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Sunshine off of mother from cleo is going to be played on the show this weekend. There will be the final joint. Cleo Soul is a mother's project. Speaker will create a highlight video and share it on sol. Com.

They soul are going to have the final. It's going to be 3 hours, so speaker will give them an hour more time to work. They added a date to the schedule project. Now speaker is working on ensuring there's no conflicts between the dates. Speaker will send some music and some jams to mrs. New job is our ip nujabes featuring a pawnee be checks.

Tickets. They will be back around 3 hours after the first break session of the first of today. Speaker gives you a schedule of upcoming Ciphers and let us they subscribe. Speaker is going to check out a website of an artist he's been playing on the radio show. Speaker has been playing Cleo Soul since the middle of last year. They will listen to some tracks from Cleo sole super dope artists who recently put out another project. The links to Cleo's website will be in the archive page. It's going to be mother's latest project. It's going to be an artwork. They are waiting for the front page to finish. It looks like Godaddy web page builder uses Godaddy web page builder. Speaker has got tap home merch. The latest album is on double. Next, they and the others will see the links to socials. It takes speaker to an url aggregator and opens it in a new tab. They are going to look at merch. The album they started playing on the radio show has one more ep. It might be cool to just show the total discography if you click on it. It's cool to have under listen. It's like an embed from somewhere. They will listen to some music by band camp. People supported Cleo's music. The first track they played's, soul is called rewind. They are going to listen to some tracks on the website speaker shared. Listened to rewind, the first track they played from Cleo Soul. There are a lot of people sharing the conversation. Speaker is a stroller. Speaker requires Cleo, sol, rosen and listen to their newest one.

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Welcome back your dreams.

Are your tickets.

Welcome Back.

Same old place that you laugh about it, but those dreams everything, and they turned around.

Always good spotted rare, welcome back and I smile when I think And I know you went to see you again, to me.

Was this something that they have never lead you?

All right, welcome back.

So this is the final break session of this first Cipher of today.

We will be back later on in, like three hours after that.

So, you can always check.

Check out at the top.

You will see subscribe.

Maybe I should make that schedule, but that make more sense.

I will let me know.

But there you can actually subscribe.

You can check out a schedule of upcoming ciphers.

And what's cool is it's to your local time zone.

So you don't have to do any time zone math or anything in your brain, like it shows you, and then you're able to subscribe to each individual one or just to all of them because you want to come to all of them.

Be super productive.


I am not going to tell you what.

Do just giving you option?

All right, so For this final break session are going to go over and check out a website from an artist who I have been playing on the radio show.

And I am a fan of and let me share my screen, almost hit disconnect.

That would have been bad, and will make sure I have audio.

KU damn.

Here we go.

This share.

All right.

So now the artist that speaking of and going to be showing the website by the way, any links and stuff.

They're mentioned.

I actually created a section where you can on the archive video.

Once it's all gone uploading and everything.

You can check out the archive video section, which is also I think at the top somewhere.

No, it's not.

You go to the home page for that.

All right, so, okay.

I am going to oh, yes, I am adding the link cool.

Make sure I save it.

All right.

So this is Cleo Soul, right?

Artists out of the UK, I think, and we have been playing them since the middle of last year.

You see here.

This is our the radio shows playlist.

I keep a track, so I can do things like these like look up artists and stuff.

See how long you been playing them in.

Check out what we played but I yeah, since mid so April.

Yes, wait, I am a man April or whatever, but I got the tracks before.

And got a random text message.

That's good.

All right.

Did you hear that?

Could you use it on a super loud?

All right.

But yeah, so we're gonna listen to some tracks from Cleo sole super dope artists who just recently, put out another project.

So we're going to go through that as well.

But let us take a look at the website.

Cleo — CLE.

Oh, — again.

Links will be in the archive page.

All right, so now, okay.

So here's the website.

Refresh it because I don't know about you, but all right.

