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Welcome back that same old place that you like.

Well the number of all changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around each other.


All right.

So this is Getting random notifications.

So this is the final break session of this first Cipher of the day because what happens is later for me, later in the day.

We're doing a whole nother round of these and so, you know, get some stuff done.

Hopefully Mom.

I just I have got like one more thing to finish with, and I am done with the post radio show work stuff.

And yeah, it was just kind of Just gotta send out the email to the different radio promoters and stuff and set that up the email blast, basically sort of promoters and anybody who signed up to our mailing list for the radio show.

So yeah, got that.

Just that one last thing pretty much done everything else.

So cool.


Hopefully, you are making some progress and whatever it is that you are working on.

And, so I figured for this last Seifer, last session, break session.

We're going to go over.

An artist.

Well group that we have been playing on the radio show for a minute.

And yeah.

Alright, cool.

Let me.

So we're going to go over the website.

Take a look at it and listen to some tracks, watch the videos, you know, so should be good time.

All right, and maybe you know, hopefully you will like them as well and go ahead and support and things.

All right.

I honestly do not remember how we first, Learned about the good because I think it was through because the MC of the group, so, we're talking about gaggle.

And I think some even before the group MC hunger, I think put out an album and I think we were playing it from then, and then we have been playing some stuff from the DJ, from the producer of the group midst, DJ mitsu, the Beats when playing bunch of his instrumental stuff on the show as well.

So shots a whole show tikku by records.

Yeah big fan of their stuff.

And, so I figured, you know why not?

Check it out.

I think mitsu the Beats just put out like instrumental project, but I went got off a band camp, but his website is this website.

So I figured why not take a look at the whole group.


So, this is Gaggle.

The website is a gaggle of, And now, we're that.

They're all right.

So now, I am going to add this to the list of links.

All right, and so, as you can probably tell, they're from Sendai Japan, because when you go to the actual site, you may see something pop up like this.

And hey, do you want to translate the site from Japanese to English?

Pretty much everything is like an English already from what I have seen except some of the buttons, you know, like waiking and Tweed and stuff.

But for the most part, It's all English or think we're going to be good with that.

So, again, the group name of the group is Gaggle GA GLE.

So nice, so nice.

You come to the site and then it has the album cover for the latest release, which is so their latest album.

I think the second album It's called Venta black.

And this these are the instrumentals from that album.

So is like the latest thing.

And scroll down and that's pretty much it and looks like you can oh, this is where you can go to buy it.

Cool again, it's in Japanese.

All right, cool.

And then Jazzy sport is the label and yeah, so shochiku by is like their label and then I guess distribution is through Jazzy sport.

So alright cool.

So yeah, so this is the website.

Looks good.

Looks good.

Then, where am I?



So let us check out news.

Let us just go down in order to side.

So, the like latest things from 2018.

So yeah, because I don't think they have done anything since then.

So, and it looks like this could be like a review or something.

I see click it.


Some more information and it takes me too here.

I like how they open in new windows, which is good.

And okay.

This is like it's for Let us take a listen.

Shall we?

I am not even sure what this is.

It says, movie here and there should translate to English.

It's kind of got, like, you.

All right, cool, so they got Its thing there.

So all different new.

So I guess that's the release of that video.

Cool to check out the schedule.

Yeah, I am great.

The latest thing was 2019 and the venue in sync because again, they're from Sendai Japan that's not called shaft.

Let us do and this is cool.

They have like the different.

So the what members will be there, a school.

All right.

So all three or they just hunger and DJ move.

Our yeah, that's dope.

Okay, that's cool.

That's a good way to kind of show like who to expect at.

He has a different event.

That's do.

All right, I like that.


Check out a video.

So here I saw one video.

But okay.

So yeah, so that was the one we just saw there.

This one here pretty dope and I like how they use like traditional Japanese instruments in their music, which is dope because that's what hip-hop like came from, you know, I mean like taking your surroundings and like channeling that into your music, which is dope.

So, Yeah, I appreciate that.

And another one of my favorite producers, new Jabez did that a lot as well?

So let us check out this one.

I like how these videos pop up.

It's kind of cool turns out.

Like a little modal that comes up.

Kind of awesome.

All right.

So let us take this up.

This is Gaggle out of Sendai, Japan shots, a shochiku by records and Jazzy sport.

Here we go.

Check it out.

Like Pharoahe Monch a little bit.

I don't know about anybody else.

But to me kind of sounds like it's so and although this Gaggle featuring kge The Shadow men and get strike called openness.

