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Speaker is back from their vacations at the same place they like, but it turned out they had some bad dreams.

Preview to be playing is not showing up so speaker has to start and stop talking. Speaker is switching over very quickly. Speaker is trying to save four dollars on their vm instance. Speaker was working on the mevo during the last work session. They had to use another camera, because it did not work properly. Speaker is going to try with an evo camera. If it does not work, they will look for other options. Speaker wants to have a control over the server and redirect the cameras where they need to be. Speaker is experimenting with their server and wants to see if it works. If it does not work, they will try using another provider. Speaker is sharing their screen. Speaker has added the video section to the archive page of the website. Speaker shows the actual interface of their computer. Speaker has added a link section to the dashboard. Speaker is going to save multiple videos in one go to the database. Speaker is trying to bundle the videos together so they can be saved in the database. Once the video is done processing, it will be visible on the video archive page. Speaker allows they to view and edit the different sessions. Speaker has added a camera to their site. It will give them some more tech. Speaker is going to stream a video to their server. They forgot to start broadcasting as they were in a rush. They will get back to working on whatever he's working on. Speaker met today. Speaker will do the screen share to play some music.

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Welcome back.

Same old place that you like but those dreams everything, and they turned around.

So that's funny.

I actually forgot to hit start broadcast, and I am just sitting here talking for like, 6 minutes, and I was like, why is that not showing up there?

Because I have the preview supposed to hopefully be playing.

And I was like, it's not showing up, which is weird.

Which means I may have to Start and stop because it's not showing up.

It's not coming up.

Yeah, I think.

Yeah, I do have to stop it.


Hold on.

Give me a second.

I am a switch over real quick.

Okay, there we go.

Yeah, so I totally forgot that I did.

I start I didn't hit stop broadcast start Brock.

I did he start broadcast and so it was using the old feed from the previous Cipher.

All right, so I am just going to Keep it moving basically, so, all right, so I will just talking about my whole, it was a good thing.

You didn't hear my rant because I was going through this whole situation on how Google kind of trolled me.

When I looked at my VM instance.

I logged into my clock Google Cloud account because let me, I want to work on my new side project and it was like, hey, save four dollars on your VM instance.

I am like, that's weird because it's already, the cheapest one.

I am just testing this out.

It was like, yeah, shut down your VM, instance, and say $4.

That's messed up.

So cool.

Then I was talking about the camera that I am looking to use and I have been using for other like live stream events.

It's the mevo and having their charging and setting up and everything.

So I was during the last work session.

I was doing that and so, Yeah, throw it off.

But yeah, so gotten getting working on that.

But like I was saying, I ran into some issues because I was using another camera.

Well one camera that I was looking to use, it didn't work for whatever reason, like it says it's broadcasting to my server and I can see it the on my server, but there's no video feed, which is weird.

So, I don't know if it's the codec or something.

I have no clue about this.

Thanks, so, I don't know.

So I am going to try.

I tried it with another camera worked, fine.

Try it with my phone works, fine.


I am going to try it with an EVO because that's the one.

I am most likely be using for this side project.

And so hopefully that will work.

If not, I have been looking into other options, but I have a specific use case where I don't want.

Because ideas for other people to be able to stream, as well, using the server.

So I want to be able to have a control over the server and point to where the cameras can go into.

And then I can redirect them where they need to be, but the previous one, I was using required logging into, like a dashboard and then setting everything up and then you're able to do all that and I don't want to do that.

So that's why I was like, let me try.

Sitting on a server but I rent but I have been running into some issues at least like I said with those cameras and some of them like the audio and the video would start to drift.

I guess it's all know if it's because the server I set up is not like beefy enough or whatever.

So, I don't know.

I am just been experimenting.

So I am going to test that out to see if that works.

If not, I have been researching other like providers that can kind of do what I was looking to do.

So we will see but it's more expensive.

Civ, so, we will see.

We will see.

All right, so as enough of me ranting, I just kind of wanted to show the new thing that I worked out.

So it shouldn't take long, but let me share my screen.

So you have been doing that and then yeah, it's working on that.


Do start sharing screen.

So share I don't believe I need any sort of audio.


So like I said during the last Cipher earlier today, and this one I added a new functionality to the website.

And so you see here.

So now let us go to until it dot Works / videos.

That's about everything.



Here we go.


So here's the archive page of the website.

You can also go there by this clicking videos by going to the site.

So now what I have added or you can see right here.

It's all automatic.

Like it just automatically uploads everything.

And so here's the one that just happened early like an hour ago.

Now this oh, look at this one.

This is the last Cipher from the last slide for the last session.


So you click on it to watch now.

You see, there're the links meant mentioned section because before If there aren't any links, you see, no links yet.

And so when you do, go to a video.

So whenever I am talking about stuff, I will be like, oh, hey make sure to check out the links section for the links that were mentioned in this video and it's right there.

So you don't have to worry about typing them out or anything.

It's right there.


Let me show the actual.

Now, here's sure the my interface I am looking at here.

So let me stop sharing this.

It wasn't that bad.

It was pretty straightforward because the way I have everything kind of set up, it's already kind of good to go.

So it just adds, so I just need to figure out where I wanted to place everything like in the dashboard.

So let me share my screen and share this screen here.

All right, which is this one.

Cool share.

Well, my husband weird Inception thing.



So this is the dashboard I am looking at right now.

And so yeah, let me see here.


So yes, you can see right here.

I have added a link section.

I just added so I can put in.

Let us go with the video sites, since you were talking about that which would be weird because you're going to be linking to the video archive from the video Market, but whatever until it works / videos, recorded videos, right?

Double Check.

Yes, videos multiple and then you can just add the link.

And it shows that the link was added, and then I can just save the links, you know, so I can add a bunch of them and then just save them all in one go to the database, because less writes and reads the cheaper.

And, so I am trying to bundle them all up together and send it at once so that can save the links cool.

And then says link saves.

So, save it into the database.

So once this video is done processing and it's up on the video archive page will have the links.

So yeah.

And then also, I can't show it now, but you see here.

I can actually View and edit the different sessions.

And so if I need to go back or forget to add the links, I can always go back and pull up the session and add it there and so it will show up on the page afterwards.

So yeah, that's pretty much it.

So, let me stop sharing my screen.

So, yeah, so that's just another little thing.

I added to the site.

If there's anything else that you find that, you know, be helpful.

Let me know and I will get that added.

But yeah, so cool thing will give you all some more Tech.

I really want, get back to try and figure out this whole see if this camera will go and stream to my server because this is the type of camera, this one, and maybe like another version that they have will be the version that I use for my side project.

So I want to be able to make sure at least that one can stream to my server and doesn't have any issues.

Otherwise, I will need to come up with something else.

So yeah, so I am get back to that.

Thank you all for hanging out.

And Yeah, again, this was a short video because I totally forgot to hit start broadcast now.

Like I don't have a thing that Started.

I was such in a rush.

Yeah, I want to get back to working on this.

So hopefully wherever you're working on.

Once, you know, you want to get back to it much as I want to get back to that.

So thanks for hanging out.

Hopefully, it's a good break.

See you back soon.

And yeah.

Cool, actually, I almost forgot to hit the create highlight video.

See that.

Oh, I am a mess today.

Alright, so final set Cipher is going to be going over an artist.

I am a fan of his website and maybe listen to some music.

All right, cool.

Thank you all for hanging out.

See you soon.

15 minutes after the hour.

All right, back to work.

You go, cool.

Let me do the screen share.

So we can play the outro music.

This one here.


Thank you all for hanging out.

See y'all soon.