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Welcome back that same old place that you will then have all changed since you hung around.

But those dreams everything and they turned around with nature.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Always good spot it rare.

Welcome back and I smile way I think and I know what you see you again, learn to me was this song, it made me come back.

Never lead you, where we need you.

Hey, what's going on?


Welcome back to another edition of until it dot works.

This is the first Cipher of the week.

Of today, so how it goes, is that there're two ciphers there about three hours each, right?

So this first Cipher, each Cipher is made up of work sessions and brick sessions, right?

So, where you just had been like a work session where you kind of just focus in, get what it is that you need to get done and start working on it.


These are the bricks sessions.

This is where you get a chance to like stretch and take a walk or look at my dumb face.

For like 15 minutes kind of, you know, let your mind rest kind of thing.

And so.

So this first break session is kind of orientation for folks who may not, you have made your first time or checking it out or what have you, so, but first.

Hi, I am Dwayne.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vonage and I like to make random side projects.

And so, to thing is trying to find time to make those random side projects.

And so, Created this.

So that I have a set block of time that if nothing else.

I know, I have that time to work on whatever it is.

I want to work on and so because I try to do it like throughout the week as well, but things get kind of you know thing is getting away or what have you.

And so like this week.

This week's been pretty good.

So at work a new blog post that I wrote came out was release.

That's cool.

I submitted another one, another blog post that's being released tomorrow.

Moral Monday.

So getting that ready, then I had an inner like interview but a meeting.

So I built this thing for an internal hackathon and looks like we may go forward with actually making it a real thing.

So I had a meeting about that.

That went will well, so looking forward to starting that another project that I have been working on when I like get back into.

So a lot of stuff, so a lot of things happen throughout the week, but at least I know in my brain because there is a countdown Timer on the website that well for me six hours.

I have been like dedicated to working on stuff.

You know, I mean, so there're three hours to ciphers make six hours total and it's just kind of way of being able to just have time to work on stuff.

So actually the kind of look forward to doing this because I look forward to being able to work on these projects.

And so hopefully, just you know, the repetition and things.

That knowing ads, there, it helps.

It's me, at least know like all right, at least I can work on it this time.

So I don't beat myself up, you know, I mean so because I have a tendency to do that.

So let us talk about where we're at.


This is again the break session, right?

So your screen will automatically change to this when it's time for a break and normally that's 15 minutes after the hour.


So now if you look above you or above the screen actually above you, but at the top of the screen, you will see the home shop.

Subscribe and log out unless you're not logged in then it was a login either.

They're all right.

So subscribe that has all the upcoming ciphers.


Like I said, we do these once a week all the times and dates are there, and they're in your local time.

So you don't have to worry about doing any time zone math in your brain, so they should be local to you and then you can subscribe to either all of them.

One of them and you will Get a push notification on the device you subscribed with.

So like, if you're on one laptop, you're not going to get going to laptop.

You subscribe.

You're not going to get a notification on your phone because I don't know how they're connected.

I don't know who you are.

Really, unless you say something in the chat.

So yeah, so there's that cool.

So then below that you see the video with me on their cool.

Well though that you will see like a little message saying that you may need to.

Click play to start the video because it's a thing in the browser that it won't allow autoplay like videos with audio or something.

That is the thing in the browser.

So it's nothing I could do it.

So if you don't interact with the site in any sort of way, like press a button or type something into the site you may when we switch over it, maybe look like it's frozen.

So I put that there so you can click play and what have you?

Yeah, and then next to that, we have the open closed caption.

So what's happening, right?

Now, is that as I am speaking, my words are being turned into text through the speech recognition API.

That's built into the browser.

At least Chrome.

I believe other ones as well, but I am using Chrome right now?

And so hopefully what I am saying is being accurately transcribed to text and pops up in that window then little section when you click open close.

Caption button.

Alright, so it helps me be more thoughtful and what I am saying to make sure and not to speak too quickly.

So it also helps me doing it.

So yeah, then below that, you will notice that there's the two buttons, one says, add a clip.

Another one says, create a highlight video.

So if there's anything you find interesting in these break sessions, you can add a clip and now take like five seconds.

It's so like maybe like it maybe jumps back, like three seconds and then goes on for two more seconds.

So to try the best capture that moment.

And yeah, so you get five of those and then whenever you're done, you want to create a highlight video, you just click the button to create a highlight video.

So what happens is, we store the time stamps that you put in, then what I hit stop broadcast, all that gets sent to a back end.

So I have a bunch of different.

That it does in the back end as far as like archiving the video and all that stuff.

