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  • work screen
  • chrome browser
  • twitter handle
  • aluminum extrusions

Laughter battle with another have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams have remained, and they turned around each other.

Always good spot.

Here are, welcome back and I smile way I think and I know what to see you again learning.

Was there something that they have never lead you?

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

All right to another edition of this week's until it dot works, and whatever it is for you, that's what will be.

Well, what you will be working on if you need help.

Let us know.

All right.


So thanks, once again, I think I have got the website to a point where I am happy with everything working.

I totally forgot to enable speech recognition.

Alright, like I was saying before, welcome back.

Thanks for hanging out.

This is another edition of until it dot works and whatever your it is.

This is the place for you to work on it until it works.

So like I was saying, I think I have got the site to a place where I am happy and everything is working the way it needs to be in should be if you come across anything, please let me know.

So I will be doing like spot fixes but it's going to free me up to be able to work on other projects that I have been meaning to work on.

So I built this project this side project, so I can work on other side projects by making sure.

I have a thing that I do at a set time on these dates.

So I can work on stuff because otherwise I would fill it with other Randomness.

So yeah.

So that's what the hopefully other people enjoy it as well and so that's the whole purpose of it.

So On the work screen, there's the to-do list.

So you type in your task that you want to get done, there's the player so you can listen to some tunes while you're getting stuff done.

Also, if you get stuck we have a thing called the Jaco is help a Creator / coder out and with that you set up like your own room and then you can invite people into the room and then you As an owner, can share your screen and then I am the hope is that everyone can come together and collaborate and come up with a solution for and help you get unstuck.

So that's that if you don't have an it and you're just looking to start something there're tutorials so you can click the tutorials and See, I have a couple tutorials there and you can add your own tutorial.

We found something that's super helpful.

Get, add your own and, and just disclaimer I am a JavaScript developer advocate for Vonage.

So you will see some Vonage related tutorials in there and things that I have like, worked on.

And so, if you do take them, and if you run into any issues, please feel free to let me know.

I am kind of like, you know, having people test stuff out, the more people will check it out.

Out, like I want it to be as straightforward and helpful for people to be able to get the task done.

And so, yeah, if you do happen to come across it and do it, let me know your experience with it.

Also, if you want to get started into coding, he may be like, oh, I have heard about this to coding thing.

I also have a free code Camp links.

A free code camp and the Odin project and I have heard, those are pretty good.

So, yeah, so there's that.

Also, if you come across, if your work, if you do have an it, or you came across, something that you found was super interesting and cool and you want to talk about it and share it with people.

Feel free to sign up for the show and tell you get like five to ten minutes to kind of just Talk about you know what you thought was cool and so yeah, what else?

So yeah, so the show and tell so you can sign up for that, and we will get you on here.

What else is on there?

I think that's pretty much it.

So what do y'all have going on?

Let me know.

So you see that there's a chat room so below the timer.

So this is the break section that we're looking at the break session.

And so you see the video below that, there's you can click to open the closed captions and that's super like experimental because it's using the speech to text speech recognition that's built into my Chrome browser.

So hopefully it's coming up properly below that you would see a Button and a create a highlight video button.

Speaking of that, let me add a clip.

So I have this thing where you can, if there's anything that you find interesting in these live sessions, you can add equip.

And when this session is over, it takes all the clips and it creates a video that you can then send to Twitter or download and sent to Instagram it which is what I do.

So you can check out my feed.

I am a My Twitter handle is lifelong Dev, so at lifelong div, if you want to hit me up on their tag, me in any highlight Clips if you make any and now.

Yeah, so all that stuff is working.

We're at a point where I think everything is working pretty well.

If not, please let me know, and we will get that fixed and yeah, so I am going to work on other stuff.

I am actually During the to ciphers of the day I am going to actually start framing out the inside of my van.

So I want to have like a, like a shell.

I can slide inside and out in, and out of my van.

So it had like, my living quarters inside this shell and then, I will be able to like, you know, I bought these things that can, like, Jack it up to the height and then slide it in and so, yeah.

So we will see.

I am going to actually like these big aluminum Extrusions I got from plate, and they call it like an erector set for adults.

So it's like I have all these parts and stuff that I ordered and at the different dimensions and different pieces.

And I am just going to like screw them together and stuff.

So I have like these brackets.

I am going to screw them all together, and so we will see.

I may take pictures of what have you and post them, but yeah, so I got that.

I got some post Regular Show stuff that I am going to be working.

On some promos stuff.

Got a lot of it done.

Last night, I was pretty motivated and dedicated to getting a lot of stuff done last night.

So I will have too much more to finish up.

And then also, oh, I am so, what am I knew projects?

I am big into like streaming as you can probably tell and figuring out different ways to stream and like make them interactive and stuff.

So I have a project I want to work on and it involves setting up my own like media server thing.

And so we will talk about that when we come back on the next break session.

Got it working battle know if it's actually working.

I got it pushed to the cloud the server, push to the cloud.

But it says, it's using 100% of the CPU, which I don't know.

Cloud stuff is still hazy and cloudy to me.

So I normally do like a lot of front end or maybe like simple node back and stuff.

Yeah, I mean, but this is a whole nother thing I have been trying out.

So, We will see how it works.

Alright, cool, so I think this thing has everything so let me know whatever it is that you're working on, and we can see if we can help out.

If you get stuck, if you want to talk about what you're working on, feel free to show it and you got figured like because I was I am a big fan of like when the meetups were Happening Here in Orlando.

I would go to meetups and if they have like a lightning talk, I would like to jump on that and kind of just talk.

About what it is.

I find fascinating cool at that moment and then you can kind of and if you get stuck you like hey well I kind of got stuck here and then if anybody else is familiar with that technology or whatever it is then you know it's a good way of kind of like putting yourself out there and people can come to you like oh yeah that thing you know so it's kind of icebreaker kind of thing Lisa.

That's what I found and so it helps you with public speaking and which is another reason why I am doing these because I want to be able to Speak because part of the job is you know doing presentations and stuff.

So I want to be able to use this opportunity to work on that and hopefully you know, fine-tune some things.

So yeah, so that's it.

So I am going to give you back some time, but good luck with everything that you're working on.

Again, feel free if you need any help, send out that Jaco and yeah we get everything worked out.

So again, thank you for hanging out.

Give you back like five minutes of your time and when we come back I am back.

I am going to hopefully show the thing that I got deployed during last week and see if anybody.

And again, if anybody knows anything about it.

So it's like a lightning talk.

So if anybody knows anything that could help me out with it, feel free to let me know.

So it involves Google app engine, which I think I have kind of use before, but not to this extent, and so yeah, so cool.

So I have graduated from like just the fire base level to an actual app instance.

So, I needed something that would be on all the time.

So neither here, nor there, I am give you back more time.

Thanks for hanging out.

We're going to be out of here.

So, good luck with everything, on, whatever it whatever your it is, and work on it.

Till it works work.

Keep working on it, until it works.

I don't know.

But yeah, I gotta come up with a better catchphrase.

Alright, so again thanks and I will see you 15 minutes after the hour for the next break session and I will be demoing this.

Thing I deployed and hopefully it works out.

And then also the, then the final break session.

If we don't have anybody that wants to show anything, I am going to just go over and Indie, hip-hop artist website and it kind of find it interesting.

So, alright.

So again, thank you all for hanging out and I will give you more time back.

All right?

See you later.

Be easy piece.

Let us talk on the phone.