Load quickly, cool, but I was kind of stuck for me because I was waiting for something else to maybe load up like an image or something because it feels like there should be like something here, like an image because it just says mother, which is the name of her latest project, but I was like, I was like it's going to be artwork it.

Find me like from what I understand.

Like when Google first came out in, A lot of people were just stuck on the front page because they didn't know what to do.

They like they're waiting for it to finish.

Loading that no one was ever like used to such like a, just a simple front page because normally there'd be like articles, and news and weather and all the stuff, you know, I mean, but where Google is like know.

Here's a search bar go and do what you got to do.

So, That's pretty much the experience.

I had here.

I was like, wait, is there any more loading?

But no, that's just to say.

And so looks like I looked up in the, I like to be nosy, and I looked in the source code, and looks like they use GoDaddy web page builder, web builder, website, builder, or something like that.

So it's not like a drag-and-drop think.


Take that for what it is.

So with that in mind, you know, all right, so there're limitations to things you can do but, you know, so yeah.

All right, so we got tap here home merch.

Listen and tour.


So scroll down.

So that's it.

So, so kind of disappears.

All right, cool.

Also, got the merch.

And so, like I said, here's the latest album so you get on double.

LP always good to see vinyl and CD cool.

And then next it and then it's just the links to the socials.

Alright, cool.

So let us click on mother since you know, that's the only Button as let us see what that does.

I know it does get click the before.

All right.

So takes you to one of these link aggregators and stuff.

So smart URL, do it.

And I would think that because from RSS Mart, That it is like a large thing.

So, I mean a lot of artists use it.

You'd think they would have it like HTTP, so it's not secure item.

You can see all the different places and see the thing is just this album.

Like it doesn't show her other projects.

So I don't know.


So that's what I do.

Like is that it opened in a new tab, so it didn't like just like take over the site.

So that's cool.

Alright, let us take a look at merch.


All right, so it's obviously.

Now this has the previous.

This is the album that we started playing on the radio show.

So cool, right?

All right, cool, so that there's that, but she has one more EP but I guess I don't know.

I don't know.

The situation may be cool to just show the total discography if you click it.

Okay, so it's not like you can listen to it.

All right, cool, but that's why you have to listen section.

Let us check out what listen second does.

Takes it to the same smart URL, do it.

I will guess it's cool.

It gives you option to check out what you want to listen to.

I guess that's cool, but it'd be cool.

If you just have like on the listen.

I am expecting to listen to me, like because band camp.

You will be able to, I think all her projects are on bandcamp.

So band camp gives you embeddable players.

So I be cool to have under listen instead of just opening up a new thing now school, either, but tour Let us take a look.

And so there's no upcoming events.

I wonder if this is like a Hey, we call it like an embed from somewhere.

Let us take a look.

Shall we?

It's really quickly.

There's a lot of divs in this one.

Let us see.

Well, I guess we had with page builders that you see, like, you see this like classier.

This is a lot of stuff here.

So but again, you know, when you use them like page Builders, they pretty much do whatever they want with it.

Okay, widget.

Here we go.

What is this?

K, a random blank, div section, its owner of there.

Like doing this by hand instead of having something.


There's a lot of dibs in here calendar.

Yeah, I don't know but either way, but no tours.

Well, she just had a child.

That's why the album is called mother.

She just had a child.

So, you know, give her a break.

All right, cool.

Alright cool.

So let us listen to some music.


So again, I am a big fan of band camp and I think that's where I first heard of her, I think because it just randomly shows up, like there's like a feed, and so they're like, I think he may like this person or whatever.

And so or maybe somebody I am following bought it.

I don't remember.

But I am glad I did.

So let us take a look at the first project.

And so, is this one roads in the dark?

This is what we got again, you know, you own this, I support him saying, got to support your Or is he like something?

Keep making music?

And yeah, a bunch of people look like they supported as well.

So that's good.

Good to see, good to see.

All right.

So the first track that we played from Cleo's, soul is track called rewind.

So, let us take a look.

I just realized I have not been doing my Clips, very bad at me.

All right, so, all right, so real quick.

