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Welcome back.

Since you hung around.

But those dreams everything and they turn around each other.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?

Alright, welcome back to the second break session and I almost got caught up.

I am reading about like index, DB API stuff, and service worker stuff for my side project.

I am working on and yeah, it's pretty cool.

I have never really done so much with like the service worker and it's kind of fascinating.

So a lot of cool stuff there.

So, And some limitations that I didn't expect but I think I can work around.

So, yeah.

All right.

Let us cool.

Let us go.

Let us see.

All right, so I figured for maybe for this break session, we talked about this thing that is recently found about found out about and seems pretty cool.

So, let me just a matter of fact, let me really quickly just Now, I just found out about it and I haven't like played with it or anything, but it seems cool.

And, so I figured I would show it and maybe someone else would find it.

Cool and or maybe has used it or has any sort of interest in it.

So the thing I am talking about is called.

I don't know, M3.

Oh, is that how you say it?

All right.

So let me share my screen.

I don't think I need any audio.

So this is the thing here, right?

And it says the open source public Cloud platform.

That's cool.

And so like because previously we spoke about Super Bass.

I think it's super based on viola me.

Super Bass me.

See here.

Yes, it was super bass that I owe.

And so their tagline basically is an open-source Firebase alternative, right?

And now so now we have I am assuming it's called micro cause that's what came up here, but it says powered by Grill which is I think is the larger company or whatever?

So I am not I don't know.

But so now this is saying like it's the open-source AWS alternative.

So yeah, I don't know again.

I just came across this like today, like all seems interesting.

So I figured I would bring it here and see if anybody else is interested in it.

So the open source public Cloud platform, m3o is an open-source AWS.

Alternative built for the next generation of developers.

Consume public apis, as simpler programming building blocks for a 10x better developer experience.

So I guess it's in between like public apis in your project and you can just kind of plug them in as blocks.

So let us all right.

So public apis for everyday use.

So they have like storage.

All right, they have functions server.

Let us compute as a service image.

So you will be able to upload resize and convert images.

So let us take a look at what that looks like.

So if you have an image, alright, so you make a request.

And you want to Output URL and then so that's the URL that you want to send.

It looks like.

So let me look good.

So you have curl go and node js, and I am familiar with node.js.

So let us see what this says.

All right.

So yes, will you get image from their library and then convert an image from one format?


PNG Etc.

To a this is really not good contrast here, too.

To another either on the fly from Basics, T4 to Basics, T4, or by uploading the come conversion result, conversion results, okay.

So, This is like the world's longest function name.

All right, so converts a PNG image to a JPEG taken from a URL and save to a URL on micros CDN.

That is like the longest function name I have ever seen.

That is amazing.

All right, so, okay, so okay.

So Mike Rowe has a CD and it looks like so you do the new image service.

All right, and then you have the putting your token.

All right.

So you get a token from micro.

Then you have your image service and then you're awaiting the convert.

So, okay, so Alright, so this is what you want to call it.

The name is what you want to call it out.

Put URL.

I guess it will return back the URL to where it got uploaded to and then this is the URL of the source image.

So see, here's the PNG.

So, convert a PNG to a JPEG.

So we're going from this URL.

So pull it from the URL.

That's pretty cool.

And convert it to a JPEG and looks like a yeah, make a make-out, put a URL and not a base64.

It's oh, so what comes back from here?

You can make it an either a URL or the actual base 64.

And so like you see right here.

So yeah, so you get a CDN images and then the cat jpg, that's pretty cool.

And so it handles all that stuff for you.

All right.

Now if you want to resize it, similar stuff.


Now, if you want to upload an image.

Upload an image by either sending a basic C4.


So if you want to upload it to their CD ends.

Okay, cool.


Alright, so that's not too bad.

Let us see what else we got here.

And so, okay, so publishing stream to messages.

So, let us see what also message going back and forth.

I guess you can send messages back and forth.

That's cool.

Let me see.

Again, let us go with the node.

All right.

So public publisher message.


So then using the streams service now, you're publishing it, giving it an ID type.

All right.

So then whatever is going to listen for it, then you just okay, that's pretty cool.

So, whatever is listening for subscribing to it, you just send an information just like an A so it's like an event.

All right, cool.

So, yeah, you're listening for topic specific topic.

That's cool.

Oh, Publishers is right there.

So yeah, so you have to make sure you give it a topic.

That's pretty cool.

Yeah, and so then this thing will you have to set its topic?

You see here.

Stream subjects.


Yeah and the topics we need to set in the topic and then I will come back with a stream.

That's cool.


All right.

So, let us see what else?


And then like real-time weather stuff.

So it looks like they have other, so they have like their own internal stuff.

It looks like they have other public things.

Like emojis and 4x and That's cool.

There's a hollow world one and get IP addresses, and I am getting unique IDs, like, uuid stuff.

Even I like prayer Islamic prayer times, and the Holy Quran.

Pretty cool sentiment analysis stocks.

Create website thumbnails.

Time and then UK vehicle, look up.

All right, and have like a URL shortener.

Oh, I think it also does some Twitters stuff.

So, yes, look like, they have other third-party things that you can integrate with.

All right, that's cool.

So, let us go back.

So this is basically explored apis comes, when I click get started.

It makes me have to login.



Getting started.

Wait, I could go I could get started.

But then getting started takes me somewhere else.

I don't know.

Alright, cool.

So you need a token.

All right.

Let us see if it's still free security purposes.

If you log in with oh off the password no longer valid unless you reset it.

All right, so then here's like a hello world.

So you npm install it and then you just require it.

I guess it's as everything and then you get the client's insert a token.

You call hello world called.

Okay, and then the response.

His message.

Hello Albert.

