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There are links to their itunes, they. Speaker is going to go to the store and buy a bunch of merch. Speaker saw them at a big venue. It was packed and it was packed.

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Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

And I smile when I think of beer and I know what it seems.

You would learn to me was this song.

It made me come back and God never lead you.

Hey, welcome back to the final session of this first Cipher.

We do to cipher a week.

The next one is happening in about like three hours.

And like I said before, you can always check out the Subscribe at the top, and I will list all the upcoming ciphers and you can just select And subscribe to one and will push out a notification when Going live real?

What's cool about them also is that they show up in your local time zone.

So you will have to do any like timezone math in your brain to figure out what time it is.

So web component that I created.


I am a big, big fan of web components and yeah, it just calculates your time and it lets you know, and then like if it's within an hour it will actually show a countdown to let you know that.

Hey we're about to get started.

So yeah, cool.

All right, all that to say, for this final break are going to talk about a group that I have been a fan of for some years now.

And we're gonna take a look at the website.

And so, so, yeah, so the point of these things, you may be familiar with them.

They're they have gotten really large.

They're a huge group.

And so, You are so you may know him, and I am a big fan of artists who put out great music and websites.

And, so I figured it'd be cool to put them together and see what we got going.

So, all right, looks like my feed is turned to Mush.

So hopefully that gets better because I can kind of take a look at what I am looking at.

It's probably my internet.

Yeah, who knows?

I am not my folks place, and they live in the boonies.

And yeah, so I live in a van.

So for these things where I actually need some sort of thing.

I am visiting them, you know, because since the world has shut down whole long story, but yeah, so the group That I am going to talk about today.

Let me share my screen.

We will need some audio as well.


So this week for this session, we're going to talk about little dragon super dope band.

And from there Wikipedia page little dragon are a Swedish electronic music band from Gothenburg Sweden formed in 1996.

The band consists of you can me Nagano vocals, percussion Eric Bowden drums Frederick Wallen base and How can we stand?

We didn't stand on keyboards?

And so yes, a little dragon.

First release was a double a-side 7 inch vinyl single twice / test release of the released on the author wall label in 2006.

Oh wow, so they were a group in 1996, but didn't release anything until 2006.

Nice, and so the following year the band signed with the larger British independent Label peacefrog records.


Yeah, alright.

So we're going to do is take a look at their website.

And so as you can see here, they have a nice, big slideshow of different images from the band.

So it's pretty though.

Let us see.

And we have like a shopping cart thing.

I am shopping bag here and for the menu.

Nice, so you can check out the home store music and Tour.

All right, we will go through that stuff, and they have links to their social media.

And then yeah, so here's like a little control.

So you can slide through the pictures yourself.

All right, nice.

And then you scroll down, nice little Parallax event there and then in same things that were in the menu, so you had the music shop and tour.


So let us take a look and then credits and stuff and then some more links to their social media.

Not so nice.

Like just, I want like a straightforward site, just not so much going on.

A lot of animations of things.

It's nice.

So, let us take a look at the music.

All right, nice, little fade transition.

And so here, I was kind of hoping for maybe some sort of like, audio player or something to where I can actually listen to the music.

They have links.

So this is their latest project even though they just put out like a remix.

We will listen to tracks later, but they just put out like a remix of some of the songs from this album, great album, by the way, so, Yeah, so little dragon knew me same us and then, so they have links to like iTunes Spotify and YouTube.

It has been cool to have like a player here.

You can listen to the music or what have you and then go buy it or what have you so that my that's cool.

Okay, so I am going to click, it was links.

Let us take a look at the store.

So here you can buy a bunch of different merch.


This album.

I have this album, like a physical copy.

I got it.

I think it's off.

I bought it from them on tour.

I saw them a couple of times in Orlando.

Both times, Amazing.

The first time was in a smaller venue and it was wild like it built up like the songs like built up to this huge, like just party like a rave party.

It was awesome.

And remember they did my favorite song to we're going to hear my favorite song and I just went wild.

It was amazing.

It was well.

And then the second time I saw them, they are at a huge venue.

And it was packed and it was a great show and light.

So it was, it was good to see them going from like a smaller venue to a huge venue.

So yeah, shouts a little dragon.

They're super dope.

And what I knew what I really like them.

It was on their Instagram or something one time, and they like shout it out.

Like J.


They did like a video over some J.

Dilla stuff.

Sounds like yeah.

I knew I liked him for a reason.

