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Laughter, but those dreams, everything, and they have turned around with nature.

Always put spotted rare.

Welcome back and a smile way, I think and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me what this song is.

Never lead you.

Hey, what's going on?

Definitely wasn't just running around last minute, trying to get things together.

How's everyone?

Doing hopefully you are doing well and ready to be productive.

If not, that's cool.


Hang out.

All right, cool.

So hey, I am Dwayne and I be just yeah, yeah getting started.

So, okay.

So I am going to do is for this first so thank you for hanging out.

We're going to do is for this first break session because this is what happens.

This is a lie.

Online study group thing.


So we have periods where it's just like focus on work and those are the work sessions.


And so those are around like 45 minutes.

Sometimes it may give more or what have you averages out about 45 minutes and then 15 minutes after the hour.

That's when we have to break sessions which are these that were looking at right now, so if you can see, there's the video then below that, you will notice there.

I say like that.

You may need to actually click play to start the stream because there's this browser thing where if you don't interact with the site, then it doesn't autoplay videos.

So, that's why I try star little bit earlier so that, you know, people are working on whatever again ready.

Alright, then next to that, you will see open closed caption.

So I am using the web speech recognition API to take.

Whatever it is.

I am saying and cut.

Bring that to text, hopefully accurately and that's popping up in the section there.

When you click that button.

Low that you will see the add a clip and like, probably 0 of 5.

And so that is, if there's anything that you found interesting during these break sessions?

You can click that button.

It will take like that clip.

You get five of them now.

Take like a five-second clip, ultimately get five.

And then at the end you can whenever you're done with your Clips create a highlight video.

And so what that does are I hit stop broadcast sends that information over to like a back-end that I set up.

There's a bunch of calls to different apis or what have you and it stitches together like a highlight video custom to you which are timestamps.

And will happen is I will show it like well how you will know and get to the video when we when I share my screen to show what happens when we're not in break sessions.

Thus, the work sessions.

Yeah, let me share my screen.

So my hope is that, you know, you may have a thing that you have been planning on working on only if you had time kind of thing.

Well, here's some time, you know, so every week, There's a block of time you can work on stuff.

So it's kind of like an excuse like, okay, I am going to do this thing.

I am going to work on my project, whatever it is, or learn something or create something, whatever it is that you have been meaning to do, you know, like clean around the house or whatever?

What have you?

I mean so yeah.


So let me share my screen again so that we can show you kind of like the lay of the land where we're on the work mode.

Okay, here we go.

All right.


My screen won't need any audio.

Cool share.

All right, so when we're in the work session, your Page will look something similar to this.

So this is like your workstation.

And so up here in the upper left-hand Corner.

We have an audio player, shouts of the good Folks at band camp and a special shout-out to all the super amazing producers that I know who sent in tracks for me to be able to do stuff with my random projects.

So, so that's what shows up here.

You will be able to click play, you know if you like to have some tunes while you're working on, whatever it is that you're working on.

And you can do that.

And if you like the artist, you can always like, you know, support by buying the track sharing it or even like by sending out a tweet that you're, you know, you enjoyed it.

There's a way of kind of like showing support to Independent Artists, which I am a big fan of doing blow that into the right, is the to-do list.


This is where you enter the task that you want to try and get done this week.

Like, for me finish up some Radio show promo work, you know send out the, eat scheduled email blasts, do some social network posts Etc.

And then also work on my current side project been doing pretty good.

Hopefully, I will be able to have something to show next few weeks.

But yeah, work on that.

So, you know kind of put all the stuff in there, you type it into here where it says, add a task.

They can either press the plus button or hit enter and it will add it to your task.

If you want to see the tasks you were finished.

You would click done and show you all the tasks that were completed.

Yes, and then towards the end, you will be able to if you want click the Twitter icon and then that will open up a new window to Twitter with a pre-populated tweet with all the things that you have got done kind of like a nice little wave.

Like its kind of celebrate getting some stuff done.

All right.

Now to the side here, next to that, you will see a countdown timer.

Now, that will that one in the work mode.

Countdowns, countdowns counts down, count.


Counts down to when the next break session is and again, normally there 15 minutes after the hour.

So that you kind of see like, oh, okay break is coming up.

Let me get to a good stopping point.

Low that.

Now, let us say you don't have a thing that you want to work on.

We have these tutorials here and I go coding for a living.

I am a full disclosure.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

And so the tutorials are coding like centered and so you can actually add tutorial.

So if you have a tutorial you think it's cool.

Doesn't even have to be about coding or anything, you know basket weaving or what have you if you find one?

That's cool.

Feel free to add it.

All right.

So now what you will find there now is that, let us say you have heard so much about this coding thing and your kind of, your interests are piqued.

So, I added two sources that from what, from what I have heard.

They're really good resources, and I haven't done them like myself by look through it.

And seems pretty cool.

So, there's free code camp, and then there's the Odin project.

And with both of those I believe you'd be able to get like a good feeling whether or not you want to continue with coding because again, it's not for everyone.

Yeah, I mean, but it's cool that you at least you can try it for free and you know, spend a little bit of time on it to see if there's something that you maybe want to devote more time and or money to.

And, you know, maybe you find a new career or another source of income or another source of being able to another Avenue to express your creativity, on the web.

Everyone to enjoy, I don't know.

Stuff like that.

I think it's cool.

So there's that.

Then also have again.

I work at Vantage.