All right, so you generate thing they just Use an endpoint, and they.


So here we go.

Billing is how billing?

So the majority of micro apis are free during the beta period.

So it looks like it hasn't been like release or and so this is just the beta period, so they're doing tests and stuff.

So it's free for now, third party API.

So yes, so there are some third-party ones or call to perform specific functions such as, as SMS or email are charged, or for and build per request.

Each account has a credit-based balance.

Any requests made to a paid.

API will be debited from the balance in real time.

So I guess you can add money to it.


I guess if you want to use one of those like paid ones or third parties, I guess.

When your balance is zero requests, okay, we have balance is zero comma request.

A paid apis, will return a block status.


And then, so that I think I quick this before.

And it goes nowhere, before I thought it went made me just like, try to login.

I don't know.

And yes, I am going to have a slack and stuff.

So that's cool.

So, let us see the Gap.

Get up.

Must partner know, some forms.

I guess you want to partner with them platform?


Oh, so they have this new another thing platform.

Let us just go to.

So m3o, dot Dev.

Okay, so a little bit more stuff.

So, okay, so it's kind of similar I think.

Your new API built for the cloud.

Okay, so like okay, so I guess this is more back and stuff like you, but the other stuff was using node, so I don't know.


I have to look more to.

Has anybody ever see anything like this?

If you haven't eaten anything like this, but have you used this micro before these seem almost?

Well, me as like the email, the DB seems similar.


So it's using go cool.

Yeah, they look into this more, but they look like they could be the same stuff.

I see what happens.

If I go pricing here.

Oh, by the way, let me put this link in the list of links that will be in the archive.


So pricing.

Oh, here we go.

Alright, so we got the pricing.

So we got free deployed from gets connect from anywhere is their infrastructure management.

Okay, then I guess you can pay $45 a month.

Oh sell your API and services on the platform.

Also, this for the dev you develop those services and then this other one is is taking those ins, okay.

That's cool.

So the Deb is a way of being able to make some money.

I guess you have to pay $45 to be able to get like increased resource limits and all these things, and then metered, billing and payments.


Yeah, that's cool.


Yeah, here you get started, building, apis and services.

Where the other one is you're consuming them.

That's cool.

Nice, nice.

All right.

So yeah, so what do you think?

You think this is us?

It seems pretty cool to me.

And, so I am probably dived a little bit deeper into it.

But let me stop sharing my screen.


So, what do y'all think?

That's something your find interesting that you think could kind of cool?

Seems cool.


And again, it looks like it's brand-new.

So, you know, take that for what it's worth.


Let me see.

Oh, I just realized I didn't do any sort of.

Stuff like as I was going through it on.

Let me share the screen again, just, so I can have some sort of thing here this real quick.

But yeah.

Seems pretty cool.

Oh, I am doing that.

Let me get this thing, ready.

We have got one more break session for the day.

All right, cool.

And so, you know, but I think it looks pretty cool.

Open sores public Cloud platform, then that can be cool.

And then so that's

So it's micro.

I guess I did say it and then there's creating.

So this one is using the apis and then m3o, dot Dev is creating the apis to use?

All right, cool.

That seems cool.

And then so yeah, so I guess they're positioning themselves as an open-source AWS alternative whereas like super bass was the open source far, based alternative.

So that's pretty cool.

Like to see open source, like, you know, I guess kind of being created from these commercial Avenues.

That's what do y'all think about that?

You know, like if you were to create a product that you're trying to sell and then all of a sudden there's like an open source version of your product.

How would y'all feel just kind of curious?

Because again, I don't know.

Like, I don't know, I guess maybe also, help push you to create more things on top of it.

Because, for example, like, Linux is basically free but then there's open source, but then you have like red hat, which is like a commercial one of it.

So I guess developers would more like use Linux and in corporations who don't have to worry about things.

We just get like something that's kind of like already made and like tailored and you can call somebody and be like, hey, can I get this fixed kind of thing?

So I will maybe that's another option.

So Yeah, but a school.

And so, like for this open source Firebase alternative, Super Bass.

See there's no Surplus functions yet.

Okay, but you get a lot of other stuff that Firebase can do and then I don't use much AWS because honestly I get confused like just going into like the dashboard and there's like a million different things to do, and I am like, wait you guys like read and research and then some things do similar things with in kind of not.

And then like the pricing for me is kind of, I don't know.

So I think as any more time with the AWS stuff and to build a little bit more with it, but just seems like a lot and So, something a little bit.

You know, beginner friendly or what have you?

So that's why I use a lot of like Firebase like me personally.

A lot of my projects are just on Firebase because everything I need is there and if I ever need to extend, then I can go and find other things.

But yeah, I make very small Niche side projects.

So yeah, probably pretty much everything I do.

And then here is the actual the company itself or everything goes like a GitHub.

I have to keep so programming the real world.

And so these are the folks behind it microdot mu and let me post that as well.

And yeah, so yeah, just posted everything.

You can check out more stuff.

And yeah, just passed on information.

And then you could find the cloud hosted version at, which then brings us back too here.

All right, one big circle.

So we started where we ended off.

All right, cool.

I got all my clips that I need.

Thank you for hanging out.

I am going to let y'all get back to work.

Now, appreciate you all.

And we have one more break session and then so if you want to get your show-and-tell in now would be the time if not, We're going over an artist's website that we played on the radio show and you know, listen, some tunes.

All right, so speaking of tunes.

Let me get you all your traveling music.

Courtesy of new Jabez and Aponte be the track is called a.

Thank you.

And I want to thank you all for hanging out.

And yeah, see you soon for the final break session and I wish you much productivity.

All right, I got to go back to this service, worker, documentation and stuff.

So, all right thanks to all see you soon.

Be easy piece.