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They are back.

Andreww is back and wants to give a short orientation of the website. Andreww is going to work on a project this day. Andreww is working on weekly blocks of 3 - 3.5 hours blocks. There are two sessions: the work session and the break session. The brakes sessions take place 15 minutes after the work sessions.

Andreww is giving a break session. Andreww shows a row of links.

Andreww has added a new feature to the schedule. You can subscribe get notifications on all the ciphers.

Andreww has a video on Site, but it's muted in the browser.

Andreww is doing speech to text recognition through the browser. Andreww is working on adding a clip and creating a highlight video.

Andreww explains how the video sharing works. Andreww has a Player audio player. Andreww asked some of the producers to submit some music for Andreww's Random projects. Andreww explains how to support artists on Twitter.

Andreww explains to the user how to do tasks and how to check them off. Once done, Andreww will open a new window with a pre - populated tweet listing all the things that you got done.

Andreww wants to learn how to code. they recommend free code camps They project. Andreww has never done it himself. Andreww works at Vonage as a JavaScript developer Advocate and their job is to work on tutorials. Andreww thinks that web - based projects are cool. Andreww hopes that people will be able to follow the steps in the tutorials and understand what's happening in the steps. Andreww has a hakko to help a coder / creator out. Andreww created a private room. they added a little gate to prevent people from joining without permission.

Andreww has a chat - to - speech and speech to text technology. Andreww explains how the website works.

Andreww recorded some videos and put them in the archive. Andreww is going to create a highlight video. Andreww shares a video and a song with their followers. Andreww is going to send some traveling music.

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But those dreams have remained, and they turned around each other.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always put spotted rare.

Welcome back.

And that's my way I think and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me.

Was there something that they have never lead you?

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Alright, welcome back to another until it that works Cipher.

So if this is your first time here, so these first Sessions and I will talk about that later.

I like to kind of go over and give like a little short orientation of everything here on the site.

So until it dot works is kind of like an online study group thing and created it because for me to feel like to feel productive and get things done and actually get stuff done.

I like to block out time when I know that all right, on this.

This time, this day, I am going to work and get something done on a project.

I have been meaning to work on so that's what these are.

So these are like weekly and I block out like three hours to three hour blocks, and each block is a cipher.

And a cipher consists of sessions, and there're two sessions.

There's the work session and the break session, which you just came from, was the work session.

And that is for just heads down, focus on work get stuff, done your, I mean and then these are the brakes sessions, and they happen 15 minutes after the hour.

And it's kind of lets your mind rest.

Think about something else.

Maybe learn find out about something new or what have you or whatever, you know, I mean, maybe get up stretch, take a walk.

What have you done't have to like look at me, yummy?

So this is totally optional.

It's just kind of like a force break to like.

All right, you put it on, you put in a good amount of time.

Now like, relax a little bit, you know, so you got to be good to yourself.

And so what you have here again, is the break session.

If you look above, you will see, A row of links.

There's the home, the shop, the Subscribe, and if you're logged in, it will say, log out.

If you're not logged in it, will say long it.

Now, the Subscribe if you want to find out about any upcoming ciphers, that we have going on.

You can click that and now I will show you all the upcoming ciphers.

So you can.

What's cool is?

You can also subscribe to, I should return to the schedule.

I keep saying I am gonna change the schedule, but I never do.

It's called.


Because you can subscribe to any upcoming Cypher and you will get a notification when we're about to go live.

And you can subscribe to all ciphers as well.

If you wanted to get notifications on all of them and it, you sent, you get a notification on the device that you subscribe to, by the way.

So if you're on your laptop and you subscribe, you're not going to get on your mobile device.

You have to subscribe on your mobile device as well.


Alright, so below that you have my picture, my video?

There's that now if you ever happen to jump in on Site, and we're doing the break sessions, the video may seem Frozen and that's because in the browser, you can't really autoplay video.

And audio is not a thing.

You can like.

I think you can autoplay video, but it's going to be muted.

Like you have to set it to be muted and it's a thing in the browser, you know, because you don't want to like randomly pop up on a site.

And there's like, who knows what's playing your?

I mean, And so you have to interact with the site somehow whether it be clicking or doing something and then it will automatically play.

So, yeah, so that's why there's like the little warning there.

So you may need to click the play, the play button to start the stream.

