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Welcome back.

Same old place, the chicken laughs.

Well, the known about changed since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they turned around each other.

Always good spot.

Rare, welcome back.

Hey, welcome back.

Alright, so, This is the final break session of the basically week.

Yeah, so hopefully, you are getting a bunch of stuff done or even just anything, you know, don't want to, you know, small additions can lead to big changes.

I mean, so yeah, so I actually finally set up got kind of distracted but I finally set up the like, the scaffolding.

For the new project.

I am going to be working on and good news, everything once I actually had like credits, to actually do, what I need to do.

Everything worked fine.

So it's able to get the highlight video, things are uploaded to where they need to be the archived videos there.

Everything's cool.

So yeah, so that's kind of worried about that but looks like it's working great.

So for this final break session of this whole Cipher for This week as normally tend to do, we're going to look at an artist's website who we play on the radio show.

And this one is a new artist.

Well, I have could have sworn I have seen the name before, I think, maybe I just didn't, I don't know or maybe it's like some weird Matrix Deja Vu thing, but we got the album submitted to us for the station, and I was like, oh listen to it.

And it's a pretty dope.

So Figured and they have a website.

So I am like, oh why not.

We just play them on the last show.

Let us talk about on this show.

So yeah, so well the person and the group so, okay.

Let me just share my screen.

Is its late?

I am tired.

Been doing this all day.

All right, so, Here, this is cuff.



I am going to copy the link and place it so that it's with archive.

You can always check it out later.

All right, cool.


So this is the website.

I am really digging the colors.

It's like nice and vibrant and it's just like, bam.

Here you go.

This is us and so cuff.

Not Has an album out.

I think it's out now unless we got an advance at the station, but now, okay.

So this here.

Says community.

So I guess ki-moon is D and it's funny because like the whole album we play a track called better yesterday, but it's like be e, Di and upside down e are like all the tracks in parentheses and press these next to it have like what their actual words are.

And, so I thought that was Are interesting and so it is cool.

So we got a higher grounds music.

All right, I dig this.

Let us cool.

Alright and then High Tide record, okay, so that goes to an actual site is open a new window.

It does open a new window.


All right, cool looks good.

All right.

Let us see.

So scroll down.

So this is the new album so bam.

Is it?

See the other ones in have the umlauts?

Like when I saw it before, so the coop nuts?

Huh, kuf nuts could be and Christina lease as very dope, Christine.

Elise plays the harp.

It's kind of awesome.

Well, I think we will see some of that in the videos.

All right.

And Bam.

New albums.

They want you to know.

Got this new album.

Yeah, C.

Coupe doesn't have the um, out on top of it, since the cuff for kuf don't know.

All right, maybe they see this will let me know and so that's pretty dope.

So nice drawing super dope and this artwork like the art style.

I think there's a person on Instagram that like follows us on the radio show who died.

I think that's the name of the check.

That's pretty dope.

They do?

They do some pretty dope artwork on Instagram.

So if it's the Person at school to see.

But yeah, it looks nice.

And so that collaboration between Baku and Elizabeth Berglund, nice.

And then here in the fine print, you always got to read the fine.

Print, Higher Grounds music is fiscally sponsored by culture, trust Greater, Philadelphia, a charitable trust declared in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a school.

So it looks like always like that, like, kind of Canada.

Does that a lot?

Are they will help fund an artist put out an album or and help them along with the career?

So that's pretty dope.

So cool shots of Philly and Pennsylvania for doing that.

I don't know if we have anything like that in Florida.

I don't know.

That's pretty dope.

So shots of them.


And then they have their links here.

Good to see bandcamp.

Nice, big fan of band camp.

All right, cool.

And then I saw this thing here, grab look at it before, and so I clicked it like, oh, you'd like show people something.

And so I noticed powered by Ascend by Wix.

I am like, oh they made this website on Wix.

So I went to go and inspect it because, you know, I am a developer's.

What I do.

I am nosy.

And, so I went to expect it as like, oh, yeah.


So does look like they're using.

Wix my God.

It's pretty dope.

And so, yes, so they're using some Wick stuff here.

And then I notice that it's not mobile friendly at all.

And, so I don't know if that's a limitation on Wix or maybe they just didn't when we put it together.

Just, I don't know.

But yeah, super not friendly at all.

So, if I was looking at this on like my mobile device, it's I would have to keep scrolling left and right and up and down.

Oh and there's like a big gap here, but it shouldn't be too much to make it mobile friendly out again.

I am not sure.

I didn't ever use with For but cool.

But, yeah, neither there.

I don't want to penalize her in the end.

It's found that interesting.

All right, cool.

So that's home.

A nice home page.

I dig it.

They let you know exactly what they want.

They have the new album.

Now it is cool.

If I was able to like click on it and it will do something because such a big image.

I am thinking I can click on it, but then I guess you can just go here.

See like maybe it was like listen to the album.

