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Speaker will use their phone to record events on stream and set a custom rtmp.

Speaker's chromebook is running on localhost. Speaker is going to use stream Labs to stream the files. Speaker has the custom rtmp setup and he's going to go live.

  • meetups
  • meetup groups
  • meetup organizers
  • create app
  • google app engine standard
  • app called stream
  • stream labs

But those dreams everything and they turn around each other.

Hey, what's going on?

Welcome Back to the second break session of this second Cypher of the day.

A lot of numbers in there.

So hopefully whatever you have been working on, has been productive, hopefully making some strides in progress.

I am doing alright.

Like my, like, my eyes may seem glazed over because I am learning about like, static IP.

And like port forwarding and all these things that I as a front-end developer and sometimes back in person when need be is just like working on node and all that stuff.

Not a problem.

But when it comes to like firewalls and sitting up DNS stuff and try like I just want to be able to deploy it and just know it's good.

I don't have to worry about firewalls and things like That's what you know the good folks over at like infrastructure and things do.

So yeah.

So I have been working on that trying to figure that out.

So as a recap by the way so feel free to jump in the chat room if you so like to there's okay for anybody new, there's the Below the video that you're watching.

You should see open closed caption button do that.

The text-to-speech shows up and it's experimental.

So take that into consideration and then below that if there's anything that you find interesting in anything that's being said on the video, you can actually clip it out and you get five Clips when this is all over.

I hit stop.

Cast it does, it's tough bunch of stuff in the back end where it creates like it, joins all the Highlight clips that you had.

And we will let you know that you can either download it or do a tweet with it in there.

So, yeah.

See that's a back.

Step back end stuff.


No problem.

Like, I can do Cloud functions all day, no problem.

But when it comes to like deploying and then needing to a certain port to be open and then you have to deal load balancers and all type of things.

Oh I just want to sing.


So I where there's a will there's a way great philosopher.

Once said, Jay-Z difficult, takes a day impossible takes a week.

So I am going to work on this and try to get it done.

I am so amazed that.

So let me show you a demo but first let me have my going to do this.

Yeah, okay, so I showed before was I was working but let me do a quick recap.

Okay, share my screen, I don't believe I am Annie.

The audio, so I won't be doing that.

Okay, share my screen, cool.

Here we go.

All right, so a while back, I created a website so that for people who could not make it to meetups physically, I would be able to watch it online.

So I would go to because I was going to the meetups anyway.

So I was like, hey while I am here and I have streamed events in the past before I was like, well, let me just do that here for these meetups.

And so I created this cytotec dot events.

Where are not only.

So it shows you upcoming events, right?

And so, you can kind of scroll through and see what's coming up and then you can find out information about it.


So, what's happening is that it's calling from a bunch of groups that I have pre-selected veteran, Orlando area, like Tech Community.

And so it pulls from the meeting Meetup API every like three hours.

I think I have the Cron job set up for and so it pulls all these different meetup groups.

Pages and gets their latest events and it puts them here.

And now, so what I was doing was I would go to the different events and I would set up my system and so that record them.

So I would broadcast them live, and then they be recorded, and they would show up here so like for example this was one of them.


So all this worked out great and then when the pandemic, Hit and nobody could go to meetups actually created like a dashboard, where Meetup organizers can log-in and stream the events themselves.

And so, yeah, you're able to like watch the live events on this site as well.

So that went well.

So now the new project that I want to work on is kind of similar but I wanted to be even easier for a person to stream.

And so, because the way I was doing it before with this, I had to log in to this dashboard and I had to send it to this place and logged in and this thing and I didn't want the other person who's going to using it to have to worry about all that, I wanted to be just set some here.

Some URLs, put it in this thing and you're good to go.

So, When I did my initial research, I figured out that.

All right, I need to do.

I need to set up a rtmp server.

But everything that I found said, you need to set up an end, nginx thing, and then some load balancers and all this other stuff and whole bunch of things.

And I was like, nah, I am cool.

Then I found this Big shells to I ll U s-- Pas, a lupus on GitHub.

And I remember how I think I was just randomly searching again for rtmp servers and found this node media server.

I am like media server.

One looking for and node.


So I went through and it's pretty straightforward.

Pretty cool.

And so the setting up is not too bad, like you just created directory, CD into the directory, you do the install of the package and then you create app, dot JS, or whatever file.

And then you just here's a configuration for it pretty straightforward, kind of awesome and then you just run it.

So then you just do, you know, node and the file and you're good to go.

Awesome guy, working locally.


I was eight.

So then Guy.

Well, I need a place to store it and I don't believe Firebase is going to do what I need because like with the cloud functions, they go to sleep after a while they hibernate.

And, so I need something that's a little bit last longer I think so.

Shouts of Fire Ship dot IO.

I saw a YouTube video of theirs, and they mentioned the seven different ways that you could deploy your node at like great just in time.

And he mentioned the compute engine, which again I just kind of like the mises eyeglass over.

I like now and the Google app engine standard and that seemed to fit what I need, and so I got it deployed.