All right, a lot of t-shirts, NICE T-Shirts, for independent.

Artists that's like the life would.

So alright cool.

So that's the shop nice.

So if I click one, can I purchase it from them?


Okay, cool.


All right, cool.

All right, cool.

Think might be a Shopify site.

Maybe possibly cool.

And then tour.

Fortunately, like there's no tour dates set yet.

So because you know the world but so when I saw them it was a venue kind of like that.

But not look as huge but there's like a sea of people and it was them on stage in life.

It was amazing.

So, yeah, shots of them.

All right, so little — dragon dotnet is their website, and so they're on bandcamp which I am a big fan of.

So this is the latest project, the new Me say must remix EP.

We played a few joints on the radio shows already.

Let me play my favorite track when I was like, oh, they're amazing.

So there's off the, like they said, like the First full album is called little dragon.

And so, here it is.

I saw the video for it.

I remember how I came across the song, but I was just blown away by the song and the video, and I was like, this is amazing.

It's called constant surprises.

The whole album is great, but I am going to play some an Enterprises and so you can check it out and if you like them, you know, support.

All right, so cool.

Here we go.

Constant surprises?

Little dragon such a great song is, it's the groove on?

It is so amazing.

So check it out.

I was walking home looking at the trees at the feeling that they will come back.

Hand me that occurred to me that of the usual kind and I don't take that for granted.

I don't call them my I don't cover my eyes in my life, things are built to build.

So yeah, so you want more?

Yeah, go cop the album.

But yeah, that is great.

That's an amazing song.

All right.

Also, let us play some stuff, some newer stuff and it's funny because So, peacefrog records, we spoke about before that was the label.

So this is their bandcamp page.

So it's a little dragon big, but they didn't have it on their website.

And with band camp, you can have players like we have shown artist before who on bandcamp and you can embed players on there.

You can buy stuff from their side.

I don't know.

It's weird like, so I am not, I would always buy directly from the artist.

So I would go to artist website or from their social media if the and I will buy it that way.

So again, I don't know like I am hoping this is an official legit bandcamp page, but I don't know what I am saying.

So take that with whatever Koch?

I am just using it to play some music but always buy directly from the Artist as possible.

All right.

Okay, cool.

So that warning, the way, let us take a look at their latest one.

And this is a song.

It's funny enough.

We just played this on the last show.

The radio show and big fan of Georgia and Muldrow.

Amazing artists.

We met if they have a website, May check them out in a future session, but amazing artist, singer, Georgia, and Muldrow, supercool met her in California when I was out there one time.

Super cool people.

All right, so but this track did a remix Another favorite of mine from the, from the album.

New me, say, must call.

Hold on.

Going to listen to a little bit of that.

All right.

Kids out, Georgia, and Moldova remix of Hold On by a little dragon.

Here we go.

Hold on, for days at a time, has changed so much.

That's all you get.

You have to purchase the album.

So yeah, so again, big shelves a little dragon big fan and doing good things, great music, you know and dope website, I minimalists website but it gives you what you need.

But I like again I really would have liked to see like a player even embedded from band camp or what-have-you just the kind of like Here's a music.

You have to go to another app to check out our music.

This is our website.

This is how we're going to present our music, here.

It is kind of thing.

So, but yeah, shouts of them.

Hopefully, they, when they're on tour again, I will be able to catch them at a show at some point, not even are like because I live in a van now, so I can travel to wherever they're going.

So definitely I have here.

If little dragon ever comes to your town.

It's a great show.

And yeah, so shots of them, good times and good.

Get you all back to getting some work.

Maybe you will listen to some little dragon while you're working.

Yeah, I mean, so yeah, we're all right.

If not, we have some music supply for you, on the site.

Everything is all you need is right there.

All right.

So, thank you.

All again.

We this is the final session for this Cipher, but we will be back in like three hours to do the second cipher of the week for the day.

And yeah, so I am going to make the time a little bit longer since I It over on that last one, so hold on.

Let me.

So we're going to go until about like 30 minutes after the hour and then I will shut it off and get ready for the other one.

Alright, so thank you all.

Once again, let me stop sharing the screen so that I can go ahead switch to this one here.

This one present.

All right, so, good luck.

Hopefully, you got A bunch of stuff done.

Thanks for hanging out.

If you want to come back to the next session.

We do that later today.

If other than that, have a great week.

All right.


Y'all, easy piece.

See you later.