family on the spur of the moment and God bless.

I even found a spot, and I am going further.

A parental advisory just in case.

They get paid.

Yeah seen it in the 90s with the dot comes.

And oh, shiny pappajohn dance.

He was still running.

You got no tongue Neil.

I am unattached.

No fun.

Turn Mission Street Lounge.

Your Frat, Boys.

What they found.


How you look in my mouth?

Don't take money trying to get me out.


You're getting good.

But why not?

Have people who have been here for Generations Walden in the process?

Empowering the people here.

So you have to you know, check out the rest of that.

So and then also here's another drink this real quick while until I get into saving Souls Zion.

I Alimony late Niles, can't tell the difference.


Yo, yo, take a listen, relax, and position, and crank up the system.

Moonshots kind of, let them see the prism, and my Iris, I am anxious.

I am gonna everything.

Scripted and Papyrus.


The fire's underneath their asses mind is all that matters.

Staying disciplined like ashes o Muhammad peace from the beneficent Ramen over Babylon are kicking on some different s***.

The Magnificent loosen up your n**** man Freedom over everything every king queen you settle you screw.

The Earth is spinning out of balance who was picked to Gigi bird harm.

He's just all take a ball from the bottom select.

All right.

So yeah, so you have A go and check out more stuff from zombie of Zion.

I and again our IP zombie.

Let me stop screen.


And yeah, so just a whole another like super dope artist passed away this year.

It's been rough.

And yeah, so I just wanted to, you know, pay homage to zombie from Zion.

I and yeah, just it just, you know, just, I don't know.

Just, I don't know.

It's just frustrating.

Just seems like almost like every other week.

It's like more news and it's just so yeah.

So, everybody just so, you know, just, I don't know.

So if you like what you're hearing, support your artist your favorite artists, you know, while they're here.

They say give them their flowers while they can smell it, you know, I mean, so, you know, trying to support, you know, your favorite artists, you know, they could use even if it's like, saying a nice word or something, you know, I mean, just like, hey, I appreciate you music or something.

So yeah, so alright cool.

So give you some extra time.

So because this is the last break session, so after this, we're going to keep Brock into like 6:30 getting any last minute, things work done in that we can, and because you never know this week.

We may not have time to work on anything.

So, just by having this little piece of time of us being able to focus and get stuff done, you know, is always a good thing.

So I will be back next week.

So check the site for all the upcoming times and dates and again, they're in your local time.

So you have to worry about doing any funny timezone math in your brain.

So yeah, thanks again.

I am going to be out of here.

I am going to play this outro music.

And again, you have a great week and enjoy yourselves.


So again, thank you for have it for coming along.

Hopefully you got some stuff done or at least a little bit and yeah cool.

I am sure my screen again with the actual.

Here we go again this playing.

So again, thank you all be back next week.

And so yeah, keep on hope you have a productive one.

Alright, I hope you have a good safe productive week.

All right, I will be easy piece.