And so it does all that and it takes a Time stamps goes to an API, that takes the video chops it up with it because with the time stamps, you know, using the timestamps as places to create the clips, push the clips together, adds a custom intro with your actual username that you signed in with.

So either Twitter or GitHub and then I will show you when we go to the work session screen how, how it will look and how you be able to check out the Highlight clip video that you made and share it on social media.

So that's that cool.

And then below that you see the timer the countdown till when we get back to work and then a button to click join room.

All right, cool.

So that's where we're at now.


All right, so let me share my screen again.

So we can show.

So this is like they said, this is the break session and then in like seven minutes, we're going to go back to the work session and that looks something like this kind of sort of when it loads.

So you will see something similar to this like the background changes to like different nature scenes, which I think is kind of calming and kind of cool and hopefully help Focus, but up here in the upper left-hand corner is an audio player.

And so I know some pretty amazing producers.

To make some great music, and they allow they submitted some tracks so that we, so I could use them in random projects.

So this is one of my random projects.

So yeah, so this will scroll through a bunch of really good beats that.

You can like studies if you want to.

It's not like it's like, you have to have it playing.

I mean, so.

All right, so there's that.

And then it's a band camp player.

So you can click the title to find out.

Open up band camp, and learn more about it.

You can actually buy it if you really like it, you know, support if you can, And then you can share it as well.

But also if you like the tracking and help spread the word by clicking this tweet button, word thing there.

Well, they will do is open and a brand-new tab or window and go to Twitter and it will pre-populate a tweet kind of promoting the artists.

And so, you know kind of, you know if you like it maybe at least do that make the artist feel kind of good, you know, a lot of Independent Artists have been kind of struggling.

And so that's how you know, it's a little bit thing, May brighten somebody's day, you know, so there's that below that then we have like the to do section.

So this is where you right here, where it says, add a task you, add your task hit, enter or press the plus sign and then it gets added to this space here under the do there you will be able to check off items and when you check them off they go to the done section.

So if you click done then that will open up all the items that were completed.

Now, at the end of everything, nice, little way to kind of tie that bow, you know, you click the Twitter icon and again that will open Twitter and a new tab with a pre-populated tweet that has all your different tasks that you completed their in the Tweet.

So you kind of like I am done finish with this tweet.

I am done kind of thing you mean?

So yeah.


So then here another timer countdown timer.

Cool thing.

Is that, that time Right.

There is the same time or element.

That's right here.

In the break session is a web component I created and it's actually anytime or anywhere is the same web component.

So just little bit easier because I was going to use it a lot.

I just made it a web component, and so I can just use it in a bunch of different places.

All right, so, but yeah, so these countdowns to the next break session which again happens 15 minutes after the hour, so it's kind of like a good, you like.

All right.

I got a few minutes.

Let me get to a place where I can kind of stop.

You know and save or what have you and then you know that my mind arrest.


Let us say you don't have a thing that you want to work on.

So have some tutorials here.

So again, I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

And, so I have some of our tutorials there, things that I have like, worked on and I like them.

I think they're cool.

And also, for the fact that whenever with tutorials, I always, like to think, like, two goals that I have is That the person reading it is able to follow the steps and get the desired outcome.


But not only that but also understand what's going on in the steps and then take it further beyond what the tutorial gave you like, do something more with it, and then you feel comfortable because you understand what's happening to be able to extend.

So that is my hope for these.

So we have one where you can from your browser, call a phone number.

In the real world and talk was kind of amazing.

And then the opposite to an actual phone in the real world call a virtual number and then be able to answer that in the browser.

That's cool.

And then also being able to have voice communication between two browsers.

So it's how you kind of call up somebody in their browser and you have a conversation to me.

That's pretty cool.

So there's that, let us say, well, I don't even know what that means.

What are you talking about?

I don't know anything about coding.

I have these other.

So free code camp and the Odin project from what I understand.

Those are like, really good starting places.

I haven't done them.

But I have heard they're good.

People have told me that I trust that it is good.

And so we have those, and so I think with that because like with coding you can get started for like free and then like decide whether or not you want to like spend more time or money and or money.

Not to pursue it further and maybe make it a career.

What have you but just to try it out and see if you like it.

You like you can do that for free, which is amazing.

And so like I am a big fan of, you know, trying stuff.

So there's that.

So that's the view tutorials below that.

Now let us say you working on something and you get stuck or maybe you're like at a point.

He like, I would like to get feedback on something.


That's what the hot coals are for taco stands for help a coder / Creator out, right?