Let me just take a look.


This is the website here.

Want to make sure I have this in the clips.

But so pretty minimal like this website.

Cool dig it.

I was again, I thought something was going to load up here.

So we're like a good 30 seconds.

I am just sitting here like its something on a pop-up, something to pop up and it didn't, but that's fine.

All right.

So let us take a listen to some tracks here.

Alright, so let us listen to rewind.

It was the first track we played from Cleo soul.

And here we go.

I was chasing a lonely feeling.

All these photos.

I was on my own and Mary didn't know and I couldn't you have the purchase roles in the dark if you want to hear more.

Alright, now, let us speak of roads in a dark lipstick.

Listen to that song is another one.

We played on the radio show and yeah, we go look.

A lot of people have supported.

That's dope.

That's good to see.

Wow, even more.



That's do.


So a lot of people, so that's good.

That's super dope.

All right.

All right.

Roosevelt, dark.

Let us give that a listen, goodness.

Don't see you learned some things are baby.

But at least in my ways I say yes, I lost myself.

That's why I had to go and like a my bed and play so hard, but I didn't lose my mind.

I am a little stroller, baby.

It along with me, tell my younger self to enjoy the ride.

You have to purchase the project.

Like, that's yeah, that's dope.

So, again, shots of Cleo, Sol, Rosen, the dark.

That is that project.

Now, let us take a listen to her newest one mother.

All right.


What songs do we play from here?

All right, going to play Sunshine, because I am pretty sure we play that on this show and again, so, let us see.

Like, it's always good to see when artists, you know, get a lot of support.

So that's, that's dope.

So, yeah, nice and keeps on going.

That is great.

All right, cool.

So, Let us take a listen to Sunshine off of mother from Cleo Soul.

All right.

Hope the Sleep Fightin to scape, puree.

And nobody can help you.

In this fall, we will only they can keep you down.


You make deep.

They don't you make again you have to purchase the album.

They're so ya, dope joint.

Get that.

Like, she has a really great voice, and it's a super dope.

All right, let us see.

One more joint.

I think we played.

Promises on the radio show.

So yeah, let us go into that.

They will be the final one.

And again Cleo sole super dope artist, super dope artists out of the UK.


And yeah just playing on the radio show dig it and yeah, maybe you like it as well.

So that's why I am doing this.

All right, cool.

This one more trick, getting a little bit of these promises.

Cleo soul of a mother.

I think the instrumentation on the tracks as well.

Sometimes, I am too much.

Again, you got the purchase album.

And so if you like Cleo Soul as much we do on the radio show.

Feel free to check out that project and yeah, again shots of Cleo Soul, begin the website Cleo —

And again the link to the website will be in the archive section of the video for the link section.

All right, cool.

Let me make sure I create a highlight video and now.


Again much success to.

Where is the mouse?

Here we go.

Much success to Cleo soul and much, you know, success and productivity all because we're going to have the final.

Work session for today until the next Cipher which is going to be like 3 hours.

So I am gonna give you all like an hour, more time to work, get your stuff done.

And yeah, again, thanks for hanging out.

We will be back again.

Like I said, you can check out and subscribe to see the schedule when we're going to be back and you get a notification if you subscribe.

And yeah, I think that's it.

So again, thank you all.

Oh, yeah, so I actually We put like a little status thing.

Remember, when I was showing that project the scheduling project, and I was like, oh she probably have a status thing here.

Let you know if the date was added or not added that.

So I am going to work on now on like making sure there're no conflicts between like if somebody's trying to add trying to book a room that's already been booked, you know if they missed the whole big red squares kind of thing.

So yeah, going to get that worked out.

So again, thank you and maybe See y'all later.

All right, cool.

Y'all be easy.

So let me send you out with some music, some jams.


We go.

Show audio could definitely do that.

All right, cool.

Thanks y'all and Mrs. New job is our IP nujabes featuring a Pawnee be checks all.

Thank you.

So, just want to thank you.

All right.

See you later.