I don't know, again.

I am I am practicing to learn some Japanese, but we will see.

I am not that far yet.

So here we go.

Continuing on.

All right.

You got them.

All right.

So let us see what else we got here.

Check out this one, I think.

This is just the group you.

Here we go.

Gaggle good to go.

All right, check it out.

One more drawing.

Here we go.

Near to, I night.

Toby that I just met you.

I do move on.

Go criticize a quitter.

Buying a nice mellow.

That's that those that's video section.


Glad they got a live one to let me see.

Always like to see live performances.

Let us see.

What's this?

What's this here?

From 26 now.

Okay, like a little promo.

Okay, I guess a promo for the event.

That's cool.

All right.


What's this one?

That's a quick look, we got a little drone and everything you do.

I night to be the guy to my Google Now.

Click assign Twitter.

Oh, nice.

All right word.

I am running out of time.

But yeah, check out the website Gaggle — or it up.

All right discography.

Let us take a look.

All right.

So, yeah, so this is the first one I am going to sing.

And then, here's the second one.

All right word.

So, let us see where that takes me to.

All right, takes me to like the details page of it.

Nice, check out the tracks here.

Pretty sure.

I think we played Straight.

No, Chaser Sound of Silence, Cannonball, Run.

I think we might play in the show after go back and look.

But so vg+.

Is that project nice and go back.

There's like nothing to go back.

I guess could always hit discography.

All right, and then here's the second album that came out a couple years ago.

Cool and links to where you can get it?

Nice cool.

Did we play Black Rose?


I think the human style.

I am not sure.

But yeah, cool.

That's that great.

Let us take a look at the biography.

It's like I said, the group is consisting of DJ mitsu, the Beats hunger or MC.


I think and DJ mood — are nude are maybe new art and cool.

So looks like, let me do anything since like 1996 again.

I don't, I don't read Japanese.

This is hip-hop.

So that's always good.

All right, cool.

So this is them.

So yeah, so from left to right DJ moo — our hunger, DJ mitsu, the Beats.


All right, so that's cool.



Let us see.

This is like a Blog I think so.

It opens like a whole new window to a whole another site called a me blow that JP.

So yeah, so it looks like it.

Hasn't been updated since like 2018 so well.

Like that's where they put like tour dates and things that nature like a block.


Alright looks good.

And then contact.

Oh that totally does opened up an email, my email client here.

So yeah, so that's just the link just to open up an email.

All right.

And so then they have all their what you call it.

Social media isn't things here.


Yeah, looks nice.

I dig it.

You mean, and I mean, you get what you get out of it.

It'd be cool to maybe hear some trucks, but, but they have video and stuff.

So, I mean, that's cool too, but be able to hear listen to tracks off the album.

I have been cool too.


Yeah, dig it.

So again, shouts to Gaggle and the whole crew Sheldon's churro, tikku by records out of Sendai.

And yeah, I think that's it.

So shots a gaggle if you dig, it supports, almost forgot to create that highlight video.

Alright, let me stop screen share, so I can get ready for us to get up out of here bars.

All right.

Cool, so got that, my computer is doing weird stuff.

I have this, the computer I have is called the Asus Zenbook.

So there's like this huge like, you know, the MacBook touch bars.

It's like eight times as tall and sometimes when I do certain gestures, like Windows kind of freaks out.

And, so I am trying to find my way around doing that, so it doesn't mess up anymore.

All right, cool.

So I am gonna give you a little bit more time.

As we do on these final breaks, as you can kind of finish up anything that you're working on.

So I will probably give like an hour a little bit less.

What have you so that you can keep working?

And I am so close to getting done.

So after this, we will be back in like three hours again.

If you look at towards the top that I think it says like schedule or something.

Let me actually look that up because I have it here.

Yeah, subscribe.

Subscribe at the top.

And that gives you all the upcoming ciphers.

And so like you saw before you be able to Subscribe.

And when site is live, you will get a push notification on the device that you subscribed on.

All right, cool.

So let us get up out of here because I really want to finish this work.

I keep getting random notifications.

That's good.


So again, thank you for hanging out going to be out of here.

Make sure I did the create a highlight video.


Alright, so cool.

So hopefully you enjoyed thanks for hanging now.

See you maybe later.


All right, but until but if not, I wish you much.

Productivity and progress and whatever that you work on.

However, you're working on it.

All right.


Y'all share screen, definitely want to share the audio and cool.

See you all later.

Be easy.


Got that cool.

All right.

See you later.