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Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket, welcome back.

That same old place that you well, then since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they turn around, they need you.

Teacher, we got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, welcome back.

Alright, so this is the final Cipher of the day and for the week had one earlier and I think went, okay is always like in the early ones.

That's kind of rough because it's like the morning for me and I stayed up a little bit later because for radio show that I do on Saturdays.

I decided to kind of transfer everything over to this new laptop and a new like, recorder that I got.

So it helps by bringing down like the number of equipment and things I use.

So, yeah, so had a little took a little bit longer because, you know, there're things like, oh, I forgot to this login and these things in Remembering this password is stuff.

So, yeah, so got that.

Done earlier finished up all.

The post radio show promo stuff, so all of that done.

And yeah, so what does that y'all are working on?

I mean, let me know.

I got my laundry about to finish that up paid like my bills for the month.

So that was cool.

What else?


I want to work on the dashboard of this other side project.

I am working on.

So let me know what is that you're working on and while I am doing while you're let me know in the chat room or what have you if you have questions or anything, please feel free.

Let You know, all right.

So let me share my screen because it's like the intro.

So for anybody that's the new kind of want to give you a like an overlay of the land kind of what's happening when you're in the work mode.

All right, so I am going to share my screen here.

All right.

So this is similar to what you will see when you're working, and we're in the work, Focus mode, right?

So up here.

We have the audio player with some goodness, that some folks, send some of their music through for to check out here.

Right here is the to do tasks list thing.

So I can click to do as you type in your doodoos things that aren't done and up here.

Click done and it will show the things that are completed.

And then if you hit the Twitter button, Twitter logo, it will actually open Twitter in a new window and then pre-populated tweet with all the things that you have completed already.

Here's a timer so you can go ahead and see when the break is going to start.


They the breaks happen, 15 minutes after the hour below here.

If you don't have a thing that you want to work on.

You don't have a side project or anything that you want to work on provide some tutorials.

There're links to free code camp and the Odin project which I hear a really good.

If you're thinking about getting into coding, no better way than like being able to because coding is one of the few things, where you can kind of get a feel for what you're going to do for free.

Well, I mean, you need like internet connection and like some sort of computer went but you can't even do that at the library.

If you really dedicate, if you really want it neither here nor there.

We're like little no costs.

Even on your phone.

You can probably do it some of them, but you can kind of get a feel of what's in the field and then you can decide whether or not you want to spend more time and or money pursuing it.

So, there's that also full disclosure.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

So, I have some Vonage tutorials there that I have worked on.

And so let me know if you have Issues, because I am always looking for more feedback.

We're all like, as a team.

We're always trying to get make it as straightforward as possible for these tutorials.

So the pretty cool like you can make a phone call from the browser to an actual phone and vice versa.

So from an actual phone to the browser to web users can speak with each other through the internet.

It's kind of amazing stuff.

So word.

All right, so there's that, then below, that is what we call the hakko, help Creator /.

Coder out now.

That is if you get stuck on whatever it is that you're working on.

You can create a Jaco, which is basically a room and you as the owner can create, you can share your screen and then you can invite people into the room and my hope is that together, everyone can come to like some sort of solution for that issue that you're having.

So there is that, or if you're looking to get feedback on something that you made.

What have you there?

Is that as well.

So cool.

And then, there's the view that can you can check out any other ones that are happening and stuff.

So it kind of see what's happening.

Oh, and then if you have anything cool that you want to showcase.

So I am a big fan of like lightning talks and like show and tell.

So there's something cool that you came across and you find interesting, you can go ahead and click the show and tell you can sign up.

You get like five ten minutes.

Just really quickly to talk about.

What is that?

You find interesting?


Speaking of anything interesting.

If there's anything that happens during these videos that you find interesting and you want to make like a highlight clip.

If you look below this video, you will notice below the open closed caption window.

There's the add a clip and so you get five clips, and they're like 5 Seconds a piece.

So you adequate it will clip out.

Five seconds.

When you're done, you get up to five when you're done.

You can click create a highlights video, which I forget even forgot to do it last Cipher.

But yeah, click that, that kind of stores everything.

So once the broadcast stops it goes, and creates your highlight clip and it will show here because under highlight, they will say status submitted first because he submitted it, and then when it's done, you will see little view button, show up.

And then there you can check it out.

You can download the video and I post them to Instagram or you can hit the tweet.

Send the Tweet link.

And again that will open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet with what school is the link.

It's a preview card video.

Embed preview card thing and your customized a highlight video is the preview for the full recording.

So, yeah, so that's that.

What else?

I think that's it.

So, oh, last time we spoke about.

So what's going to happen is, if we don't have anybody that wants to do lightning talks.

I am thinking going to talk about this thing.

I did at work today involving GitHub and like this one just simple button and it opens up all sorts of amazingness on GitHub.

So, if you're looking to do like small, tiny changes going to do that.

So probably have like a quick demo of that also want to if nobody, the final break session will be going over artist's website.

So if we don't have anybody signing up, that's what's on the docket.

All right, that's what's up.

We got scheduled.

All right, so cool.

Going to give you back some more time.

Let us see here.

So remember 15 minutes after the hour or when the break session happened.

So good luck on whatever it is that you're working.

Hang on.

Let me stop sharing.

All right, top screen.

Share, cool.

So I can go ahead and get this other screen going.


All right, so good luck.

Whatever it is that you're working on.

Hope you make some sort of progress on it because again, it's consistently working on stuff even is like tiny little like efforts, you know, like and Getting it done.

Like I think that can consistently doing that will build into something bigger.

And so that's the hope of these.

So yeah, cool.

Let me get out of here, share this screen and I got remember to click the create a highlight video because I am probably going to forget.

So alright, start screen, share, make sure I have the audio share.

All right, cool.


You all good luck and whatever it is that you're working on.

Feel free to hit me up.

I am on Twitter.

Oh Amia tense, other singer.

Oh, one of the things I have added since launching until it that works is a links mentioned section of the archived videos.

So you go back to the videos page and any links that I mentioned you will be able to find them there and click on them.

So I am going to put in my Lifelong Dev Twitter handle and that save it cool.

Alright, so, thank you all going to be out of here.

Talk to you later.

Alright, bz peace.

Wait, let me click this creates highlight video button first before I forget.

All right.



See you soon.

Good luck.