Yeah, I am saying here because I figured these are the kind of like how people have like their Twitter or whatever and you never really pay attention too much that they do have like the Twitter Facebook.

Instagram and O2, Instagrams, word, and Facebook, cool.

All right.

So, let us take a look at the Bayou.

Mmm, cool, so we got both of them on here.

Looks nice.

Looks nice.

I like how it's kind of like side-by-side, three dope, and they have everything.

Drawn, me, a car nice.

Cool and nice timeline is stuff.

I dig it.

Dig it and then it comes together at the bottom.

I like that.

And then together they have their bio.

That's dope.

So it's like separately.

And then bam together with a done.

Now though.

I dig it nice and then what's today?

Oh, yeah.

So the album just did come out.

All right, word.


Yeah, shots of them, dobel.

All right, we will be hearing more on the show.

All right, cool videos.

Take a look.

All right.

So this is the first video that featured video.

Let us take a listen and watch it and see what's up.

All right, here we go.

This is an again, no, umlaut.

So the Oman important or I don't know, but I am not.

I noticed random thing.

Sorry, and I took German in high school.

So that's why I was like the coop nuts or like cuff nuts.

May never know, once he says it in a wrap, but I don't remember if he does.

All right.

Here we go.

Spirit walk remix.

When the Rays break through walls around my mind, either purchase album, you know, the person I want to be the rest of that.

All right.

Now, this is what I am a big fan of like live performances as well.

I can see because you know if you want to catch somebody on tour is good to kind of see what you're gonna get into.

So now Bonita Springs, Florida, okay, let us go, let us go with the home team.

Let us see.

What's up with this, Florida?

All right.

Glad to see, they made it out of Florida.

All right, here we go.

The Sugar Shack sessions.

Sugar Shack sessions here.

You go.

All right, there goes the heart.


I did see this one.

All right.

This is what I was like doing research previously for the radio show and this is the song that was played on my Twitter feed.

I was like, oh this is dope and get free.


Never travel.

Are you gonna have to go to the website too again?

Because I don't think unless they have a previous album like that.

I don't remember that being on the album that I got community, but it's pretty dope.

Check that out.

This one here.

That's what this one is.

In California.


New day until that's like, that's still begun here.

The wind outside yesterday going.

As we know each New Day presents a new opportunity for us to become the people who want to be.

New games.

Are you gonna watch the rest of it?

That's do.

All right, when you like a minute and then I remember so far joints.

Nice and new days again.


Get free.

All right, I will get sounds like the single this one here.

I was like, I wonder why, that's not all.


That's the thing.

When you are linked to other people's stuff, even though it's like you perform, you never know if that video is going to last forever.

So that's cool.

Let us see.

So you can check out now toward videos is a pretty dope.

Like I like to see actual people on tours.

Let us take a look at Seattle Washington, trying to see how it made it to our first stop, on our way.

Click find a seem to go to the toilet.

Get a good feel behind the scenes stuff.

That's dope.

Let us see.

Travel Journey, video travel Journal video this week.

Good gonna feel of like people like you bring the kids and stuff, as they nature walks.

People having a good time.

That's always good to see.

So, you know, you're gonna have a good time at the show.

I think that's, that's all right.

Let us see.

All right.

All right.

Let us keep going through the site tour dates.

So we just saw some tour videos.

It makes you kind of want to go check them out on tour.

All right.


So they're Philly which I guess they're from New Jersey.

All right, so they have got a bunch of dates, nice.

And you can also request a show as dope.

And so what is this little bands in town?

So yeah, so this is like a bands in town in bed.

Nice, nice.

Alright tour photos.

This is pretty cool too.

So they're really trying to give you like a feel of what's going to happen on tour then if you want to come and see him nice so present or all right, so nice.

Get to kind of see, so that's cool.

You get you know, the site is now all about them.

You know, it's also about the people who come to see them and stuff like fans and things though.


Nice wide arrange of people.

That's dope, people from all over, that's dope.

All walks of life.

That's cool.

Like music will do that.

That's do.

All right.

Oh, I think I just quick something.

Okay, my bad, that pop that up.

Oh, here we go.

All right.

Past tours.


Super dope.

I dig it.

Oh, wow.



Yeah, that's cool.

Okay, that is the audience group point.

That change everything.

Okay, there's all audience group for nice.

That's cool.

All right, where it up and then the E.

PK new album preview.

Wait, wait, what?

Oh wait.

Let us go to E PK.

So that do I remember back in the day when I websites for like artists like a thing, and they had like these electronic press kits and so it basically condenses everything like the website was into like one page nice.

Okay, you listen to some music.

I am seen here around with self-help IV, Gali grown and knowledge itself became Jewels so well, so I pocket knows, I practice blows you master with you work at I learned that I search.

For fact, my purpose I believe is to do work through rap MC, and he seeking Mondrian capturing energy that leads to Healing.

Give thanks to the sun Spirits.

We need.

All right.

So what if I come down?

