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Speaker didn't need to load javascript on the first page, but when they tried it out, it loaded some javascript. Speaker likes the fact that astral allows them to create separate pages. They created a website where they have been doing their workshops and a login page. Speaker found it difficult to find spaces on twitter. They are using frameworks to render the spell components.

Speaker is going to start working on astro 1. 0 beta 2. 0 in two days. Speaker congratulates the team at astro on their work. Speaker shares a screen share of new jabez shots of japan and a new song featuring a piney and a pawnee. They are going to meet up in 15 minutes for the final break session.

Speaker created a single page app using felt components. Speaker likes astro because it allows them to build using whatever. Speaker would like to be able to share a url and then go directly to it without having to go to the homepage. Speaker is a fan of strobe mode.

Speaker has been working on a project for a long time. They lost track of time as they were getting stuff done. They will share their screen to show how they are using their stuff.

Speaker likes astro because it allows them to build upon what's already in the browser and build upon it. Speaker made 5 projects in 5 months.

Speaker uses astro dot build to build websites and explains why they like it. Speaker has created a website that pings you every hour asking what you're doing and allows you to go back and look at the things you've done. Speaker wanted to make page mode super fast, even if they empty the cache and hard load fast. There's no javascript loaded and so it's cool.

The official 1. 0. 0 release is coming in two days. Some of the things that have been added are: mdx support, hot module reloading, improvements image optimization, and nations. Speaker is going to add a link to this tweet to the recorded video. Speaker is going to add links to the site and the release notes. Speaker doesn't use markdown anymore. Markdown components and pages are deprecated, but can still be used separately. The source code is available.

  • screen real quick
  • improvements image optimization
  • regular html css
  • twitter spaces
  • final break session

Take it out, welcome back that same old place that you since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around Yo, what's going on?

So totally lost track of time because I was getting some work in and as I was I was getting stuff.

Done felt good.

And so yeah, I looked up because I had like 10 minutes left.

Last time I looked that's are working.

Some stuff look up.

Oh, I am late like two minutes.

Okay, so yes, I am back.

All right, so making some good progress on this project feeling good.

I will not this break but like a future break.

Maybe next week, I am going to show what I have been working on and get it done.

And one of the reasons why I am able to get it done, see Segway is because I came across this tweet.

Let me share my screen real quick, some pretty good news.

And, So shouts these folks because since I have been using their stuff just like I have been knocking out projects I am going to show some of the projects I have been working on and like how I am using it and why I think it's super dope so let me share my screen.

What am I doing?

I am still thinking about the project I am working on, like I am almost done with it.

All right, just a couple of things, some formatting stuff should be cool.

All right.

Share the screen.

Now, so I have been a big fan of Astro ever since I came out.

And I have been kind of like, messing around with it and creating some projects.

And so, now, as been always like beta but now, just like, a few days ago, they're saying that the V 1.0 version, 1.0 release candidate is out.

And so that means like the official 1.0 is dropping, and they say, August 9th and is August 7th right now?

So in like two days and that's the final.

API will become our official, Astro be 1.0.0 release.

And so some of the things that they have added, they have got like a V3 now, they upgraded from V 2 to 3.

So there're some things you have to do.

There's MDX support which is pretty cool.

So they took out like the MD stuff they had and now you can have your own like MDX component.

Like there's a component out or something, then hot module reloading, improvements image optimization.

Nations that I haven't even like even really looked into but so yeah.

So they got that coming out.

Let me I am going to add a link to this tweet to the recorded video so you can check it out for yourself.

I am also going to add links to the site and everything.

Here's actual GitHub, that the release notes, let me add that to a thing here.


Add link.


All right, cool one.

Make sure I don't mess this up.

All right.

So this was out like a like 12 days ago and this is a lot of stuff, so the Astros.

So the Astro be 1.0.0, release candidate comes in includes new features, tons of bug fixes and a few breaking changes to be aware of and so some of these breaking changes are these things here.

So like the astronaut uses V3 like I was mentioning, so they has its own thing to convert from 2 to 3.

They talk about the end.

X thing now.

So you can use the new astro JSM DX integration so you don't necessarily have to have it, so that's cool.

Let us see.

There's some stuff about the canonical URL things.

I don't even think I use that, I don't know.

And so the markdown stuff, so they deprecated, the markdown components.

And so you can use the marked out so you can get it separately, so it's still kind of there.

But, you know, it doesn't come out the box, it looks like and so it's cool.

So it has like all these things now Cool.

That is two more components and pages are now supporting that they were already out, maybe the version that I don't know.

But so more stuff out of the kind of dive into and use all the different like the changes and things that were kind of added.

So that's cool that they can like you can go through and see like, what change that's pretty dope, and they have like source code and everything very nice.

All right so Folks, may not know you can go to Astro dot build to learn more information about it.

And, so I kind of want to talk about Why and how I use it for different projects that I created, right?

Here we go.

So here's the website and build fast, websites faster, and that's been my experience.

I dig it.

And so some of the websites I made like this is like a travel site.

I kind of created so that like, when I go places, I take pictures and videos.

I spoke about this before on the show but like, It made it a lot faster because now I can have like Pages could before is just like one big single page app.

There's a spell tap, right.

But now if this by using Astro I can have like pages and certain and I will show so like there's like the about page They can see, I built using Astro and all these things, you know.

So I can have like a separate shop page and just loads like a shop, right?