All right.

Next to that.

We have got the open closed caption button.

I am doing speech to text recognition through the browser.

It's kind of cool.

You can check it out the speech recognition API and hopefully the words that I am saying our being Transcribed into accurate, text that should pop up in a little space.

When you click open closed, caption below that.

You will see two buttons.

There's the add a clip and create a highlight video.

If there's anything that you found interesting or like, oh notable, you can click the add a clip button which I am doing right now and what they will do is it will clip out like five seconds and Then whenever you're done, you get five of those and when you're done, you click create a highlight video.

And what will happen is once I hit stop broadcast, it takes those timestamps, sends it off to my back end, where it does a bunch of stuff, making calls the things that hold on.

I spoke about it earlier, like a while ago.

One of the past videos, you can check it out.

And so, yes, it will happen.

Is, it will take all the clips create a video and then put like a custom header?

Intro and we will have like your actual user name, whether it be Twittered or GitHub depending on whatever you signed in with and yeah, and then from there, you can actually share it.

So and then below that, we have the timer and that's how much time is until the actual next session, which will be the work session and then, you can also join the room too.

If you have any, you want to get join the chat or if you want to have any questions or things like that.

So yeah, there's that cool now.

Now, let me present this thing here.

Let me share my screen.

So now, that was the break session.

Let me show, y'all.

And walk you all around the actual work session mood start screen, share, not going to need any audio.


So here is the work session.

So you will look something similar to this.

The background may be different and the actual artist that loads up may be different, because that's all random.

But up here in the upper left-hand Corner.

We have a Player audio player, and I am lucky enough to know a lot of really cool producers who makes some really great music.

And, so I asked some of them to submit some music for Random projects I have like this.

So there's that.

So if you want to listen to some dope Tunes, while you're getting, whatever it is that you're working on, you can do that right there.

It's a band camp player.

I am a big fan of band camp.

And so these artists are on also on bandcamp.

And so yeah, so you can click buy if you want to check it out.

Like you really want to support artists and you're digging it.

You can share it.

And then below that in the same vein of sharing, if you like to track you can help spread the word and there's a tweet link.

They will do is open up in a new window and will pre-populate a tweet, you know, like kind of saying like, oh, I like this artist little tag on them and the name of the track and then, you know, so it's kind of like a way to, you know, show some sports.

You like it.

I am always a big fan of showing support to artist that you like, you know, so word below that and to the center of the page.

There's the to do section.

And so this is where you list your tasks?

Risk list your tasks that you would like to get done.

You do that in the input field here, where it says, add a task, you hit enter or click the plus sign, it will bring up the task and you're able to check them off and when you do check them off, they go under the done.

And so, you click done and not open that Tab and I will show all the things that you completed cool.

And then once everything is done and you're ready to go, you can actually Click the Twitter icon here.

And now again, we will open up Twitter in a new window with a pre-populated tweet listing all the things that you got done.

It's got like a feel good thing.

Like I got some stuff accomplished feeling good kind of thing.

You know, I mean, so there's that.

All right.

We got another timer and that's just a countdown to the next break session and again, there 15 minutes after the hour.

All right, cool below that we have you tutorials.

Let us say you don't have a thing, you want to work on you look for?

Or what have you with that?

I have some things there.

So let us say you're super brand-new to coding.

He heard about these things and like, owner.

If I wonder is I will be interested in this, so I have two things that I have been told are really good resources.

There's free code Camp and the Odin project.

And from what I say.

I have never done it myself because they weren't around.

When I was, you know, dredging through the, through the muck, trying to learn how to Code and stuff.

It was a different time when I learned to code.

But yeah, so I am told that they're really good and I looked over kind of like the curriculum amazing.

They seemed pretty legit.

So at the very basic at the very base, you will be like you can tell whether or not you like coding and if you would like to spend more time and or money to pursue it further.

So those are cool.

Now, let us say you go through that or you already know about coding.

He's one look.

For a cool project to kind of get started.

So I work at Vonage as a JavaScript developer Advocate and so part of my job is to like work on tutorials.


And so we got three tutorials there from bondage that I had some input on and You can check them out.

I think they're cool.

They're like really cool projects, like little quick things that will like you could get something done, feel good about it and then maybe build on it later.

It might spark something to where you want to build an application around it, or what happened.