Okay, so I guess they're on Spotify.

All right, so you do that.

Okay, so this album was released in 2018 only in physical CD form.


They just recently added in digital Outlets, nice to digital.

It's all right.

And a bunch of performances again.


So this gives like a lot of time e PK is our for like Book events and things that nature so nicely we're doing as a Motley.

All right?

No, no.


So yeah, so they have done a bunch of shows.

That's still nice.

All right, cool.

Let us see good.

All right.

So what was the new album preview?

Is this?

Oh, oh.


Okay, you need a password.

OK fancy.

All right.

That is there anybody in?

All right, cool.

And again with the umlaut.

All right, cool.

I am just going to keep calling that out every time.

All right.

Workshops this interesting.

So, Workshop, facilitation and community outreach.

That's dope.

There was one artist.

Bamboo of the West Coast, and he would do like Community like whenever he was in a new town.

So whether it be like, helping people like build houses or like Community Gardens and stuff, he would do that like while he was in a new town.

So that's pretty those look like they do the same thing here.

So looks like Christine's got a lot of different credentials and kuf Knots are currently collaborating to create.

Positive soulful forward-thinking music, driven Forward Thinking, music driven by a strong message.

They offer, motivational creative arts, workshops and classes for varying ages, using the power of music clinical training and performance experience, to Foster personal growth.

Nice workshops and classes are currently offered in various Community settings, which include schools community, centers treatment programs, wellness centers and yoga / meditation.


All right, working in a strength based model, the workshops and classes are designed to support each devotee, and building skills to strengthen confidence, increase motivation and drive to Foster social emotional growth.

If you're interested in hosting a Workshop / class at your facility, please contact to further discuss the collaboration as though.

All right, nice, nice.

So it's just not about like the music, but they will also come and do like workshops.

Another speaking Workshop, big shots to the homies.

Stanshall he and his wife.

They do like Independent Artists, workshops and stuff.

So, that's cool.

I am glad to see like artists doing other things too, like, help communities of just like coming.

Watch me wrap and make music.

You know, let us build the community here and help better each other.

That's the right word.

All right, contact, nice.


I dig.

It would be nice to have like again like hear something like an audio player or something where I could check out the joints.

Well, I guess you can go to band camp.

So let us see.

This opens a new page or not over the new page.


So here's on bandcamp.

You know, I am a big fan of band camp and okay, so it's just a single right now.

So it doesn't look like they have the actual full album, but I let us check this out.

So this is the single, let us take this.

So you see that's how it's spelt.

So reveal.

What is, what is it supposed to be home?

Like, normally they say, what?

It's, oh, you know what?

I think it's real love.

I think that's what that is.

Well, let us take a listen and see if we're right.

Here we go.

Cooked, it gives me that you know, like my dad and my grandma used to listen to in the living room that good feeling.

Okay, so, where do I begin?

How do I put in words?

This incredible feeling my heart, my soul, so deeply affected from the moment.

Our eyes met.

My life is changed.

You, angel must have been Heaven.

Sent such a blessing, such a giving.

I am here for all of us and that's all you're gonna get.

You have to go cop the album, which is out now, but it's not on the band camp as of yet, but hopefully soon, so you will check that out.

But, yeah, so that's it.

It big shoutouts to kuf nuts and Christina lease Community is, the album is dope from what I have heard thus far from the album and where you will hear more of it on the radio show.

But yeah, I just wanted to shout, I dig the website and it's like it, I like it.

So maybe you like it as well.

Maybe you support, that's why we do these things.

All right, so let me stop screaming.

Stop sharing this screen.

You could definitely tell this is the last session of the day.

I am tired, but it got a lot of stuff done though.

So I am feeling good got stuff done.

So now I can like relax for the rest of the day.

You only watch some anime and chill out and read it.

Read a book.

I have been reading and stuff.

So and check out some more of this side project a little bit before I call it an evening.

And yeah, but hopefully y'all got to do.

Stuff as well, you know, and yeah, so we do these every week.

You can look at the top it will say, like, subscribe at the top of the page and that's where you can see the list of all the upcoming ciphers and you will be able to subscribe.

And so, when we're gold live, you can subscribe to all of them if you so choose or individually and when we go live, you will get like a push notification on your device.

Let you know.

Oh, that we're live in were Rockin.

All right, so cool.

I am gonna give you all like another hour of time to know, so you can work on stuff because the last, the last work, ciphers lot.

Work sessions are normally like longer to kind of like, finish up everything.

All right.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Hope you got even a little bit done or whatever is that you were trying to get working.

All right, so until next time thanks again for hanging out and yeah, see Later be easy.

I am gonna send you a lot with some tunes, start.

This here.

I am just glad everything's working again.

All right.

Thanks, y'all bz almost as our show.

I am still used to yesterday, but until it dot works.

Thank you all.

And yeah, next time be easy piece.

Here we go.

Thanks y'all.

See you.

And I was wrong.