And that is a place where you Click create and that will allow you to create your own unique room and you get a unique URL to be able to send to social media or link to a friend or somebody and my hope is that so that link leads to your room where that person can request to join, right and you will see them pop up and then you're able to actually click on their name.

And so if you don't recognize them, you can click on the name.

It will open.

Either the Twitter or GitHub that they logged in with and kind of make the decision on whether or not you want to let that person join your room so you can approve or deny them.


Now, let us say everybody that's approved.

You're working on a thing.

You as the owner can share your screen and my hope is that by doing that people can see what it is, or like, get a better understanding of what is that?

You're trying to get done?

And so, yeah, so hopefully so now the ways we communicate we have texts or like a text chat.

There's an audio chat again, like being able to communicate through audio to the browser.

We also have speech to text and text to speech also, so I want to try and make it as many ways of people being able to communicate the way they want to.

So that's there.

And my hope is that everybody working on.

The thing will be able to come up with a solution and or the feedback that you're looking for.

So, that's the Jaco.

Like a community-driven, like just like a session where you kind of just like feedback session like whiteboarding session, like just trying to get something done, you like brainstorming kind of thing.

And then view, you can view some of the hot coals that are happening or past tacos.

Show-and-tell sign up.

So now let us say you have a thing that you find super fascinating and interesting and you want to kind of talk about it.

You can sign up for a show and tell where it's like a lightning talk.

That's me like, five ten minutes and you just get to talk about what it was that you?


So nice way at least for me to be able to practice my public speaking.

So I would do this at meetups and be like, hey, this is the thing.

I find interesting.

This is what I know about it.

If you think it's cool as well.

Then, you know, let us talk.

And I found that was a pretty cool way like breaking ice and be able to talk to people who are doing things that maybe they have been doing it, or they also want to find out about it and you can like learn together.

Alright, amazing things can happen when you just put yourself out there.

So that's that, then below.

Oh, is where the Highlight stuff happens?

So again?

So yeah, so that highlight clip.

Weird reminds me.

Let me do create a highlight video.

So what happens is now that all the time stamps, that I just went through here, they get saved, and then they get sent to the back end.

Once the broadcast is over.

So here, the Highlight box, the status will say, submitted, while it's doing its thing in the back end, right?

And then once that's done, it will send a signal to your browser to let it know.

Hey, you status is done and it Like this and it will be a view button.

You can click that view button and it will open up and you will see like a preview of your videos.

You can click play, watch the video, then if you like it, then you can download it.

So there's a button to download it like you're right click to save as and then there's yet another button to where you can click it, press to send a tweet and what happens you click that again, it opens up a tab on Twitter with a pre-populated tweet.

Eat and it has a unique URL to you.

So that the embedded preview the, in card that comes up on Twitter, is your video that shows and then people can click the link and it will take them to the archive of the video to watch the whole break session.

So there's something kind of cool.

I was like, oh, if I could do that.

And yeah, so through that unique URL can show your actual video which is kind of cool.

Now, Twitter.

Sometimes it doesn't sometimes That's a phrase show the in bed.

I guess.

It depends on if you're like on mobile or if you're on like, desktop or whatever maybe if it's like iOS, and I am not sure but sometimes it doesn't come up for me.

So what I will do is the downloaded video?

Not only do, I post it to Instagram, but I will also attach it to the video to the Tweet, attach the video to the tweet and so that it always shows up.

So yeah, so that's why I have been doing kind of like a little way of spreading.

Like what is that we're doing here?

Maybe getting the word out for other people who maybe want to also So join, so that is everything there.

So yes, let me stop sharing my screen here so that I can get ready to get you all back to work.

So again, hopefully, you have something that you wanted to work on and you can make some progress on, even if it's like little bit you.

I mean, just consistently doing, it can add up and so yeah, I think that's it.

So I am gonna get you all back to work.

I am going to send you all out, like we brought you in with some tunes.

And yeah, so again, 50 minutes after the hour will be back here.

So I wish you much productivity and yeah going to go out on the song.

New Jabez featuring a Pawnee be the tracks called.

Thank you because I thank you all for hanging out.

And so again, see you all soon, and yeah, good luck with everything.



See you later, please.


And here we go.

All right, cool.


I got a weird flicker, but hopefully that will go away.


Wait, let me, let me stop this gum getting weird flicker, of course.

It's always something.

Yeah, look like the flicker was coming up on a thing as well.

Let me try this again.

That was super weird.

All right.

Sorry about the flicker.

Let us see here.


That looked like it worked.


All right, y'all.

Thanks again.

See you later.

Bz piece.