No problem.

I could pull up the admin section.

Great put in the password username everything works fine but the issue came.

I try to send From a camera.

So I wanted to use, I had a camera here.

The instant 361, our camera, because you can go to, you can go live with it and you can set a custom rtmp and point great.

So I tried it and it wasn't working with the deploy things.

I didn't know if it was the camera or the deployed, so I was like all right let me try with the local and see if I can get that worked out had some Shoes, because it's running locally, I needed to expose it because I figured, hey, I am just going to use my phone because I know this camera should be fine and good to go because I use a program an app called stream, laps great.

And we're stream Labs, I can set a custom rtmp cool now.

So I don't have to worry about Connections and everything because it Bluetooth to the camera all the stuff.

So I was like, all right, let me try start at the base as much as possible.


So let me go over the localhost.

But in order for my phone to be able to connect to it, I needed to port forward, the port for the rtmp so that it could reach, so I can pull it up here and it will reach the, my Chromebook, which is back here.

The kind I, do I develop on a Chromebook, and so I have it running locally on my Chromebook and then I have another Port open so that I can share.

It here.

So let me stop screen sharing real quick, let me screen share the actual tab.

I think it's this one.

All right, so yes.

All right, so this is it running locally on my Chromebook back here right now, I am going to use stream Labs.

So as you notice here, you know, CPU usage is very minimal, memory usage, none.

No connections to ignore that.

And the network bandwidth now as well.

So, he streams, show you the streams and the profile.

And again, this is all coming from just that one package, the no need Server.

And if I can get this worked out, I am going to get him multiple cups of coffee.

This is great.

All right.

So let me pull up stream Labs real quick to do stream Labs.

I had this open before.

Okay, stream laps, now, check this out, notice the connections.


So I am going to go live because I already have the custom rtmp setup and cool.

So now that I have port forwarding, that means that other devices on the same network.

So, other than the same Wi-Fi network to be able to access it.


So I am going to do the custom rtmp, put in a random stream title.

Sure, go live.


You saw that go ups, that's because I am connected.

And what's cool is now if I go to streams it was blank before but now we have this test one that I put in here.

So when you quit it gives you all sort of information and stuff is pretty cool and the codec, and all this other stuff.

Now, when I click test, it will bring up a, I can hear myself.

It's a good thing.

I didn't share the audio grabby, weird.

It's throwing me off now.

Okay, let me mute the audio.

All right.

So now here is the actual video from my phone being streamed to my local locally running server there.

And it's this is pretty much what I wanted.

And so this is kind of amazing.

So I am almost there, I am getting there and so not too bad if anybody knows anything.

So now, the thing is, I believe I need to Because I think the issue is with, I think with the deployed one is that the dot doesn't allow for other types of ports or something like that.

Something I will try to understand.

So, the only way for that to work is if I have like a static IP address but then I don't think you get a static IP address, so I am not sure.

So I don't know if I can send it to another domain and now work out of these are the things I have to try figure out.

So if anybody knows it has done anything like this before, please feel free to reach out to me because I am at a I am pulling up all these different articles and things and you gotta love it.

When it seems like the issue that you're looking for is like right there, you click the link and it goes, like A 404 page in the documentation I am like oh, that is awesome.

So I am kind of dealing with that.

And yeah.

So if anybody has any ideas about how this works out, please let me know.

Um, what else?

But yeah, I think that's pretty much it.

So, that's where I am at now.

I am almost there.

I am so close and once I can get this working on the deployed version, I can start working on some other aspects.

So hopefully, maybe next week I will have something more on my findings but yeah.

So once again, thank you.

For hanging out.

Let me stop this.

So when I stop it now, So I click OK hits, stop, stop broadcasting.


And then it stopped and when I refresh it, see it's gone.

Everything's back to like zero, it's pretty awesome.

So yeah, that's where I am at now.

So if anybody has any like experience with node media server or just being able to let me stop this screen share So yeah.

So if anybody has any experience with node media server or like Google app engine standard or anything like that or just getting like a rtmp and point server, thing working feel free to hit me up, so we can talk about it.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

If anybody has any show-and-tell stuff that they want to do.

The next break is the last opportunity.

So Feel free to sign up if not I am going to go over an independent artists website and just maybe listen to some music.

Alright, so again, thank you all for hanging out.

I am going to get you all on your way.

Hopefully everything is productive for you.

I am doing pretty good.

Like it feels good to like I said I have never done this before well in small chunks nothing of this scale.

I always try to grow a little bit more and more with everything.

NG so yeah.

So this one is a stretch.

I have never like, done at this kind of scale before, so we will see.

All right, so let us you're on your way.

Thank you very much for hanging out going to get the outro music.

Worked out.

Yeah, I have way too many windows open.

I have got to get better at this.

Um, where is it?

This one cool.

Alright, again, thank you all for hanging out and, yeah, see you a 15 minutes?


All right, thanks.

Me, the screen share.

This one.

Good cool.

All right Cheryl.

Thanks again.