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Details automatically generated.

Speaker has added something new to the videos. Now there are summary topics and a transcript. Details are automatically generated. Speaker has created a summary of the highlights clips that can be added later. Speaker uses a service from symbol dot. They want to use it in their project on building. Speaker does the following: a summary of the broadcasts recorded, a video link that vonage sends them, and then they store it for each video. Speaker uses the internet very often to get information from places to place. Speaker is big into hip-hop and artists and supporting websites. They are going to do some research. It worked out. Now speaker is looking at the videos and they can take the older ones that they created in the dashboard. Speaker will show the dashboard and the shop.

God never led speaker back. Today speaker is going to introduce himself.

They made a presentation that they have been working on recently. It went well. Speaker will give an overview of their talk. If they get stuck, they send them a jaco which is a Creator / coder. Speaker is a vonage developer advocate and wants to give some feedback. Speaker is going to show some stuff they have been working on this week on the site. Speaker is sharing their screen. The website says they are live.

Speaker needs help, they will do a lightning talk about the hakko technique.

They come back, speaker will let me know what they's working on.

Speaker has done all that could be done.

Speaker is using vonage conversation api and the client sdk to send information to their page. They make sure everything works as they would like it to be. Speaker has finished a lot of work for the radio show. Speaker will start watching anime and they during these guys. Speaker has been learning to their native tongue, which is called repetition. Speaker grew up and took spanish to high school. They are better at reading than speaking, because they take spanish very seriously. Speaker is going to get back to work. Word will be in 45 minutes. Speaker will come up with a better tag line.

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I will change since you hung around but those dreams have remained, and they have turned around each other.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome back.


We always put spotted rare.

Welcome back and that's my way I think and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me was there something it babies come back and God never lead you.

Got it on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey welcome back to the final Cipher of this day today, so I was going on I will think I introduce myself Dwayne I created until it that works so that a lot of times for me, I make random projects for me and I open it up to maybe other people may find it useful.

So for example, Well like the hip-hop, which is what you see pretty much when you're in Focus working mode.

So I made that, so I could, you know, do tasks.

And that was like I have all these projects that I want to do.

I want to like, even get like, even if it's a little bit done on it, I want to be able to at least set some time aside to be able to work on it and, you know, through consistent action, you know, you could accomplish great things.

So, So that's why I until it dot works and plus it gave me an excuse to buy another donate domain name because I have a problem and yeah.

So we're now we're here.

So, I got to make a cool project.

I think it's cool.

And yeah, and hopefully invite people on.

So, with that being said, I would like to know if whatever it is.

Hey, Tanya, yo, congratulations on the presentation that you have been working on.

I heard it went really, really well.

So congratulations, shall see you.

Um, but yeah, so hey, if you want to, you know, do a quick lightning talk or what have you, maybe like, five ten minutes to give an overview of your talk or something?

That's what we're here for.

So you can sign up for the lightning talk I think I will call it show and tell so there's that.

So if there's anything cool that you know or you know want to know about there's that option.

If you get stuck you can send out a Jaco which is help a Creator / coder out.

And it's pretty much a kind of create your own room where you as the owner can share your screen and then you can invite people into the room.

So that hopefully it collectively is able to solve the issue or maybe some.

You just need like feedback on something or whatever.

So those are the hot goes if you don't know what you want to do, we have tutorials.

So disclaimer I am a Vonage developer Advocate like in JavaScript, so I have some of the tutorials Rules that I work on in there.

So I am super interested if anybody tries it out, let me know if you run into any issues, and we can make those tutorials better, but I also have stuff like free code camp and the Odin project.

So I have never used myself.

But from what I am hearing, they're really helpful.

If you kind of like want to tip your toe into development to kind of see if it's something you want to put money into in time into an effort into.

And if you do then Hey, at least, you know, around this time you have a time when you can, you know, study with some other folks.

So yeah, so there's that cool now kind of I am kind of proud of it.

