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Speaker wants to show the new addition to the project that they added last week. Speaker thanks anthony cruz for hanging out. Speaker hopes to have some good news next week. .

Speaker and their friends are going to listen to the new album. It's a pre-order and costs ten dollars with a signature. Speaker is going to go to the bandcamp page and listen to a couple of songs.

Speaker wants to encourage people to check out butcher's new album. Speaker is going to copy and paste their url to their website next to the recorded video. Speaker likes the website of butcher brown. Com. They have a new album called tray featuring tennis shoe and rand rizzo. It's coming out next month and the vinyl will be released a few months later. Speaker is a big fan of live videos. Speaker is watching a live version of " big " from their new album. Biggie smalls is unbelievable. Speaker is excited about the upcoming tour of a group called your brown. They are going to be in florida. Speaker will play a piece of music later. They were playing on a radio show and they mentioned the members of butcher brown.

They had a threesome. Toby wanted misleading, money and power guns. Speaker got the book the sea the sky whale calls from their brother.

Speaker is reading through the bio of a band. They have a drummer corey fonville, a producer, multi-instrumentalist, dj harrison, dj harris, a composer, trumpeter saxman, saxophonist mc marcus, tennis, shoot any and guitars morgan bur. Speaker bought a turntable, mats, rolling papers and grinders. They are discussing king butch's new album. Speaker would like to see more music packages and sign up for their email signup.

Speaker is getting the data to render admin that came from the database. Now they need to approve some things so that it will show back on the front page. Speaker and the rest of the team will look at an artist's website during the break session.

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Welcome back your dreams were, you're welcome back.

Same old place that you.

But those dreams every vein and they turn around.

Welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Oh, break session, I will stretch of the day.

Again some stuff that feels really good.

I am getting the data to render admin that came from the database where the data that came from the front end.

So that's cool.

Now I just need to approve some things so that then you will show back on the front page.

So I think I can knock that out especially since this last break is going to be like an hour long so feeling good that you think I will be able to get it done, we shall see.

All right, so for this final break session, I thought we take a look at an artist's website.

We actually just played them on the radio show.

Yesterday, I could have sworn that we looked at their website before, but I was looking through like my notes, I didn't see it, but they have a new album coming out, so I figured why not?

And so take a look at the website watching videos, listen to some tracks, maybe you will become a fan and maybe you will pick up their album, you know, support dope artist.

So I am going to copy and paste their URL to their site, so it will be right next to the recorded video, so you can check that out at your leisure.

And the group I am talking about go by the name of me, show, my screen.

It's like in here.

They go by the name of Butcher.

Brown Butcher Brown.

Alright, pulling it up.

I hear you go.

So yeah.

So the website is Butcher

Alright Butcher, and as a nice website, everything each joint, so it looks pretty dope.

So we got the like the menu at the top here.

I like the logo.

Like my co-host was just actually yesterday on the radio show said how much he liked their logo and so shots of them.

So here's the new album but you're Brown presents schiphol.

Tray, featuring tennis shoe and Rand Rizzo.

Big band Rand has.

Oh, I don't know.

That's it.

But yeah.

So it's coming out next month and the vinyl drops a few months later.

All right.

Thank you.

Preorder it.

And that takes you to the store.

So now they have this video, I am a big.

So as you can tell, it's a band, and I am a big fan of live video of the artists doing their thing.

So let us take a watch.

Let us take a look at this video.

This is off their new album and it's a like a live version of big.

He's unbelievable.

All right, so that means parental advisory just in case.

So they kind of like redid big.

He's unbelievable.

So here you go.

That's a very large video.

Hold on.

Here we go.

We will take a quick.

Listen to it.

Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls.

He's proving the 245 on my lap lyrical high and those that buses my clutches but I have to smoke a lot.

Go to the website, to get the rest of that, but that was a lie.

That's a huge like horn section.

They got everybody.

That's super dope, so it's like a whole Orchestra.

So that's so, that's really well.

Done shots of them and then we got the tour.

Now I don't know if all those people are going to be on the tour I think there's a picture later in the bio your the checkout so, but they're going on tour you can check them out.

Bunch of places.

So Richmond Virginia where they're from.

I believe the deal.

The New York PA I think I saw.


Going to be in Florida.

That's pretty dope.

They even got stuff for like next year.

Nice planning ahead.

All right, and they can get notified when the good life looks like they're using a service called seated.

Think I have seen that before.

So here's the core members of it.

So that's pretty dope.


So, like five members.

We got the Bayou.

So let us see.

Miles Davis.

Once quipped.

I will play it first and tell you what it is later, but your brown has released forward-thinking and expansive hybrids of jazz and Hip-Hop since 2013.

Today, they have an app descriptor for their songs solar music, drawing inspiration from every sound Under the Sun.

The Richmond, VA band adds elements of funk, soul and Rock.

A foundational mix.

The result is a southern leaning.

Sometimes psychedelic Fusion that feels fresh yet.

Familiar simultaneously working within and defying genre conventions.