And so, we got some stuff.

We're from your browser.

You can dial a phone number.

You can click a button to call, and that will ring a real world phone and you will be able to carry on.

A conversation from the browser and the phone kind of amazing then have the opposite where you can call a virtual number from a real phone and then be able to answer that in the browser.

That's so many different things you could do with that, right?

Kind of amazing.

So there's that and there's also being able to carry on and audio conversation between two browsers, like to users in the browser.

We live in amazing times.

Alright, so there's those, check them out.

My hope is that for any tutorials is that you're able to follow the steps, get the desired outcome, but not only be able to follow the steps but to understand what's happening in the steps.

And so you can take it further and build upon it and do some really cool stuff.

Yeah, I mean, so yeah, so that's that below the tutorials.

We have the hakko which stands for help a coder / Creator out.

That is hey if It's stuck on something or you want to get feedback on something.

You click on the create button there.

Well, they will do is allow you to create a room, your own private room where you will get a unique URL, you can share that URL out on social media, or give it to somebody.

And then will happen, is, they will be able to join your room right now.

They request to join your room first.

Nobody just runs up in your room, you know, I mean, I added like a little blocker so that like little gate so that you could Check to see who is requesting to join your room.

You can click on their name and will open up either their Twitter or GitHub depending on whatever they signed in with.

And yeah, you can actually like deny them.

If anything they look kind of shady because it's the internet.

All right.

So yeah.

So with that you're in your room you as the owner can share your screen and you will be able to show everyone else in the room.

Like hey the thing that you want to show them where the like hey I am running into an issue.

Or hey, what do you think about this like to get some feedback and my hope is that together as a collective you be able to get whatever is that you need?

And now there's chat like text chat.

You can do audio chat.

I have got like text-to-speech stuff there.

So if you want to.

So let us say you don't even want to like look at it.

Whatever you want to focus on what you're working on.

I have Text-to-Speech.

So, all the texts that come in it will be audibly, will be red like the computer the browser will Read it out loud for you, kind of cool stuff.

And I also have speech to text.

So if you want to just be able to talk and it will send your messages as text to the chat text chat, pretty cool stuff.

I think, I don't know, you let me know.

And then you can actually view any other hot coals that are happening.

And then below that we have the show-and-tell.

Let us say you have something cool that you just found out about, you want to talk about it or something you built, or something, whatever and you want to let the world know about it.

We have the show until sign up there like lightning talks where you get 5 to 10 minutes, to kind of just talk about what you found.


That's pretty much it and if we don't have any I will be doing something similar.

So it's kind of like an example.

All right below that, that is where once you hit create a highlight video.

What will happen is that, that status there will say submitted, and then once it's all done, doing whatever it is in the background and is ready for You to check out, it will say done just like how it says there you will be able to click the view button will open it up and you will be able to check out the video preview it.

You can download it and then you will also yet another Twitter link to where you can open it and it will open up Twitter with another pre-populated tweet and there will be a unique URL unique to you.

So that if Twitter for the person looking at it, if it loads up the preview card like the video card, it will be your Go there to preview it, and then we will link to the archive video.

So that's cool.

Yeah, because I record these, and they're in the archive so you can check them out and stuff.

Yeah, and then what else think?

That's pretty much it.

If you have any questions or what, have you feel free to let me know.

I am going to get you all back to work again.

15 minutes after the hour is when we come back for the brick session.

So I wish you much productivity and missing the timer here.

And yeah.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

See you soon.

Hold on switch this.

I am so careful not to press the wrong button because it could mess everything up.

All right, so Yeah, let me almost forgot to create a highlight video.

So I am going to do that now cool.

And so what I can do is because Twitter sometimes or sometimes does it depending on I guess the vice the person I was on they may not show the actual video.

So I download the video and I attached it to the tweet.

And so that way I know there's the video that's going to be shown along with the actual tweet and I posted to A gram as well.

So there's that too.

All right, cool.

Let me stop my screen share, so I can get ready to send you a lot with some traveling music.

And this right here is by one of my favorite producers, goes by the name of new Jabez.


New job is and me.

Share my screen.

And then, all right, here we go.

Cool, and it's featuring a Pawnee be and tried to call.

Thank you, because I want to thank you all for hanging out and see you 15 minutes after our much productivity to y'all, right?

Y'all be easy.