So I want to show some stuff that I have been working on last week and got implemented into the show into the site this week and it works.

So which is great.

So as long as you aren't showing because it worked so otherwise you think I will be showing you.


All right cool.

So let me Open the window.

We go to the site.

Okay, let me share my screen.

Start screen, share.

I don't think I am gonna need any audio so Alright so here's the website, right?


So now if you came to one side before you would notice that over here where it says we are live, it would be like the next time we're going to be live web components.

All right?

So you go to videos.

The videos are now from newest to oldest before it was oldest to newest.

I would put that around.

I think that might be better.

Let me know what you think if you want to see the newest first or the oldest first?

So, but I, yes, you can see already from earlier today.

Those videos are already up because I have everything automatic once I hit stop broadcast.

It just starts doing a whole bunch of stuff behind the scenes, generating the thumbnail, uploading it to the hosting all types of stuff.

So now I added something new.

So you click on one of these, let us go to the latest one.

Now right here, you see that there're summary topics and a transcript.

So and here we get the same web component.

Right here is going to point out, web components everywhere.

And so, then notice it says details are automatically generated.

So I worked on last week was to be able to not only generate the thumbnails Get it uploaded do all these other stuffs like generating the Highlight Clips, all those things.

By the way, if anything that I am saying seems interesting or anything that's happening on the screen, you see.


You can create look, if you look below there's a add a clip, and we will do is you can add five clips, and they will take those and create like a highlight video and that you can download or send a tweet and yeah.

So if you follow me on like Twitter or Instagram, you'd see Like the little highlight clips that have been made automatically, so that's cool.

All right, so speaking of automatically so now the summary.

So I went into it in the last Cipher earlier so you could check out one of the videos from today earlier but, so I went over kind of how I went.

I use there's a service from symbol dot Ai and I only know of them because it's our fault.

Me on Twitter, and I was like oh this seems cool and like I can use this in this project on building so what it is you basically send them data so whether it be like audio video text, and they go ahead and retrieve different details that you want.

So like for example a summary that they can gain from that media questions, there are any action items topics the text speech too.

X, so, like the transcript.

So I take the video link that Vonage sends me of the broadcasts recorded.

I send that to symbol an i and then I get back some information and then I store that for each video.

So for example, you see a summary here and it's I think it's partly, you know, because it's Ai and it's kind of hard to understand, you know, humans because we're Messy and just by the way, like I speak and stuff.

So I tend to jump from place to place.

So as you can see, sometimes it may not be the greatest summary but it was generated and it's kind of its kind of there, it gets there, so there's that, I don't know, their partner Tony, I don't know what that's talking about.

I don't know where I got.

From, but the owner of is, maybe a verse It might have been something sample, the great who we showed her website last time.

So I am also doing this new thing where I am big into hip-hop and artists and supporting artists and websites.

So I was like well why not take the time to look at some hip-hop artist?

I support websites.

So I thought that's cool.

So we're going to do that in one of these bricks sessions coming up but so there's that stuff.

So I don't know if sample, the great said something because it called Ample here.

So yeah.

Okay, fine.

Again, it was Jay is automatically generated.

Then we have topics.

So, I guess certain things that we spoke about, I don't know if we spoke about long-sleeve drawings, but sure, and then the transcript, which is pretty much just kind of like what was said, sort of.

So yeah, so I thought that was pretty cool.

It came out, I am just happy it worked and that it Actually worked out.

And so, yeah.

So that's pretty cool.

So, you know if you ever get a chance, check that out again, it's one of the videos tab.

I have to go through and the older ones, I created in the dashboard that I am looking at right now, a way of being able to, just take the older ones and is generated whatever.

I need would be a thumbnail or those details or what have you or get the thing uploaded.

And I am thinking when we come back, the next break which is going to be 15 minutes after the hour.

I will probably Show the dashboard like what I am looking at now and so you kind of see what's happening and stuff.