So that's super cool.

Another side I made.

So this here, right, let me go back to the actual site.

So this is just kind of thing that pings you like every hour asking what you're doing.

Because I like a lot of folks say I am so busy and I can never remember what I was busy with.

I am like what happened to the time.

And, so I just have this thing where like it will send me like a notification saying, hey, what you do, you type it in and then you can, you can go back and look at the things you did.

So that's what it does.

But what school is why I use astral for this was because like this first page, This didn't need to have any JavaScript at all.

I wanted this to load up quickly, and people can read and decide whether or not they want to learn more about it.

So I wanted to page mode super fast, and if you can check it out, like a reprieve, retweet reloaded, see mad fast, right, even if I empty the cache and hard load fast, right?

And part of that is because if you look here under Network, So, I have this looking for JavaScript, right?

Let me refresh, there's no JavaScript loaded and so it's cool.

There's like this button is actually a svelte component but since I made it to where you didn't need to load the JavaScript, it just made it like the insides of it.

So we just put the HTML element.

So what have you on there?

So it didn't need to load JavaScript and so yeah.

So this is the component.

So it's this one, they're the same component, just has different attributes.

Then right?

But then so if I go to the try it out.

See then in loaded some JavaScript because of this button.

You see I am saying even though it's still loaded super quick, I didn't need JavaScript on that first page and so that's why I like about asteroid.

Lets me build the way I want.

And then on top of that, I can be like, you know what, I really don't need JavaScript for this, so let me just render everything out and do his regular HTML CSS, you know?

I mean, and but yeah so that is super cool.

Also, created this other site where I have been doing my workshops and so people can like login.

So and like I said before, I can have like separate pages and the way I do it like that's one of the cool things I like about astral is that so like so I can have my / about page, and I am able to I am just using like regular stuff that's already built into the browser.

So like for example this is a thing I created.

Hated to find Twitter spaces, right?

So you type in a thing that you're looking for so web, three always pulls up a lot of 200 spaces, right?

And click enter and what's happening is I am not getting like I am not using like any Frameworks.

I have some spelt like components on here, but I am pulling the information from Here from the actual URL.

So it's not like I am passing in stuff so that way someone can go directly to this URL.

And I am pulling the information needed to render the Spell components from the URL.

So I don't need to like any sort of like routing or any other stuff single page stuff like it just it's just browser stuff is just web stuff, you know?

I mean, and so I can see like I said that there's a lot of webs three things happening.

And yeah, so these are all just like components I created and it just goes through super cool.

One of the things I really like about Astro because it lets me build using whatever now.

So, this is an older project I created like a while ago and it's a just like a thing.

I use felt for it.

Remember correctly and it's just like a single page app.

Basically, I use felt, no, I used to do.

You did you smell to Port again?

This is From a while ago.

But like, there's no all the different modes.

Like the URL doesn't change.

I could do like a routing thing where it changes it, but I am like that doesn't matter.

Because I don't want people to go to like, to like the clock page or the countdown page.

Like I want you to go to the homepage and then click around, you mean we're as like with the find my next space.

Like I want people to be able to, like, share this URL and then be able to click and go directly to it without having to go to the homepage.

Entering in stuff or what have you liked is just works.

And that's what I appreciate about, like, a strobe.

It lets me, just do normal web stuff and sprinkle, in like, things that I want to add to it.

And so, like I said, I am a fan is felt, but you can use like, pre-act.

I think it is.

You can use react.

You can use.


So you react pre-act Alpine lit.

Shall it.

View solid, or vanilla JavaScript?

And I like spelt and so, That's what I really like about Astro.

It lets me do what I want and build upon like what's already in the browser and is in capitalize off of that.

You know I am saying and it's just out for me.

It makes sense the way I think and create projects but like I said I was able to make a bunch of projects super quick.

You know, I mean and it's been amazing.

Like this is like, I must have been like five projects in like five months.

Somebody like it's just and that's just like kind of working on it like a little weekend projects.

You know I am saying?

Like I have an idea banging out a weekend.


I am saying next month another idea you know I mean so but yeah I am, so I am all that to say I am happy that there's a 1.0 coming out soon and so yeah.

So you see the Astro 1 beta 2.

The even like update this part yet but like in two days the official 1.0 is going to come out.

And so any new Yes, I am going to start off with 1.0 and so that should be interesting.

So I will probably need to refresh stuff, but super dope.

So again, shout out to the team at Astro.

Doing really cool stuff.

And yeah.

All right, so let me get you all back to work is I want to get back to work and so here we go.

Something screen share here, cool, very nice, very nice.

All right, let me get you all out here with some trouble.


So this right here, is new Jabez shots of Japan.

Hopefully, be seeing you soon and featuring a Pawnee.

Be the track is called, thank you.

And yeah, so let me share this here.

Again, congratulations to everyone at Astro, super dope, and I am looking forward to more which you all have, I mean, so the web is an amazing place and like the tools that are coming out, it's a great time to be like a web developer at least in my opinion.

And so here we go.

This is new Jabez, R.I.P new Jabez featuring a Piney be Jack's call.

Thank you.

Thank you all for hanging out.

See y'all 15 minutes after the hour for the final break session.

Come up.

If you want to do a showing L otherwise, we will listen to some music.

Check out artist website and we watch some videos.

Alright, so again, thanks for hanging out.

Here we go.

Talk to you later.

Music piece.