So I have some Vonage tutorials that I have helped work on that some input on, and so I am always big on feedback.

So if you ever get a chance to check them out, I think they're pretty cool.

Like you're able to do one tutorial from your browser call an actual phone that's in the real world.

So taking something that's like virtual the browser and be able to communicate to the real world on an actual phone.

I find that amazing and so got that tutorial.

Then we have the opposite where you're able to actually call from a physical phone like a virtual number and then you'd be able to answer that in the browser.


Technology is amazing.

Then there's another one where you could have like a voice chat between two browsers between users of an application again, amazing talk to people all over the world, cool stuff.

So, yeah, so that's that.

So check them out.

If you do them, let me know.

Because like a couple of goals that I have for tutorials is that like you will be able to follow the steps cool and get the desired outcome?


But I also like it if you understood what was happening in each step.

And got the desired outcome.

So yeah, let me know if you get a chance to do them.

Let me know what you think?

All right, cool.

All right below that let us say you get you started working on something a bit you get stuck or maybe you want feedback or you want some opinions or what have you?

That's why we have the hot goes tacos are help a coder / Creator out.

And with those you're able to set up like your own room, right?

And as the owner of the room.

You get a link and then you can send that out on social media or whatever, like asking people for help or critiques or what have you, so that person be able to go and click the link, and then they request to join your room.

And as the owner of the room, you can see who's requesting.

And not only see who's requesting, but you can click their name and see their profile of either their GitHub or Twitter depending on where they logged.

Din with right, so that you can determine whether or not you want to let that person in or what have you?

And then so you get people in a room.

And as the creator of the room, you can share your screen and so that you can show what it is that you're running an issue with or maybe you want to get feedback on.

And so, my hope is that everyone working together would be able to come up with some sort of conclusion or you get the feedback that you need.

Solution to your issue.

And so, yeah, so it's kind of like a live.

Like Mission, not Mission problem solving.


It's early for me.

My words have the skating heed, my words.

Don't come to know me like 11 o'clock.

So all right.

So that's the hot cocoa and then you will be able to actually give how you will be able to view any other hot coals that are happening, cool.

Now, let us say you run across something that you find is amazing.

World-changing life-changing.

You can do a show and tell you can sign up for that.

They're just quick lightning talks.

I am a big fan of lightning talks and Being able to get like, five ten minutes.

It's gonna talk about the thing that excites you, and yeah, maybe excites other people as well, and you can start communicating and make something even greater again.

My huge aspirations for, what could come out of this cool next here.

Let us say you been doing these clips.

Where have you these, which I have been kind of doing on and off.

Funny thing is, Is it's muted.

So I have no clue what comes out in these clips.

So it is pretty much random.

I just randomly click add a clip.

So let us say you got your Clips, you hit that create a highlight video here under highlight.

The status will say submitted then after it's doing what it does in the back end.

It lets this your site know that hey the clip is done and ready to be viewed.

So with that, you can view click View.

You can do it, see a preview of it.

You can download it.

You can send a, you can click again.

And it will open up Twitter again, in a new browser with a pre-populated tweet with a special URL to the archived video of the break session.

That was cool.

Is the preview image.

The video is your video in the Twitter in bed, which is cool.

What I think, Twitter may have changed it.

I don't know.

I don't follow these things, but you can do what?

I have been doing is downloading the Highlight clip, and then Dominick the Highlight clip and then my bed, let me stop sharing the screen, downloading, the Highlight clip.

And then I put it to Instagram, I share it to Instagram and I also added to my tweet that I send out.

So that way the preview is there, and people can check it out if they like it.

Maybe they come and join.

And we build this community thing here or people doing stuff and working, and getting stuff, done that they want to get done again.

My mathy.

As for what could happen with this?

All right.

So that's that I am gonna get you all back to work.

Once again.

I wish you much productivity as I set this up and yeah, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or whatever wherever whoever and yeah.

Thank you all once again for hanging out when we owe.

So yeah, so if there's no show and tells going to talk about something, I found interesting during the week or what-have-you episode putting it together because again the mornings And then if there are no other like show and tells go over an artist's website that I liked and play on the radio show and maybe you will like them as well.

And you know, maybe find a new artist that you dig and can support or what have you.

So if you can't.

Yeah, alright cool.

So that's that.

Thank you all.

Once again for hanging out and get you all back to work here and send you off with some tunes.

All right, this is new Jabez.

Well my favorite producers of all time and a Honeybee, the track is called, thank you because I want to thank you all for hanging out.

And yeah, see you all soon.

Oh, almost forgot to click the what you call it the create a highlight video because that would have been bad and I would have been sad.

And that would be horrible.

All right.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Yeah, I think that's it.

So, let us be out share this audio.

Yeah, cool thing.

That's it.

So yeah, there's only okay.

Also, these are like three hours chunks.

The actual online, Cipher.

All ciphers like three hours.

We do two a day today.

And so there's one later on, but in you can check it out in the schedule where it says, like, what is this an of the top?

It says subscribe for my input schedule, right, that make more sense, right?

I don't know, but you can subscribe to get notified when these things are alive.


Thank you.

All once again, yeah, I am out of here.

See you later.

Yeah, there's three of these three breaks.

And so if we don't have any show and tells we go over something that I found interesting as far as Tech, and then also looking ours website.

So see y'all later.

Thanks again for hanging out.

Thank you.


Yeah, here we go.

All right.

Thanks again.

Y'all be easy.