So yeah, cool.

So I think that's where we're at, and then.

Yeah, so I am going to go through and kind of like, fill them out, whatever is missing.

So all right and then, of course, while we're here, we have got the shop.

I mean, so some dope t-shirts, hoodies, whatever you want.

So we have got all sorts of stuff there.


And then the about but you know like what I used to make all this stuff.

So yeah cool.

So I think that's everything.

What else?

When we come back.

So let me know whatever is that you're working on, hopefully you're making some progress in what it is that you're working on.

What else?

Thinking already spoke about the hakko.

If you get stuck, if you don't know where to start, there're the tutorials.

And if you have anything cool, you want to show we can do a lightning talk, like 5-10 minutes.

What have you?

So yes.

All that could be done.

What else?

Oh, and then found out that the closed-captioning wasn't working.

And, so I did a hotfix last Cipher so sure that should be working as well.

So if you click open closed, captions, And then you turn it on.

That's just some speech-to-text stuff that's actually built into Chrome browsers and so it's taking my speech turning into the text and then I am using Vonage conversation API and the client SDK, which is why I work on to send that information to your page right now.

So yeah, a lot and the same thing as with the chat room that's built on vaner stuff.

So I like to use Vonage since I work.

They're the kind of see and make sure everything works the way we would like it to work.

You know, I mean so yeah, so that's that cool.

I think that's it.

Just got a bunch of, finally finished a bunch of stuff for the radio show, all the posts promo stuff.

So she doesn't really have to be coding and just be anything that you have been wanting to get done.


Yeah, I mean, so just taking time because I know if I didn't set this time, I would be wondering about it all day and this is going to take up a bunch of time, at least.

This is when these ciphers are over.

I can go watch, like, anime and Rick and Morty, or learn Japanese or something or whatever.

You know, I am saying, that's not necessarily tied to a thing.

I am truly.

Well, no, I think even though the Japanese stuff, I will probably start doing that during these guys.

I have been bad at keeping up with that.

So yeah, so I will probably start do the whole.

Are you trying to our language?

You know, language.

Let you know, let me know if you know a language you have any tips?

Because right now I have just been kind of like watching Like videos and having a, what is it called?

Forgot the name of the app, but it's supposed to help like we're repetition and stuff.

And so that's why I have been learning to her.

I got some of the base.

I can recognize things but there's so much stuff to Japanese Spanish.

All right.

So you know Spanish or do you are you learning Spanish?

Because I know some Spanish because I grew up in Miami and I took it up in took.

Yeah, I think middle school and high school.

I did Spanish.

Oh, I am better at reading then because speaking very quickly like throws me off but I think reading it I could put it together.

But yeah.

So I actually took all the Spanish courses in high school and I took some German classes.

So speccy be Joy, hbt.

So yeah, that was horrible.

Riley took Mandarin too nice.

See you get see that's what happened.

Get busy.

And so that's why I am hoping by taking this time to do stuff.

If you got to get back to those things where you got too busy for to accomplish.

Yeah, I mean, so that's what I am hoping will happen with these ciphers.

So even if it's a little bit at a time, you know, I know some and have a conversational partner.

No, nice.


That you we say work with like we work at the same place just everybody understand.

So do I work with this person or this you mean like work with in general like working on the language?

Because we have a lot of amazing people where we work and that might be a good idea that you know see if they can speak.

Sign language neither here nor there.

I am gonna get you all back to work.

So again I am just rambling.

Thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully you are productive and whatever it is that you're working on and yeah, going to get you all back to work.

Let me know if there's anything you need.

And again, thank you all for hanging out.

And yeah, let me out of here.

So, again, thank you.


So again let me know working a language of the non-work person.

Got you?

All right cool.

Alright thanks you all and yeah see you in like 45 minutes.

All right, thanks again.

And much productivity to you, I got to come up with better tag line, alright, be easy.

I am gonna Chuck it happens because my penis tonight.