Butcher Brown is a jazz festival Mainstay that could tour with Tyler the Creator as easily as I knew they're going to have that in there.


We played them on the radio show band out of I think somewhere.

Yeah, cool.

I got a bunch of stuff here in ice.

So they mentioned the members.

So they have got the drummer Corey Fonville.

That's cool.

They improvised stuff.


And so they got a producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ Harrison, TJ Harrison have I that name sounds familiar?

I think we played DJ Harris on the show before basis composer.

Andrew ra da so Trumpeter Saxman, saxophonist MC Marcus, tennis, shoot any and guitars Morgan Burrs.

So wait, so are these the same people that are mentioned the top here?

Maybe, I don't know.

Let us keep on going here.

So we got the bio cool, you read through that very nice, and they got the contact information.

All right, so that's the whole there, they got some social icons, Social Media stuff at the bottom, then the store.

Goes to another school.


And some T-shirts.

What was that on the back?

Can I zoom in on this?

You see.

Oh, I guess it's this like a fish.

That's cool.

You got turntable, mats.

I used to side know, I used to print.

What I was doing t-shirts I had like blank turntable.

Mats, I would print on sold pretty well.

I am not going to front so All right, so this is on pre-order, right?

Very nice cool.

They have their own like store, super dope.

Okay, yes, I guess in, I don't know what tripled tray means, but they have got some like rolling papers and grinders and stuff.

So, take with that, what you will.

That's pretty dope.

The way they flipped the Jackie Brown joint, right?

All right, King Butch I believe was one of their previous albums released the song.

I think we played on the show.

Odin are my hero King Butch digital album, All right, cool.

You got vinyl, very nice.

I would like to see like packages, like, coming up with, that's pretty dope.

All right, and then sign up is like their email signup.

Alright, so not a lot of like the music section.

Like there's you can't listen to it.

One of you if you go to the store, will you be able to listen to it?

Let me listen to tracks or Missy.

Well, that's cool though.

Sign it for you.

It's pretty cool.

I guess that's more because it goes from 2498 to 3498.

I guess it's ten dollars with a signature.

So yeah, so I guess there's no way to actually listen to it from the site, but I know they have a bandcamp page, so I am going to go there.

All right, so I figured we'd take a listen to couple songs.

All right, so we already heard because right now, as a pre-order, so you heard unbelievable already.

We played Liquid light yesterday.

So let us take a listen to that real quick.

All right.


But to Brown from the take fight n**** I see it's all Cap Toe.

Get up.

As well.

So I know we get radio edits for the radio show.

So if you hear any certain words, all this video, all right let us take a watching the video.

All right so this is black man but your brown and Michael Millions we go.

All right, last, welcome.

How do I?

This is f***** up page.

Can cry.

Wait did somebody throw a Tim and him?

Wow, okay We learned his story about us, Toby wanted misleading, money and power guns.

That's wild, threesome life, seemed shorter for us.

That's why we not sleep.

Well women overstretch.

Can't do another stretch.

Do yoga like sweating, out us oppressive?

She never had a silk shirt.

Another soft cheeks get water, when she feel hurt your sister, such a such felon up.

The church because brother so-and-so is under all that dirt.

And it on the show that she just want to fly sliding in a shoes.

Fetch us, a nice eye.

23 and when I want to see the sky whale calls from, it's an adult I am booked, I got that book.

I haven't read it yet but I got the book The Sea the sky whale calls from my brother.

Go to point that out there Dilla.

How do you still alive?

All right.

Yeah you have to pick up the album your check out more.

Alright let us do one more joint was Nathan.

Let us see here.

Let us check out more releases.

I think they got a bunch of joins likes they said since like 2008.

So yeah, like got some artwork on their stuff, very nice digging it.

I gotta like a live album.

That's pretty dope.

They got a holiday album, you know what?

Why not.

All right, so there's a real quick.

Listen to A Little Drummer Boy, why not?

All right, and then we're going to get back to work.

Here we go.

Richard Brown Little Drummer Boy.

All right, very nice, very nice.

All right, so that's it.

Butcher Brown, what's your

So you like what you heard, check them out, you know, support some things that are coming to town and you can check them out live, you know?

I mean so super dope.

All right, somebody about to be out of here, stop my screen share.


The next, the final break session as normal.

They're going to be like an hour long.

So give you more time to finish up where we need to finish up work on.

So again, thanks for hanging out.

I will see you all next week.

Hopefully, I will have the project to well, the new addition to the project that I added, I showed a little bit last week, but I want to show the full thing.

So most likely next we do have that.

So again thanks for hanging out.

I will see y'all on the other side.


Like you know like a week.


So again thanks for hanging out.

Hopefully have some like good news or something.

I am yeah so we will see.

All right, thanks again for hanging out.

This is Anthony Cruz.

AKA butter.

The track is called.

Thank you.

Cuz I want to thank you all again for hanging out.

So, have a great week.

See y'all later.

And yeah, thanks again, hanging out.

Okay, Anthony Cruz, AKA butter.

Thank you, see you later the next week, easy.

Thanks piece.